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    The Reverb function on my toaster has stopped working, meaning no matter what I change there is no reverb in the profile. Changing either the reverb type or changing the mix has no effect. The output is just dry.

    I did recently update to Beta 6.0, but the issue was present before the update.

    Might I have changed a parameter without knowing that could have caused this issue? Any other suggestions?

    (Yes, I've sent a support ticket.)

    I understand in theory what a compressor does, but am baffled by the various parameters one can set. No matter. With many of the commercial rigs I've purchased, MBritt's in particular, a compressor is loaded into slot A and is always on. I can hear the difference - and like the result - when it is always on. Cleans things up, seems to improve dynamics, subtle but obvious.

    But, there are more than a few occasions where I'd like an extra slot. If I could remove the comp from slot A and use the Amp section comp instead that would help a lot.

    So, can you suggest how I can use either the stomp compressor or amp compressor interchangeably?

    For reference, the comp settings on (at least) the MBritt rigs are:

    - intensity 5.5

    - attack 6.4

    - squash 1.3

    - mix 45%

    The amp section comp only has a "Compressor" setting that ranges from 0.0 to 10.0.

    Can I make the two sound and work the same? If so, how?

    I just updated my OS to 2.1 74 and got an "ignored rig" message,. How can I locate and either delete or fix the offending item?

    (I'm sure this topic has been covered before, but a search didn't find a thread.)

    I'm hopeful we'll get another update soon because I'm not installing the new firmware until I can use Toast.

    I installed the new firmware last night and Toast still works, albeit the reverb slot doesn't show the new reverbs. I've not had loads of time to test everything, and won't use it live until later today, but so far I'd say give it a try.

    I'm trying to change some of the default setting in the System Menu, specifically the Group Of 5 (I want to advance only one rig at a time) the the UI to MIDI (I want it always on). It seems that I need to re-set these every time I boot my Kemper up. Is there a way to make these changes permanent?

    I may have a similar question, but can't get a similar result.

    I have a standard set of effects for X, Mod, Delay and Reverb and want to save these as a block and then add this block to other rigs - replacing whatever effects might have been assigned earlier.

    I'm able to save the block, but can't figure out how to select it when I go to a different rig.

    How do I recall and then assign an entire block to any rig I want?

    I've tried pressing the Effects button and the only thing I see is the selected effects that are already in place, or, holding he button a bit longer, the option to turn all effects in the block off.

    What am I missing?

    I'm creating a performance using one of MBritts profiles (Matchless SC30 BC6 12AX7) and cannot get changes to the Delay to change.

    When played in Browser mode the delay is good, but I'm trying to change it. Still in Browser mode, the changes I make work fine, are saved, can be re-called and re-used with the changes. But, when I copy and paste this profile to a Performance slot, the delay reverts to something totally different - and unacceptable. This happens with both the original profile and the new profile I created with the changed delay settings. No matter what I do, any changes I make, the Performance profile keeps the same unacceptable delay module.

    I've tried creating new Performance slots, overwriting old performances, copy and pasting delay setting from another perfomance, just about anything I can think of.

    This has not happened to other performance and profiles I've created, or at least the few I've used so far. I create and use the Performance mode extensively, understand how it works, never had this issue.

    I'm using the Beta OS, version Is this a bug in the new OS? Bug in the profile, something different?

    Maybe this is just me, but I have a really, really hard time reading the tiny screen on my Profiler. The main issue is the background colors and the tiny print. Especially in bright light.

    For example, when scrolling through the list of OD's, the red background makes the contrast with the small black print a challenge.

    I've played with all the settings within the System menu, nothing seems to help. Is there a way to tone down (or eliminate!) the background colors or, better, just make everything white?

    I've got a lot of profiles and I've created sub-folders within RM to store and organize them all. So, for example, my '65 Vox profiles are in a folder named Vox, Dr Z profiles in a folder named Dr Z, and so forth. Simple, easy, logical.

    But, when I select a profile from one of the sub-folders then change it, say change the delay settings, add OD, then go to save the new profile, my only option is "store as" instead of "replace." So, that new profile is now in the main level ("My Profiler" on my Kemper), but not in the sub-folder. So now I ned to go to the main "My Profiler" level in RM, copy and paste the new profile back into the sub-folder. Annoying, at least for me!

    Anyone have a suggestion to allow the "replace" feature to work in the sub-folder and not just on the main level?

    Semi-zombie thread, but I have an update.

    In the past, whenever I've had my Profiler connected to both my MacBook (either Air and not) and Remote, running Rig Manager, I've experienced multiple and repeatable system crashes, most often when in Performance Mode. The only "fix" I've found is to disconnect my computer.

    But, last week I tried something new. I went into the System Manager on my computer and changed the Power Setting such that, at least when connected to a poser source, the computer NEVER goes into "sleep" mode. (Sorry, I no longer remember the names or how to do this in Windows computers.)

    During two rehearsals last week I tried this new set up and had no, zero problems! Everything worked perfectly the entire time. No, I did not push my luck and keep this set up during the actual gig!

    So, I'm speculating that the issue might have to do with the computer going to sleep, or somehow power management. I'll keep testing, but, so far, looks good.

    Running it now and I haven't had the KPA crash yet when connected to RM like it used to on my Mac..



    I wish, but my Kemper crashed tonight just as it always has: in performance mode connected to my MacBook (and Remote), running Rig Manager. Typically the system crashes within 10 minutes of the start, tonight was no different. Disconnect the computer and all is well.

    I've been playing around with my clean and distortion sens parameters, but found an odd setting. On my Profiler the clean sens is set to 0, but the distortion sens is at -12.0 - and both are locked.

    What I don't know is if this was something done with the factory update (running the latest beta) or something I did long ago and don't remember. (Yes, I tend to play mostly clean, so I could see where I might have turned the distortion sens to -12.0 when I first started out!)

    Sure, easy enough to change, but I'me wondering what the "factory default" is, and further, if 3rd party profiles have these values set. For example, I own most of MBritt's stuff, does he ship these profiles with changes to these settings?

    So, should I unlock the input, set both parameters to zero and start adjusting from there, or is it more complicated?