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    Good grief. It's beta software relying on a beta OS to function.

    It's not supposed to work 100%. Besides, they've already updated to OS 7.1.7 due to a performance bug.

    Well yeah, I get it. But, for me, I'd settle for some percentage higher than zero! I'm happy for those of you who have it working. Please continue to work out those bugs so the rest of us can join you.

    Must just be me, I've not only had no success updating, but I've needed to reinstall everything back to OS 7.15. and RM 2.3.14. Major nightmare. (iMac OS 10.15.1)

    RM 3.0 crashed every single time, Would open briefly, then crash. Even when only updating to OS 7.17, keeping RM at 2.3.14 none of my performances or other custom settings were found. Fortunately, I'd backed my Profiler up on a USB stick, otherwise everything would have been lost. Even trying to restore from my RM backup failed.

    I'm back to OS 7.15 and RM 2.3.14 and things are back to where I started. Dunno why I'm having no luck. For others considering an update, make certain everything is backed up, not just RM but your Profiler.

    Too bad, I had major hopes for this.

    I had this problem - the remote cable would pull away and disconnect from my Profiler with just the slightest bit of movement. Not just annoying, really problematic when it happened mid-song.

    I contacted support, got the same reply: "Unfortunately this means that the socket in PROFILER is broken and requires repair."

    My unit was out of warranty, meaning when I sent it to the Nashville repair facility it cost me about $150 (with shipping) to fix. Took a bit more than a week round trip.

    Now it works fine, but the connection seems VERY fragile, and I take great care plugging and unplugging.

    I'm glad I had mine fixed, the repair cost and time without were a problem (I too had a couple gigs while it was away), but ultimately cheaper than buying a new unit. Plus, a new unit would have the same problem of a weak and poorly designed connector. If someone could come up with a way to install a robust connection that would stand the rigors of gig setup and teardown, I'd be all over it.

    I had an annoying issue this last Sunday, playing at church. Between songs I was in tuning mode, did some minor tweaks to get my guitar in tune. The B string would not read or settle, kept reading "C", meaning my B string was a half step out of tune.

    Of course, as I was trying to figure out if the string really was tuned to C, the band started playing. The tuner kept oscillating wildly, alternately showing C then B, but would not settle on any one note. All I knew for certain was the guitar was waaayyy out of tune and I could not get it dialed in. Wisely decided not playing was better than playing out of tune, even though I was supposed to be driving the song.

    When we finished and the stage volume was gone I continued to try to get a correct reading on the tuner. Turns out, even though the dial showed I was tuning to C, I was indeed tuning to B. So, if/when I got the tuner to say I was locked into C, I was in fact really locked in to B.

    Now, this sort of behavior where the tuner sometimes shows the wrong note but tunes to the right note is not completely unknown. Many tuners I've used have sometimes briefly shown the wrong note, but those instances were fleeting. This is the first time the read out consistently showed the wrong note and would not settle at all.

    I don't know if this is a bug in OS7 or just a random, one off. Reporting it here in case others experience the same.

    I'm once again reverting to OS 6. Found a couple issues:

    1. I've tried copy/pasting rigs from my Browse pool into a Performance slot. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, The "fix" was to quit RM and re-start. This worked, but hardly convenient.

    2. In Performance mode changes to a rig in a slot sometimes takes, sometimes not. Morphing seems to be one of the areas this does not work. Just now I tried to save a performance and my Profiler hung up. It did seem to save my changes, but I had to switch to a different slot and them back in order to "un-hang" the performance. Again, sometimes it works, sometimes not.

    These are minor but annoying bugs. Too much trouble to try to build a performance when minor problems interfere.

    Have you ever reported this to support in official way?

    Yes, I have reported this issue. There are several threads on this Forum that report a similar problem.

    I can reduce the number of crashes by having my Macbook connected to external power and never let the computer sleep, but even that is not certain. I usually leave RM open during rehearsals where a crash is annoying but not critical. During the gig I ALWAYS make sure to disconnect the usb.

    I share other's concerns about an editor that relies on a usb connection.

    of course, because we don't even know about such an issue.

