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    It's a pity that I can't show it in practice, I think they would then change their minds about why it's a good setting option. Someone here is dealing with distortion boxes and various other requirements that are already good. But this is much more necessary in my opinion. Yes, someone who plays both electric and electroacoustic guitar and uses one Kemper only needs to change it to different guitar tracks. And for these purposes, this adjustment would be very useful. But apparently it doesn't make sense to ask for it, Kemper sees it differently (not practically).

    A question for programmers. Have you tried to think about it, or do you find it useless, unnecessary? I would really appreciate this adjustment because I use both guitars live. Thank you for your response.

    Otázka pro programátory. Zkusili jste o tom uvažovat a nebo se vám to zdá jako neužitečné, nepotřebné? Ocenil bych velmi tuto úpravu, protože používám live obě kytary. Děkuji za vaši odpověď.

    If I use one path for the equalizer just to have Low Cut and High Cut for rig, I block the possibility of using effects (doubler trucker) and modulation effects (stereo chorus, phaser, etc.), because I have reverb and delay in all rigs. So the ability to do Low Cut and High Cut for different rigs outside these slots would be a better option. The effects slot should remain for modulation effects, delay and reverb, not for equlizer. Try to think about it. I believe you understand my intention.

    For me. There are some little things I would like to improve, and I wrote in support. Something has long been implemented by the update, I'm still waiting for something if the team in Kemper will do it. But even so, Kemper can handle everything I needed to solve sound. I don't see a single reason to do V2, which would limit my sound as a result. It has everything you need for top sound.

    JVM410H DI profiles. Input Noise Gate 0,5 + in Stomps Noise Gate 4:1 Treshold 1.0.

    This is not a very comfortable solution for me. I don't have Kemper right next to me, I would have to go around other musicians every time I change my guitar. The best way would be to switch the rig to set Low and High Cut. Just like Kone. I use the Remote pedal for control. We have already seen several times that the programmers at Kemper have dealt with more requirements. I think they can handle this easily.

    It's nice that we understood each other. I guess I confused you with the example of Kone. I meant that with Kone it was also possible to solve it by changing the speaker or turning off for a single rig. I think that could also go for Low and High Cut in the main output.
    Unfortunately, I don't speak English, so I translate the text into google translation, and the meaning of the text may change there. I speak only Czech. :-( But we will agree that yes. :-)

    I always use electric guitar and electroacoustic guitar at live events. This is my main output. I don't ask for it for the monitor, but if it was, I wouldn't be angry. This is important in the main output.

    Version No.1: Low Cut 90Hz and High Cut 10000Hz. Suitable for electroacoustic guitars, but High Cut is high for electric guitars. The sound engineer will have to look for compromises.

    Version No.2: Low Cut 90Hz and High Cut 6000Hz. It suits electric guitars, but High Cut is very low for electroacoustics. So this version is unusable for me.

    Version No.3: I set the main output to 90Hz and 10000Hz. Ideal for electroacoustics. In the individual rigs for the Crunch and Drive electric guitar in the Cabinet, I set On / Off Low and High Cut, either I use the main Low and High Cut, or I adjust it for the given rig as needed, for the Crunch electric guitar at 90Hz and 6000Hz. Low Cut and High Cut only trim the bass and treble, and most importantly do not affect frequency bands like Graphic and Studio EQ, even if everything is set to 0. The best solution for me.

    I don't want it in the Monitor, but in the Main Output. A normal electric guitar normally plays up to 6kHz, but for an electroacoustic guitar it is too low. When I set High Cut in Main Output to 10kHz, the electroacoustics are great, but the electric is more flowing. That's why I'd like this feature. I use both guitars for one Kemper.

    Please, is it possible to do that Low Cut and High Cut in Output, would go for a single rig preferred in Cabinet? Something like Kone Imprint Select. For an electric guitar it is good to set High Cut 6 / 6.5kHz, but for an electroacoustic guitar I need it higher at about 10kHz. Is there anything that can be done about it? I apologize for my English, I only speak Czech. It is translated in google translation.