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    Hi y'all!

    As you might guess by the title, I'm looking for a profile with the 007 sound.

    Looking around on soundsites there are several discussions that it might be a Fender Twin or Vox AC15.

    What are your thoughts on profile to use?


    Hi all,

    Quick question here. I've gone back and forth with the guys from Kemper, and unfortunately my issue has been forwarded to the development team.

    My Stage does not connect to the app.

    When I scan the QR code -> cannot connect to MyProfiler network

    When I enter manual password -> password not correct.

    All apps and devices are fully updated.

    Does anyone has or had the same issue? If so, how did you solve it?



    After updating the KPA I was completely in volume just did not responded at all...
    I sat down and noticed the changes in the menu and tried a couple of things. Now my volume is hearable from 0.2 and I have the idea that my KPA is sounding better than before.

    Case Solved

    INFO: Issue happend with OS 5.1.1 and after update to latest version, solved.

    Hi fellow KPA owners/users/readers,

    There are so many threads that searching didn't work out as I expected...

    So, my issue is the next:

    I was creating an acoustic performance for some upcoming shows, after this was done, I disconnected the KPA from the PC and the day after I went to rehearsal (electric guitar)
    Normally I need to turn the master volume to 4-5 max so everyone can hear me. Now, my sound just started at 4.3 so I had to crank it up badly..

    The thing is, I did not change a single parameter in the output settings and normally when I practice at home, the sound is at 2, but now it starts at 4.3...
    How is this possible? Should I apply a factory reset (which is scary, afraid to lose every setting...)?

    Thank you!

    Hi all,

    I'm checking the forum but there arent any EP1 related topics.
    Does anyone has a manual on how it actually works on the KPA?

    I've seen similar video's and the connection and stuff is easy, but for example, I want the pedal to function as a volume and as wah, but I simply can't get it there..It's now only as a volume or as a on/off switch.

    Anyone help?


    Hi all,

    As I didn't find any topic on this page on buildig own gear, I thought to give it a try to start a new thread.

    As some of you have seen, I'm combining the KPA with a Bogner 2x12 cab (=Awesome!), but as I'm still searching for something for the small gigs and studio work I came up with the idea of building my own cabinet.

    But, there are some questions left which I can't find any clear answers on, and I know that there are a bunch of gear geeks here :D

    My idea is to build a 1 x 12" cab which has the same width as the KPA+Case (just for the eye). When you look up to all kinds of website, most of the cabs are build from 18mm Birch Plywood, BUT, what if you use another type of wood? Is there really a big difference in sound reference if you use oak, mahogany, peach or whatever kind of wood (Yes, oak and mahogany would be a back breaker..)

    Next I'm going to figure out if I want it front or rear loaded and ofcourse what kind of speaker I want. My main examples are the cabs from Bogner and Koch as I think they have a great sound for my purposes.

    If anyone of you has any experience, tips, tricks or whatsoever, please hook me up!

    Next question for you guyes; IF I decide to build one, shall I post the progress here? (And ofcourse soundclips when finished).



    OK since I enlarged the photos you've got 2 Mayos <img src="" alt=":)" />
    How do you like them?

    Well, I absolutely love them! The black one is a standard Gothic model, loaded with Seymour Duncan Blackouts, using this one for the heavier stuff. The other one is more customized, with a spalted maple top, mahogany back, the sickest clockwork inlay I've ever seen on a Regius, and standard Seymour Duncan pickups, planning to swap them later on. This one is mainly used for studio projects.

    I also own a beautiful Lag Imperator I1000 which is my main guitar with passive pickups and I'm having my first 7-string build at this very moment.

    Hi all!

    My name is Sander, 28 years old and a happy guitar player!

    First, this forum is amazing! Why the Kemper for me? Well, I've been playing for nearly 21 years now. I've been playing in bands, projects and everything and now my main focus are for my 2 bands and I'm playing a couple of musicals each years. Besided that I'm doing lots of session work.
    So, instead of taking my heavy ENGL Powerball stack or my small Egnator Renegade with me, I know have this beauty and am I still looking for a small cab (any ideas?)

    I found a couple of decent rigs for my guitars and current projects and right now I'm looking the ideal set up for recording, still figuring out but the forum is really helping!
    Here are a couple of pictures of my 2 best guitars and my amp.

    Thanks and cheers!

    Hi Ingolf,

    Thanks! I figured out! Now only finding the right rig. Had 3 rigs for my guitars which sound awesome through my Bogner cab, but via the computer my ears just hurt...I tried some EQ, but no results yet. To bad I have to look up new settings.

    If you have any tips regarding this, all is welcome!


    Hi all,

    I've been looking on this forum for a while now, but still can't find an answer to my question, so sorry of the question has already popped up somewhere.

    I just got the profiler for a while now and now I want to start recording. I own the powered rack.

    My question; when you record, can you just disconnect the "real" cab? I know this is not done with real amps cause of the tubes, but the KPA is no tube amp..still I wonder if it does the amp any harm if I just disconnect this..

    My setting:

    KPA - Master L > Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 > Laptop.

    There aren't many schedules or tutorials showing how to proper set up this. The video with the output options is very clear, but doesn't show the setup..

    All help is welcome! Thank you in advance!

    Best regards,
    Sander van Gaans