    With respect - IF we are speaking of the issue where a Mac laptop is connected via usb to a Profiler, running RM, the system crashes both regularly and unexpectedly. I disagree that the issue is unknown. And has been an issue for as long as I've owned my Profiler (years).

    Thanks! And this fits both the toaster AND remote? Good padding?

    Toaster and remote, yes. Fits great, room to spare, including cables. Padding is minimal, weighs practically nothing. For my needs, just loading into and out of my car, works great.

    Quick question from a newbie after browsing this thread and noticing that there are some issues:

    When on Mac, what are at this junction the do's and don'ts for installing this editor (at least until the official editor is released)?

    I can't think of any does or don'ts, the editor downloads and installs without any issues on a Mac - or at least it did on mine (iMac running 10.14.6). The only "issue" is getting the right midi cable. I'm using UNO midi, don't remember which one, you'll find links in this thread.

    I have this issue as well, sort of. When connected to my Mac desktop I never, ever get a freeze. Even when my Mac sleeps, everything stays stable.

    But, connecting to either of my Mac laptops (older MacBook, newer MacBook) I'll get this problem all day long.

    Typically, I'll connect my Kemper to my laptop, using RM, in our band rehearsals, browsing between rigs in somewhat real time to find the tones I want. So very much easier to scroll through various profiles using RM than using the near impossible to read screen on the unit itself. The downside is I'll get about one freeze per session. At least.

    In part, the "solutions" I've found included never, never, never use battery power alone. Always have the external power supply connected. In 'settings' I select never sleep, never go to screensaver, never let the disc stop, keep the laptop in full function, fully on, never pause mode. I'll still get random freezes, but less often. In a rehearsal setting this is semi-acceptable, if annoying.

    But, once we go live, I'll disconnect the computer/USB. Freezing in the middle of a set is not okay. Too bad as well. It can be slightly easier (for me) to use RM to jump between performances. Not a deal breaker, but not ideal.

    We can only hope when the new Editor comes out that it won't exhibit the same problem.

    Well, back to version 6. At rehearsal last night my KPA crashed a couple times - first the remote blinked off, then turning the Profiler (unpowered) to off, nothing happened for a bit, then it shut down. Turning back on, it took over a minute to completely power back up. The crash happened in Performance mode, switching between slots in the same performance.

    I had RM running and my Macbook connected via USB. I've had issues with this setup before, partially solved by always keeping my Macbook connected to its power supply, don't let the computer sleep.

    While this issue was present in OS 6, and somewhat infrequent, with OS 7 this happens far more often. It's random, hard to duplicate, but when it does it is more than just an inconvenience. I cannot use this live.

    So, sadly, I'll wait a while before upgrading, let the bugs get worked out. It's a nice upgrade, but not ready for live playing.

    Just updated to 7.0 and RM 2.3.1 (Mac OS Mojave 10.14.5), RM first then kaos via USB. No problems at all.


    How is this any different from what I had before? Sorry, maybe a dumb question, but everything seems about the same. RM now shows Presets, but when I select one nothing happens. Is this the way things are right now? More functionality coming with the editor?

    Could someone maybe post a demo clip showing exactly what's new, how it works, why I should use the new OS?

    I know this is a strange question - is there a way to lock the reference pitch? Every now and then when in tuner mode I'll hit the Pitch control and change to a different reference, which can really screw things up for the rest of the band! Being able to lock in 440 would prevent these sometimes annoying occurrences.

    Feed your backing track through the alternate input and have both come out the headphone. See if that is better.

    Can anyone tell me how to run my backing tracks out from my iMac into my Kemper so that I can hear said tracks in my headphones connected to the Kemper headphone jack? The Mac has a usb out that I currently connect to the usb in on the Kemper (that I then connect to my audio interface), but I can't figure out how to hear my computer (backing tracks) output in the Kemper only.

    I suspect I need an usb-to-quarter inch cable, but is there a "better" or different solution?

    Just to be clear, is the download link mentioned here different (updated) from the link posted last week?