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    Guitar: Suhr standard custom with Suhr dsh+ bridge & v60 pickups in middle i neck positions, strings Daddario nyxl 09-46

    As a big fan of your MarkIV pack I'm looking forward to try out the Mark V.
    The pack is huge so before i dig in, are there any recomendations on profiles for a great Petrucci lead sound.

    I have lile 3 profiles for solo that works awesom but had to rename them so I don't know which are they. Two on mesa and one on an orange cab.

    The Mesa OS fits best into a mix, but I can see the Orange working too. I am not that keen on the Marshall with this amp, as there is an uncomfortable edge in the sound.

    Really? I dig the Marshall ones but agree that Mesa cab fits better.

    Cili makes KILLER profiles!! I personally love the Friedman pack but I have to say my absolute favorite is the Mark V. I wasn't interested initially in the Mark V as there are so many available. For some reason his are different and really fit me. They are special that's for sure. Here is a quick, rough clip I made with one of his profiles from the pack (rhythm and lead):

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    Agree with you! Mk5 just kills in every style, at least for me. I have a looot of profiles from other great vendors and they are sick but I think that guys should pay attention to this guy here.

    Killer cover btw! Looove The Cult!

    Yeah, looking forward to the Diezel and new Friedman pack too. I still didn't find better mk5 pack imho... Nice cover btw!


    Have Brit 800, Fredman BE, EVH 5153 EL34, Mk5 and mk4 (maybe few more) from this guy and they are phenomenal at least for my taste.

    I know @ashtweth dig them too but anyone else?

    EDIT: Forgot to mention that I got this Friedman for me! It's here to stay. So, cool pack and free updates as usual.


    Yeah baby!!! Looking forward to another Friedman from you! :thumbsup:

    Great job on this pack man! I wish I can make good sounding profiles...Please include some DI's and merged pleeeease ^^

    A W E S O M E man!!! Super tight! Is it the Mesa cab? 8o

    how do they compare in quality? Cili usually does a very good job (eg the 410), but he tends toward metal a bit.

    I agree! I guess not too many people realize that he's good, because he doesn't put much in marketing and demos lile other guys...

    Anyway, I'm super happy with the pack.

    These are the only demos he posted