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    the pot in the mission is actually a Dunlop wah pot but not the regular Crybaby pot. I have the part number from mine somewhere.

    the problem is most likely that you have pedal type set to 1 instead of 2 or the other way round. Although the manual says to use type 1 for most pedals my Mission was a disaster in the same way as you described until I switched to type 2.

    I’ve tried both Type 1 and Type 2. The pot is Dunlop, but not a wah pot. It’s 10k linear. I have one, but it doesn’t fit in the mini pedal.

    I know I found a similar thread somewhere, but I don’t think there was an answer in there.

    Hi guys,

    Has anyone had any luck using a modded wah pedal as an expression pedal with the Kemper? I’ve spent a lot of time converting a Crybaby Mini to a “mini Mission” with the switch and everything. I had to use the 100k pot as there isn’t a mini 10k lin that I’m aware of, but I think you can use a 100k with the Kemper. I also managed to calibrate it using the method I found in another post (press once in heel position and once in toe position). However, I’m having really erratic behavior where the values suddenly fluctuate and the range changes. I think this is due to the ongoing self-calibration, but I’m not sure.

    Has anyone found a fix for this? I figure it might work if you could turn off the self-calibration.

    Has anybody noticed that summing the delays to mono creates a lot of artifacts? I love how the delays sound in stereo, but summed they sound phasey in a weird way and the levels get all messed up. I usually use my Kempers direct with IEM and that sounds great. However, sometimes I’ll have to run mono. I then change main output to “Main Mono” and I have to adjust delay levels just to get it usable, although the delays sound thin and weird. I don’t set Stereo to more than 100%.
    This is my main issue with the Kemper and I would take better summing over any acoustic simulators, Kones or other effects. I’m a pro producer and mix engineer and I understand how summing to mono may affect stereo effects, but the KPA has more artifacts than any other processor I’ve used.

    If anybody has found a workaround, please let me know!

    Wow! I wouldn’t have thought of making a bracket. I’ve been searching for a mini 10k Lin pot, as the Dunlop one is too big. If you get this to work and you would like to make another one, I’d be interested in buying one.

    It is essential to understand that while the Tempo is entered in bpm, this always works in cooperation with the parameters Note Value or Rate in the individual time driven effects. So for example at 120 bpm one effect could have note value set to 1/16 and another to 1/4 and this could vary in a wide range including dotted and tripple patterns.

    Beyond this flexibility is there really a meaningful need for tapping in a tempo of for example 118 bpm to adjust for example a delay on the fly while keeping another effect running at 120 bpm?

    If for example you want to have a timed delay, but have found the perfect flanger sweep rate for that VH sound. I have a lot of patches that I use as my "basic sounds" and just change the tempo to sync up my delays. I've found situations where I wished I could have both flanger and tremolo rates independent of the song's tempo.

    I think the problem is less the tap tempo itself than the fact that the Kemper clock is all over the place. I'll try to shoot a short video today to demonstrate what I mean. The display on my foot controller shows me that it's not as constant as it looks, with some pretty massive bpm jumps in either direction.

    That would be interesting to see. I’ve had my suspicions.

    I think its to do with how the remote communicates with the kpa.
    Heres my thoughts;
    Process tempo indicator locally on remote?

    It seems that we have similar expectations and use the tap function similarly. It’s very reassuring when you see the flash in time with what you play. I also use the bpm function when I play on tracks that I’ve learned the tempo of. However, I’m not sure I think the tap LED on the KPA itself is much better. Compared to the G system, Timeline and M9 I also use, it seems to be hit or miss whether or not it actually reflects the tempo. I think both the visualization and the actual calculation needs some work.

    I use the KPA as my main live rig and find myself tapping almost constantly to get the dang thing to sync properly. Not only is the visual information confusing, but I find that the tempo rarely matches my taps. This is mind-boggingly frustrating and has been for a good while. Can it be that difficult to fix? It seems every other tap tempo I’ve ever tried Has worked a whole lot better than the KPA. Too bad it sounds so good, I’m not parting with it anytime soon... :)

    As an added bonus, one thing I love about my G-System is that it displays the corresponding tempo in BPM when I tap. That’s very reassuring and it would be great to see that feature on the KPA.

    The point I was trying to make was that a floor version of the Kemper is likely to be in even higher demand than the toaster, or rack versions, given the success of the Helix. I wasn’t talking about Kemper needing to release a Kemper 2.0 because the current version is not selling well anymore. Not at all! But I can see how it might’ve read that way :-).

    I think the Profiler is great as it is, and the only thing I would improve is some of the on-board effects. The (free!) delay upgrade showed that the Profiler is still a very capable unit.

    However, if Kemper were to release a floor unit that was a cut-down version (ie without profiling capabilities, maybe fewer IO), I would buy it in a heartbeat and still keep my KPA in the studio. This would make it a lot easier to fly while still using my best sounds. I’ve flown with the KPA and it is unnecessarily big. My dream unit would have:

    - All the FX slots of the KPA
    - Be 1:1 compatible sound-wise, so that I could create my rigs on the KPA, but play them on the floor unit. I would accept a more basic set of parameters to tweak, but would love to keep them all. :-)
    - Stereo XLR out, separate monitor out and phones.
    - Preferably have one expression pedal with toe switch on the unit.

    I really doubt you will be able to do that unless you use a signal spliter, one mono to two mono. I have one of those, once I get around to it I'll try and report back The one I have is nothing fancy just a short cable 1/4 male to 2x 1/4 female for less than ten dollars made by Hosa.

    That would only give you the mono signal two times. You could still make it a stereo signal if you use stereo effects after the Kemper, but the Kemper itself would still be mono.