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    I've already opened a support ticket for this (Ticket ##KA00135135). In my case I'm running the very latest version of Rig Manager and the most up-to-date version of the Profiler OS - I always have.

    My experience is the same as others have posted. I've been using an older MacBook Air to run Rig Manager, but am experimenting with using a newer MacBook to see if it might be the computer that is causing the issue.

    The crash is random and difficult to recreate, so I'm not surprised Kemper cannot see this happening. BUT, when it does happen in the middle of a gig it is a HUGE problem!

    I notice if I rapidly change the performance slots, say press one right after another, then another in quick succession the failure is more likely to occur. Not necessarily, sometimes it just fails without any input.

    My only "solution" is to disconnect the computer during live performances.

    This seems to be a "known" bug, even if it doesn't seem to get fixed. I experience it on a regular basis. The problem is caused by the laptop (presumably running Rig Manager). When you have both the Remote and a laptop connected , running RM on the laptop, the Remote will stop working, eventually go dark, then the Kemper will (eventually) shut down. Turning the power off to the Kemper, the Kemper will keep running, then - eventually - power off. Turning the power back on and all will be well, until it fails again.

    The problem is much more frequent when you are in Performance Mode, but will do it in Browse mode as well.

    The only "fix" is to disconnect your laptop.


    I'm guessing since I already own all all the commercial packs (well, almost all!) I've already got all these profiles. I'm not into the super heavy, metal stuff, but these are all fantastic.

    Back to the original question, for P&W I use lots of different things. Lately I've found lots of great stuff in the Jim Kelley pack. Other favorites include the 65AC30 pack, Matchless and Colonial. So hard to settle for just one!

    It's possible, but unlikely that I changed the master output, maybe the clean sens, something else, possible but not likely. However, I did a Global Re-Set and the problem persisted. I thought the re-set would return everything to factory original specs, hence correct the problem. Guess not. Once I figured out where the problem was I was able to fix it, but it would be great to get back to the original settings.

    An update, problem solved, but I have no idea how this could have happened.

    The output was clipping, badly, on all my profiles. Even after a global reset, the output was still waaayyy too hot. I've turned everything back down and now the cleans are fine, back to "normal," but how the output settings could have changed is a mystery.

    Anyone else experience their Kemper randomly jacking up the output?

    Very odd, when I fired up my Kemper today ALL my profiles are either slightly or more gain-y than I left them. ALL of them! I cannot get a straight clean tone no matter what. Not bad sounds, per se, just not what I want and need. Even turning the Gain knob to zero on some profiles does not completely clean them up.

    Nothing else has changed, same guitars, same profiles, same settings, same hardware, etc.

    I have a rehearsal tonight and I need cleans, don't know what to do. Maybe a global reset?

    Any ideas?

    I've had this same problem, had multiple discussions/interactions with Kemper. Even sent both my Profiler and Remote in for "service" thinking it as a personal hardware problem. Even had Kemper replace my Remote with a brand new unit. Here's what they said:

    The issue is having a computer (running Rig Manager) and the Remote connected to the Profiler at the same time causes power management problems. Or something like this. The only "fix" is to disconnect the computer.

    I know, this seems unbelievable and waaayyy beyond unacceptable - I mean, what's the point of having software on a computer to control your Profiler if it causes the system to crash? Why hasn't this board and other forums lit up with complaints and outrage? Why haven't hundreds of others reported this issue?

    I cannot answer any of the above, only report what Kemper has told me. They say they are aware of the problem and are seeking to correct it, but there hasn't been any resolution in at least the last few firmware updates.

    I would recommend contacting Kemper and reporting the issue. While I can't understand why this isn't at the top of the list of bugs to be fixed, maybe if enough of us start yelling something will happen.

    I have learned the hard way that when in a live situation you cannot ever, ever, ever have a computer connected to your Profiler. Ever! Set up your rigs in performance mode, load them onto your Profiler, leave your computer at home.

    This may have been covered elsewhere, but right now I'm so angry I don't have the patience to search.

    I just spent a couple hours setting up a specific performance, all 5 slots filled with very carefully selected and tweaked profiles. Saved every step of the way as soon as I made a change, things like different delays, different OD's, boosts, etc. VERY specific settings for different songs.

