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    Hi there,
    just converted some Redwirez IRs, using Cabmaker (44,1KHz) and tried to import them as described in the manual. This is, what I got...
    Any ideas?

    Fixed it by re-formating the USB stick...

    Hi there!

    I recently bought a '72 Silverface Bassman converted to a blonde 6g6-B Bassman.
    I love it on "4", which is a little bit too loud sometimes.

    Here it is on "4" with a Boost in front (modeled after the Roland Space Echo Preamp) and a Sezter Gretsch with TV Jones.
    It reacts nicely to your playing and cleans up by a twist of your volume knob.

    You can find it in RE, if you like it. Search "Blonde BM Atomic".

    The "ATOMIC BLONDE+" Rig in RE has less Bass cut, "BASSMAN BLONDE" no Boost at all.


    There's a "Rockabilly" (Gibson Amp) Profile, I guess by M. Franzkowiak.

    I use it with a Treble Boost and/or a Pure Boost and it sounds terrific with my Setzer Hot Rod Gretsch.
    I think it's way more authentic than the Gundy Keller Profile.

    Tell me, what you think about it!