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    Bought the pack. Some pretty nice sounds.

    Although some of the higher gain profiles have something weird going on.. seems very nasal or something. Hard to pick it out.

    You guys notice that?

    I've had a couple Dr Z amps and never noticed that, but I also never ran mine past the edge of breakup, let the pedals get me where I needed past that.

    Can't wait to see how these sound recorded. Very nice touch dynamics as well.


    I have a couple amps I'd like to profile. Do I need a pre amp to get the most out of profiling? Or can I do a good job by just using the Kemper without a mic pre amp?

    I've got a Two Rock John Mayer amp clone that I'd love to try and capture. Does the clean thing really well. With a dumble style cab, EVM12L speaker. Would be nice to have that to call on whenever needed

    The only thing is that with the Uno4Kemper, there is no notification that you're in morph mode. You just have to know and keep up with it. Can be difficult for me when my morphed sound is just a slightly hotter sound. I'd like to make my volume pedal the morph pedal to make it easier for me.

    Outside of that I love the morphing feature

    Awesome! Any videos available by chance? Would love to hear it!

    Just discovered a killer profile on the Vintage pack. I think it's the ProVerb, can't remember exactly at the moment.

    Perfect for the Tele I was using. Pick hard and get nice grit, and lighten the attack for a great cleaner sound. I'll be making a new performance and use some of these vintage profiles. Probably have just 2 profiles and just have some with different FX to make it different

    Thank you @lonestargtr

    I have already used the Output and Input store functions for different guitars or cabs/headphones.

    I didn't think about just doing stack changes with the FX staying the same. That will be a very useful feature to use.

    Do you find that morphing with an expression pedal is the way to go or do you just do a click of the button to let it go to the morphed stage for you?

    I need to update my Kemper for morphing, that sounds way better!!

    What is saving an amp stack? What are the purposes?

    And ducking, does that basically hide the delay a little while you're playing and then become more prevalent after?

    Thanks Jed for the great information!

    I used the Kemper last week for a gig. Didn't have a foot controller or anything, so I just ran a few pedals in the front of the Kemper, and switched profiles by hand. I probably only used 4 different profiles. I created 1 performance.

    I got an FCB with UnoChip now, so I will take advantage of that tomorrow night.

    And I agree, the hardest thing for me to find is a clean sound that sounds even close to my tube amps. The Kemper really shines once you add a hair of grit and then all the way up to heavy distortion. I'll take some of your suggestions into considering tonight when I set the performances up.

    I really like the low gain Guytron profiles for a clean bite. I can pick lighter to get a cleaner sound and then dig in if I want to play a clean lead with grit. The /13 37 and Matchless work great for that as well.

    I guess the hardest part for me is finding a clean that does the 90s country really well and also the big bold clean of a Dumble. I have a Ceriatone OTS amp, and while the profiles do well, they just don't get the fullness and punchyness to pop through.

    For tomorrow night, I will be going from the Kemper into a 1x12 cab with EVM12L speaker, and then FOH with XLR (only 1, not stereo).

    Any suggestions on delay settings for mono? Some of the delays in these profiles sound killer in stereo, but not so much mono.

    Also with the FCB, I have the option for switching between the 5 profiles in each performance on the spot, and also turning on/off 4 stomp boxes + tap tempo.

    I really want to keep the tap tempo on there, so that leaves me with 4 stomps.

    I will probably run a compressor on some of the profiles, but not sure if I care to make it one of the stomps.

    I was thinking... Distortion, Boost, Mod, and Delay On/Off, then the tap tempo. Would you suggest boost at the end of your pre pedal setup, or in the fx loop area?

    Also. .you say smaller venues is another story.. What's your take there? Because I play mostly local bars and clubs, and they don't get that big.

    Happens mostly when using a cab.. I have a Kemper Power Head, and anytime I'm using a cab, the master volume will change in the middle of playing. It's actually completely turned to Zero twice.

    Im scared to even use it live because of this. Anyone know why this happens? I can make it so that the master volume is not linked, but doesn't matter if my monitor volume goes out. Still can't hear myself

    So I'm loving these profiles by Michael, but I'm having a hard to getting everything setup for live use. Being so comfortable with an amp + pedal setup... I feel overwhelmed. I have all these profiles that I want to use, but it almost seems easier to only use a few. Then I begin to question having a Kemper, haha. If I'm going to only use a few of them, why have this? Although no matter what, it makes the perfect practice setup at home.

    Do you guys have any tips on using this live and how to set it up? Do the profiled amps react the same if I ran my normal pedal setup out front?

    @lonestargtr what is an example of how you setup a performance on the kemper? Ive thought about using 1 amp per performance.. and just have the different gain stages on each of the 5 rigs. Because I am playing 4 hours of covers, it is really hard to setup profiles for each song. Where as, if I was playing an hour gig (with original music), it becomes much easier to set it up that way. I really feel like thats where the Kemper becomes a huge advantage. You can fine tune the performance for each song, and can really nail down the tone.

    I am updated to the latest stable firmware. 3.3 I believe

    Randomly, when switching rigs, I get a crackling sound for the first few seconds, very annoying. Happens in browse and performance mode. I just got the Kemper last week, and scared to use it live because of that