    I decided to put a different profile in slot 5. So, while the Profiler was in Performance mode, from Rig Manager I went to the particular profile, selected "copy", went back to the specific performance (the performance on My Kemper, not the performance in my Local Library), clicked on slot 5, hit "paste." Everything looked fine in Rig Manager. I hit save.

    Going back, the ENTIRE PERFORMANCE, ALL 5 SLOTS HAVE BEEN CHANGED TO SOMETHING I CREATED WEEKS AGO!! The carefully saved performance I was working on is gone. I cannot recover it no matter what.

    So what's the deal with changing elements of a performance? If my Profiler is in Performance Mode, copying and pasting from Rig Manager, sometimes the changes stick, sometimes they don't, sometimes the entire performance is changed, all 5 slots. Sometimes I have better success creating performances in my Local Library (in RM) then copying them on to My Kemper (also in RM), but this too is not perfect.

    So, is this user error? When creating performances, should my Profiler be set on Browser or Performance Mode? Neither works all that well for me. Is Rig Manager just useless for creating performances and I should go back to the incredibly difficult and stupidly old school manual way?

    Yes, I'm running the very latest OS and RM, I've always upgraded whenever new releases come out. This problem is NOT new to the latest update, I've had problems all along.

    While I truly love my Kemper when it works, this Rig Manager is proving to be far more trouble than it's worth. Anyone got ideas to help?

    I know this has been covered before, but I couldn't find the correct search parameters to narrow down the threads.

    I want to use a single Mission expression pedal to control EITHER wah OR morphing, but not both at the same time. Right now I can use the pedal to morph when there is no wah in the profile, but when I add a wah then BOTH the wah and morph features work at the same time. For example, if I morph gain only, stepping on the pedal will increase the gain, but if I then add a wah, both the wah and the gain work simultaneously. Can this be right?

    As I said, I know this has been covered in earlier posts, so if someone could provide a link to those earlier threads that would be great. Otherwise, if someone could tell me how to de-couple morph and wah it would be much appreciated.

    Every Sunday I play at a local church with old wiring, dirty electrical power. There are only a few wall outlets so they run a number of extension cords connected in series to provide coverage for the entire stage. Every Sunday that I've played so far I've had at least one, often several crashes and I'm wondering if the power is the culprit?

    This problem ONLY happens at this one place, never at home or the other few venues I play.

    More detail. I've played at this church for several years and have brought over time a couple different amps and a number of different modelers. While there can sometimes be a bit more noise than optimal, I've never had any other problems. There are other musicians playing, keys, bass, other guitars and they have no issues at all.

    With the Kemper, I run XLR out to a personal stage monitor and the stage monitor then runs out to FOH. I control all elements of my sound and let the sound guy dal with the mix out front. I have an old MacBook Air connected to the Profiler running Rig Exchange (and wonder if that could be causing the problem).

    So, here's what happens. I'll be in the middle of a song using either a slot in Performance mode or just a preset from my library and the Remote will just go dead. Lights go out, buttons no longer work, the Mission expression pedal stops working as well. I will continue to get sound for a while at whatever the last setting was before the Remote shut down, but in a minute or two the Profiler stops working as well. More curious, when I reach over to turn the knob to 'off' on the Profiler nothing happens for maybe 20 seconds, that is, the display stays lit and there is no response. I can't even turn the power off to the Profiler!

    Eventually the Profiler shuts down, I power everything back up and it works just fine.

    I've tried both the cable that shipped with the Remote and a generic ethernet cable, same result.

    Needless to say, having my Kemper shut down in mid-service is a BIG problem. I don't know if this is a problem with my unit, the electrical power at this venue, or some other glitch. I've sent a request to the mother ship asking for advice, but wonder if anyone else has had this problem and what the fix might be.

    I've sort of had a similar issue: in performance mode, when I change a parameter then hit 'store', the remote shuts down and re-boots. When it comes back the changes have been saved, but it is a nuisance. (This is new since updating to 5.0.)

    I've partly read how to do this in an earlier thread, but cannot find it now. I have my Remote connected to Pedals 5 and 6. What I can do now is set a global parameter to select either the volume or Wah settings using the Remote, meaning when a Wah is engaged the Remote controls the Wah function, but when either there is no Wah or when the Wah is not engaged the Remote is just a volume pedal. So far so good.

    There are times though when I want to have the remote switch between the Wah and the morphing functions. This would usually be Rig dependent and I'd like to assign this to selected rigs only, not globally. Can this be done and, if so, how?