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    Starting point is where you press the mouse button, ending point is where you release the mouse button after moving it over the desired lane. With this move you mark the area of the lane which is activated then. Very easy to correct and very easy to mark different areas on different lanes. Maybe have a look at YouTube's video's on Cubase comping approach when it firstly came up (I think around Cubase 7 or 7.5).

    Thanks a lot deadman42 ! I will try this. Sounds indeed like it is a more efficient way to select from the recorded takes 😁.

    Nice video Maarten. thanks for sharing.

    some lovely playing on that solo! And love the Tom Anderson 😎

    I tend to use SPDIF for a Simultaneous DI and Stack Mono recording the Same way that deadman42 does. I don’t do it for audio quality reasons purely convenience. I don’t use a lot of big delays or reverbs so I don’t always record a second track with the FX. If I need them I can reamp later or use plugins. As deadman42 said, you could use SPDIF for the DI and Stack but use analog for the FX track however the only think about is latency. If you use 44.1k the digital track will arrive slightly ahead of the the analog. If you use any other sample rate the digital track will arrive noticeably later than the analog signal. Not sure how big an issue that would be in the real world as I haven’t actually tried it but worth bearing in mind.

    As for comping, I’m not familiar with Cubase (the last time I used it was on a Windows 3 machine when it was Midi only) but I presume it is very similar to Logic. Your method of cutting etc seems like a lot of extra work. I know that in Logic I use track stacks with group editing like you do but I just literally swipe and area on each take (“lane” in your case) without any cutting. Crossfades are entered automatically but can still be edited manually if necessary. This saves a lot of time.

    Thanks again for sharing.

    Thank you for the nice comments Wheresthedug 😁.

    I’m using all analog outs (no SPDIF) as my RME AES audio interface doesn’t have SPDIF. But I can imagine it is more convenient to use.

    As for how you’re doing comping in Logic, I do think the Cubase comp tool might have similar abilities to just select a certain area on a take/lane and then automatically select that with crossfades and all. Not at my daw right now but am going to check that. Thanks for the tips 😁.

    Nice one Maarten, thanks for sharing. Good stuff and best practices in it and I agree with many of the aspects you mention :thumbup:8)

    Personally I rather record the Git Stack (as you do) plus the dry signal for reamping purposes (all via SPDIF). Sometimes I pick up the stereo effects (rather in reamping phase) or on few occasions via analog ins of the interface. But all that is rather matter of taste and needs.

    For the comping: Do you really need to put cuts in there? I just use the comping, hold the mouse button and move it over the part of the lane I want to be active and Cubase does the rest (still on version 7.5 pro here - need to update soon). IMHO you can save the cutting part.

    Thanks for your reply deadman42 ! Yes I’ve recorded DI for re-amping as well. But when recording the other parts (e.g. our singer), it’s better for him to already hear a more produced sound. So that’s why I’m recording the reverb and delays as well. Even though I will replace them when I start to mix.

    As for comping without cutting, interesting. How does Cubase know where to put the cuts then ? I’ll have to look into that😁.

    Thanks for watching the video 👍.

    Happy for you guys, seems like fun to meet again. Good thing and nice video. I like especially the scene with the "territory dispute". In some bands something like that goes on even in non-Corona times 8o

    Thanks :). The ' territory dispute' was tongue in cheek of course ... and fortunately this is not such a band 8o.

    I had the same problem last night at rehearsal with Profiler OS 7.1.18, and just the remote connected. Things getting more sluggish as the evening progressed. It even took several seconds to turn off the tuner via the remote.

    Will now try Profiler OS 7.1.19 to see if anything has changed in that respect.

    Ok, this is a good news. So there will be a way to use them!

    They might have been corrupted by one of the other Betas, and the new release deletes them because they are in fact corrupt ?

    If this is the case, you might have to go back to a backup from before OS/RM Betas. Or get them from the original pack you bought them from.
    That seemed to work for me at least .... ymmv ....

    Anything new about Rigs and Performances that disappear because marked someway as "corrupted"?

    What I noticed is that I had lost about 130 rigs after installing and starting up 7.1.17 tonight, after just having restored all my rigs last night on 7.1.14. So during startup 7.1.17 apparently found 130 corrupted rigs that it deleted.
    I then restored all my rigs again from the same backup I used last night and now 7.1.17 start up with all those rigs fine again, and doesn't delete any of them. So my exact actions were:

    1. Had 7.1.14 installed with 761 rigs but some rigs were not selectable anymore

    2. Restored backup from before Beta experiments

    3. All my 761 rigs are now selectable and seem to be working fine.

    4. Installed 7.1.17

    5. Only 631 rigs left that seem to be working fine.

    6. Restored same backup

    7. Back to 761 rigs that seem to be selectable and working fine

    So it seems weird that initially some rigs were deleted by 7.1.17 but after backup restore the same rigs were left alone and not deleted. Whether this is as it should be working I don't know.

    Whoa. Way bigger problem. I’m missing SEVERAL performances!

    Upon further inspection, they say “New Performance” but the first slot is how it should be (minus the name). But then the rest of the slots and blank. This is a huge frickin’ bug wow.

    I noticed that as well, but when I restored my rigs and performances from before RM3.0 experiments and restarted, everything was OK again. SO i'm not sure it was this latest Beta (OS 7.1.14) that caused it.