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    Sorry, input sense? Don't know what this is or what you mean. I've checked everything I know to check and the volume is still way too low. I can make it work if I crank this particular rig, but I'm mostly maxed out.

    All my other rigs are set around 0.0 db volume and maybe a slight boost in the amp volume, this sim is much quieter.

    I'll continue to mess with it as I like the tone.

    I've been casually playing around with the new AS, long way to go, but my issue is the volume is VERY VERY low. Maxing out both rig volume and master volume sorta work - and adding a couple pure boosters - but switching to this profile mid-song is problematic. Anyone found a solution?

    I've made a preset with all the slots in my stomps populated and have saved that on my Kemper. Using the browse function I can recall and apply this preset to any and all my rigs. But, it would be great to be able to apply this preset from RM instead of needing to reach down and turn a knob. Is there an easy way to do this, or am I stuck with using the browse knob?

    I had this figured out before, but can't now remember what I did. I use both an electric and acoustic for my gigs and now want to run both through my Kemper. How can I set my rig up so that each guitar has its own input and I can select that input with a step on a button? I remember it had something to do with the looper, but I don't know how.

    Can someone give some instructions on how to connect both guitars that allows a quick switch of outputs?

    As others have reported, on both my iMac and MacBook running OS 10.15.1, after updating my Profiler to 7.1.7 and installing RM 3.0, RM will open and start synching, then crash and shut down. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times on both computers. Same result. I even tried installing RM 3.0 on my VERY old MacBook running 10.13.6, samre result.

    This must be some sort of Mac - USB - Kemper thing. Possibly unrelated, but whenever my Profiler is connected to my MacBook and the Macbook isn't connected to an external power supply, (i.e., running on battery only) my Profiler would freeze up and need re-booting (this with the official RM release before 3.0). This too was not unknown or unreported on this Forum. The suggestion was this was a Kemper- USB issue. Dunno.

    While unable to run RM 3 at this point is frustrating, it is somewhat comforting knowing my problem is shared by a number of others. It's not just me!

    Good grief. It's beta software relying on a beta OS to function.

    It's not supposed to work 100%. Besides, they've already updated to OS 7.1.7 due to a performance bug.

    Well yeah, I get it. But, for me, I'd settle for some percentage higher than zero! I'm happy for those of you who have it working. Please continue to work out those bugs so the rest of us can join you.

    Must just be me, I've not only had no success updating, but I've needed to reinstall everything back to OS 7.15. and RM 2.3.14. Major nightmare. (iMac OS 10.15.1)

    RM 3.0 crashed every single time, Would open briefly, then crash. Even when only updating to OS 7.17, keeping RM at 2.3.14 none of my performances or other custom settings were found. Fortunately, I'd backed my Profiler up on a USB stick, otherwise everything would have been lost. Even trying to restore from my RM backup failed.

    I'm back to OS 7.15 and RM 2.3.14 and things are back to where I started. Dunno why I'm having no luck. For others considering an update, make certain everything is backed up, not just RM but your Profiler.

    Too bad, I had major hopes for this.