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    which version of Rig Manager do you have installed?

    I use the Version 2.1.41 (13350).

    UPD. Burkhard Dinnies from your tech support has answered but unfortunately it looks like I received an answer from a bot which didn't dig into my problem and did not read my messages at all. I described my trouble three times but I always received the same mantra about "Init&Factory Content". Though I already tried it even before the support answered for the first time.

    So probably I'd better describe the problem here.

    I used my Kemper amp about two years and worked flawlessly until I moved to High Sierra (I updated my OSX only because the new generation of Logic X required it).
    I didn't work on the Profiler about three months long since I moved to High Sierra from El Capitan. Recently I switched the amp OFF and have seen that it does not respond and the Rig manager didn't recognise it and made the amp frozen and not responding. I thought that the reason was in the Profiler - I've reset it, re-installed the firmware and so on. And it worked flawlessly as a a standalone device. But when I connected it via USB to my mac pro 5.1 the story has repeated - the rig manager not recognised it and when I clicked on any preset among the collection the preset loaded into the amp very very slowly (up to 10 seconds) and then the profiler didn't respond anymore. I've checked it with the other USB cable but it didn't help (though all my cables are in great working order).

    Then I loaded the older OSX (Mavericks) and installed the same latest version of Rig Manager and it worked great - the synchronisation process have started right away and the profiler responded quickly as it should.
    Thus obviously the reason was the latest OSX High Sierra. I didn't get a proper working connection between the rig and the amp on the both 10.13.3 and 10.13.4 versions of OSX.

    Please help..

    P.S. BTW! - When I just bought my amp I had similar troubles with Manager - Rig Manager Problems

    I had the same trouble. The latest Rig manager doesn't recognise the profiler on both Sierra's - 10.13.3 and 10.13.4 as well. Tech support didn't give ma an answer on my questions regarding this issue yet.

    I've tried the new rig manager on Mavericks and it works flawless.

    But when I run the Rig manager on High Sierra the profiler gets stuck and does not respond.

    I've just bought a new Kemper Amp and installed the new firmware.
    Unfortunately my Rig manager doesn't see the Amp after sleep/wake up.
    I'm on MacPro5,1 ElCapitan 10.11.5. I've been trying to change the USB ports and they connected only once. Then after switching the Amp off and restarting the Manager they didn't connect anymore. 8|

    UPD. Tech support promises to release an update.