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    So, I bought the pack and have been blasting some of the profiles through my FRFR for the past hour... Good god do these profiles sound and feel good ! :evil: I'm so glad that I bought them! I haven't been through every single one of them yet but I'm loving the Friedman profiles (like Chris said, absolute rocking tones) and the Soldano's ! The 5153 profiles amazing too haha. They all sound huge and are really responsive, these are definately among the best profiles that I've tried and am looking foward to playing more this evening:thumbup: Gonna have to have a break now cause i've had my guitar blaring for the last hour and my ears are done :D

    It's one of my alltime favorites for heavy rock tones. I simply love the 5153s in it, 50W and 100W version (as per profiling for the Sevendust guys - such a great versatile and meaty tone). And the Freed50 in it is great too. Cuts through in the mix very well. Go for it if you want rock tones. Not really metal though.

    Thanks for your response ! I was looking for something a little less metal to play through with my Les Paul and strat, looks like this is it :)

    Hey again guys. So i used the LFR at a rehearsal and had a hard time with it. I couldn't get the volume past halfway on it without it clipping :/ I messed with a few output options and volume on the kemper but had no luck. Anyone got any help regarding this ?

    Thanks in advance :)

    Hey eveyone, i was looking at Rabea's video of his Super Kraken profiles and I was wondering if anyone has tried these ones yet ? (not the kraken ones he released before). Can't find any videos :/

    Thanks in advance :)

    Hello again everyone! Finally got the Laney after waiting longer than expected ^^
    I think it sounds amazing ! There is so much clarity and bottom end ( not TOO much) and most of my favourite profiles translate really well ! I don't feel like i'm losing any punch when i compare it to using my Laney Ironheart and 2x12.
    I used some Reampzone and Sinmix profiles with a guitar which is in drop B and it feels and sounds incredible ! I also tried some cleaner/crunch profiles with some other guitars with the same result :) It's made me want to buy some more profiles lol, in particular some Tonejunkies haha.
    However I did feel like my top jimi profiles didn't sound AS good as through my studio monitors for whatever reason ?( They kinda felt a little less "real" or "boxy", which is a shame because Top Jimi profiles are really fun to play through when i'm just sitting at my desk. Anyone have a bit of advice regarding this ?

    Anyway, that's my review of it after having it for a day! Really glad I bought it and would recommend to anyone looking for a great unit at an affordable price :)

    Just pulled the trigger on one ! For a long time I wasn't sure what to go for but the Laney seemed like it would suit me the most ! It should be here by saturday so i'll keep you all up to date :)

    Hey, so I've been playing with these profiles through multiple guitars since i got home and... wow ! So far i've tried them through an Ibanez Jem with Gravity Storm pickups, an Ibanez S with paf pro/fred's and another Ibanez with Tone zone & Air norton pickups. Both the BE100 and EVH packs have some really awesome 80's hair metal tones in there. 80's heaven lol.

    Some of the lower gain stuff in the BE100 pack is really good too, love the plexi style profiles when i'm splitting the humbuckers.

    The only real downside i could find is maybe there is a little too much high end with some of the high gain stuff but that can be eq'd out (and alot of that is due to when i turn on the overdive).

    Tomorrow i'll play through a couple more guitars and see how they handle some lower tuning stuff too.

    Thanks for the profiles Matt :)

    Hey guys, so there is a really good deal on an Alto ts-212 which is only 209 euros atm. Seems like a steal, would you guys say it's worth it for that price ? I generally play modern metal stuff but also like to play other genres too. Thanks in advance :)