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    I'm very close to jut giving up on updates and revert to the older, stable RM. I've updated to 3.2.72, supposedly the latest and greatest and, most importantly, the fix for changing slot names. It sorta seemed to work, at least for a bit. Now, I can change the slot name and the change appears on RM (computer), but the name does NOT change on my Remote. Showing up on the Remote is the whole point.

    I'll give it one more try, but I'm inclined to say just forget about it. Anyone know how to roll back to the last, working version of RM?

    I've also found that when editing a Performance, adding in a new Profile in one slot causes the "synching performance" message to appear and remain for a long, long time. Sometimes it comes back, sometimes not. It also often causes my Remote to turn black (disconnect) and then return.

    I've had my KPA for years and wouldn't exchange it for anything, but RM seems continuously buggy and often frustrating. Maybe Kemper could stop trying to add additional features and just produce a simple version that works?

    Maybe I'm missing something. How can I download 3.2.72? I'm not seeing it on the Kemper Support page.

    Further, when I try to load and install from within RM, using the pop up box telling me a new version of RM is available, all that happens is RM crashes and won't install.

    Edit: it causes my Mac to crash, not my newer MacBook Air (M1).

    I too have this issue. I recently installed the beta releases for both the OS and RM and was told that was the problem. The "solution" was to wait for the newer versions which were to be released shortly. In the interim I rolled back my installations to earlier versions - versions that worked fine.

    Well, the new releases are now available and I installed them today, these being OS 8.7.1 and RM 3.2.7. Sadly, no happiness, the problem is unresolved.

    I sent a ticket to Kemper but have not yet heard back.

    I currently use a Sunrise soundhole pickup (passive) running into my Kemper, using one of the excellent acoustic preamp profiles. Sounds okay, could be better. Sunrise recommends using their proprietary Preamp Buffer (from their website: "The Sunrise Preamp Buffer Box is a line matching device designed specifically to access the coupling feature built into Sunrise Pickups. The output of a Sunrise Pickup should be sent first to this preamp.")

    My question is if I can - or should - use this box and the Kemper. That is, plug the pickup into the buffer box first, then send that signal to the front input of the Kemper. Will this even work, let alone sound better? Or, does the Kemper have enough EQ options to make this an unneeded extra?

    If it helps, I play in a couple bands, one with other electric instruments and drums, the other an all acoustic group. We can get loud at times, but not excessively so.

    Not the same issue as the OP, but I too am having issues with the lock function, both in Performance and Browse mode. It seems to work fine some of the time, does what I expect, other times it doesn't work at all - that is the locked parameters don't change. Frustrating to need to do this over and over again, or just skip the lock thing and manually change things.

    Anyone heard of this effect? A buddy pointed me to a pedal that has this effect, sounded pretty neat. Is there something on the Kemper that sorta gets this sound?

    I just installed the latest version of RM (Version 3.2.43 (17243)) and now I can't see half the information on the far right column, the column that shows all the really important stuff like Rig name and author, Amp name, channel, cabinet details and so forth. Changing column widths on other columns doesn't fix the problem, running in full screen doesn't help either.

    Anyone else have this problem and have a fix? I've sent a support ticket, but in the interim I'm reaching out to the community to see if you can help.

    Mac user here, so all the reported issues using Windows don't apply. BUT, I'm giving up and returning to the last non-beta release. During a performance last night (church) not only did my Profiler crash in the middle of the service, but the lag switching between performances was unacceptably long, to the point I was uncertain the performance had changed after stepping on the switch.

    Further, effects buttons on the Remote mostly worked, but again the lag was noticeable. Not as long as switching between performances, but still. In particular, I've got an acoustic profile set up running through the loop with a button on the Remote dedicated to switching the loop in and out. Whenever I selected that particular profile there was no sound at all. Repeated stepping on the button sometimes, eventually, produced a sound, but sometimes not. No sound during one of my songs is not acceptable.

    Finally, I changed a couple effects, saved them either with RM or in the Profiler itself, but those changes didn't stick. Worked as long as I was in that slot, but when I moved on then went back the changes weren't there.

    So, I've become very nervous about using my Kemper in live situations, it's just not reliable enough to take the chance. I submitted a ticket about this earlier but was told either my issue could no be replicated or that some lag was normal and shouldn't be a problem. I'll roll back to the version that worked, save the beta tests for others.

    Similar problem here. In Performance Mode I'll try to move from one performance to the the next, say from slot 3 to 4, and there is a noticeable and, at times a significant delay. Times I think maybe I didn't press on the up/down button firmly enough, so I'll step on it again. The performance slot can jump from 3 to 6, but again not right away. Playing live on stage this can be very, very disconcerting.

    I submitted a ticket, but Kemper was unable to reproduce the problem and said the delay only applied to the display, not the performance. Okay, but not a very good solution, especially when I want a different preset than #1 (for instance, I want preset # 4 in Performance #4).

    Probably been suggested already, but I'd love to have the option of showing either sharps or flats on the built in tuner. I've been using various electronic tuners for years, all of which show sharps, not flats. Why not allow a System change that lets each user decide?

    You are playing live with connected Mac and Rig Manager running? If yes, than my question is why? If not than my other question is how can new beta version of RM influence the Profiler?

    Yes, still connected to my MacBook. Why? We were rehearsing last night and I needed to make adjustments to various parameters as we went, so I kept RM open for quick changes. Once everything is dialed in - and we start playing live - I disconnect the computer. But, as to my original post, before the beta update and with the computer still connected I didn't have the problem I encountered last night.

    Mac user here, the Beta installed easily with no issues. At first, all seemed well. At a band rehearsal yesterday there was a SIGNIFICANT lag when switching between performances (like step on the "up" arrow and nothing happened for 3 to 5 seconds). Also, stepping on individual effects within a performance took either a couple seconds or a couple repeated steps to engage/disengage.

    This is not going to work for me in a live setting.

    Further, and sorta confusing, once a performance had been selected and individual effects buttons pressed, things seemed to work okay. Analogous to a computer loading commands into RAM instead of reading from a disc.

    While I like some of the new features, I'm likely going to roll back to the earlier non-beta version until some of these issues are sorted.

    I connect my Mac to my KPA Toaster via a USB cable, same as everyone. My current cable is 6 feet long. I've casually searched for something as much as twice that length, but can't seem to locate one. I'm wondering if it's not technically possible? Otherwise, do any of you have a link or suggestion you can point me to to help out?

    Have you tried increasing Clean Sens?

    This works, but I can't figure out why! Thanks for all the other suggestions. While I've started to try to make the work, I can't say I've managed to create anything that sounds like an acoustic, more just a super clean, bright electric. Still trying...

    Somewhere in this thread I imagine the volume issue has been addressed, but a recent search didn't answer in my question.

    So, much as I like the acoustic sim, I can't get it nearly loud enough to match all my other profiles. I can work around this, but it would be nice to find a way to boost the sim volume without massive changes to my other settings. Any ideas?