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    This is from the manual and maybe explains the preset name:

    • Definition

    All overdrive pedals rely on a similar filter circuit, embedded in the distortion stage. It cuts the bass frequencies of the guitar before it gets overdriven. This tightens the bass region of the guitar and, at the same time, creates a slight mid-hump that many overdrive pedals are known for.

    This filter is fixed and inaccessible in most overdrive pedals. However, the Timmy® Overdrive* features a “Bass” knob which allows for continuously driving this filter down towards the bass end, giving blues players an extended control over their tone fundament...

    Bro, any mid range schecter with proper setup is an endgame weapon. Have 3 schecters, I am never selling them. I cant say the same from my ibanez, my prs se or my mexican fender.

    Aren't the Indonesian Schecters, Ibanez and PRS SE made in the same Cort / Cor-Tek Factory?!

    You can not "load" to your Kemper. You have to run the vst / Celestion SpeakerMix Pro to get the "extra functionality" that sets it apart from loading an IR. Same as you can not load Two Notes DynIR cabinets to Kemper.

    Except you shoot IR from the vst (Celestion SpeakerMix Pro or Two Notes WOS) using your DAW - then you can load the IR to Kemper. But you have only the "snap shot" of the frequency response again and nothing from what they call "non-linear" functionality, adjustable z-curve, room reverb...

    By the way, using the vst through your DAW will also will add latency.

    Mikko plugin and THU SuperCabinet or an IR mixer like Ignite Libra allows you to customize your Cab AND you can easily export an IR file that the Kemper can load. But again static IR.

    If I need flexibility for "studio work" I like big big IR libraries like Choptones offers. Many mics to choose from and some nice mixes like the classic SM57 / 421 or SM57 / R121 combo. If you are used to scroll through such libraries and know how the mics will basically sound it's not a big rabbit hole anymore imo

    Hello, I recently received my new Diezel Einstein 50 watts.

    I changed the tubes for 6L6 with some preamp tubes as welll... this is the result.

    Good profiles! The profile with cab seems not to be a studio profile. Is it a merged profile? Or the direct amp profile with another IR/cab?

    I really like it and saved it to my favourits. Thanks for sharing!

    I once had a pretty similar (sounding) problem when doing direct amp profiles (but here with a simple loadbox+di without cab). I only remember that it had to do with ground loops / current flowing... and with everything disconnected what was not used and all the Profilers ground lifts pushed it worked. Only had it with that amp, owner could not find any issues later...

    But that won't help here I guess.

    Yes, you all got it right. First (A) is the pedal into clean Fender, second (B) is the Plexi profile.

    When listening to the tones fading out you can also clearly notice the pedal sounding more crumbly, brittle.

    This pedal is only running at 9V. Another Mad Professor Pedal, the "Super Black" (Blackface Amp) takes 9V to 16V - and you get more headroom and the gain structure gets rounder and smoother.

    I use the Super Black with the Kemper sometimes (giving a warm basic profile a blackface openess when needed and because I like the amplike controls; also has Sweethoney Overdrive included.

    The "Loud'n Proud" is mainly used, because it also has a reliable, nice Fuzz integrated that reacts like a vintage germanium Fuzz to the Volume knob of the guitar.

    Both units also work into poweramp or direct with cab sim / IR.

    I use a lot of pedals - also with the Kemper.

    Today I had the Mad Professor Lound'n Proud pedal running into a clean profile of a Hot Rod DeVille Michael Landau amp. For fun I tried it against my favourite Marshall Plexi profile (but using the same cab / IR). Like the real amp, the Fender DeVille ML profiles take pedals really well. The profile was really clean (reduced gain) to show the pure sound of the pedal. With a more gainy profile the transistor characteristics are even less noticeable. Can you tell immediately which is the pedal? First (A) or second (B) example?

    i bought the rock/metal suite. The profiles are excellent for use with amp and speaker.

    I would just like to know why the profiles have an IR in the cabinet section? Some kind of filter?


    The IR in the cabinet section is just that. It's an cabinet IR (impulse response of a guitar cabinet, speakers, mic...) copied to the Kemper cab section. So you can use the direct amp profiles immediately with studio monitors too, or for recording... You can also try different IR or cabs from other profiles.

    When using the Kemper with real cabinets (PowerHead or through power amp...) you have to turn cabinet off (or "Monitor Cab Off" soft button checked). Using the Kemper Kone needs different settings AFAIK

    New 2022 profiles of the VOX AC4TV Class A Tube Amplifier profiled at full 4 watt setting (similar to my older profiles, but why not share the new big box too :))

    This profiles are not boxy sounding / practice amp tone!

    Selected JJ tubes, matching VOX V112 TV extension cabinets, Celestion G12M and V-type speakers, special profiling method = some of the best VOX tones imo 8)

    I used analog filters / EQ after the di box to capture the direct amp profiles for more depth, openness and chime without any harshness, which results in nice grown up VOXiness :D

    Plus I did shoot slightly improved IRs from the Greenback loaded 1x12 cab, which also helps to get a bigger sound. I use the cab presets also for other amps / rigs - just try if you want.

    If you are crazy like me, you can download the GIANT Pack that includes:

    - 51 new direct amp profiles (51 profiles of an amp with only 1 Volume and 1 Tone knob? Really? YES!!^^)

    - 42 new CAB presets of the original extension cabinet, loaded with Greenback speaker

    - 14 similar, still good older profiles

    - 127 older CAB presets (incl. Celestion Greenback and V-type speakers)

    Everything is fully tagged - so you can easily combine di profiles with cabs and find your own sound.

    There is also a Quick Start folder that already contains 10 rigs - ready for playing.

    I uploaded the profiles from the Quick Start folder to Rig Exchange too!

    Download the full experience here:

    Amporium - VOX AC4TV Giant Pack

    Maybe you like some of those?

    From the Black Blade V6 Session: 7 new profiles on Rig Exchange.

    Rocktron Valvesonic Blackplate+ captured through Twin 6L6 Poweramp and 2x12 Fender Bassman Blackface cab IR (custom IR mix done with Ignite Libra Impulse Response Mixer).

    I really like the "Afterburner" feature of the Rocktron preamp (that emulates a post phase inverter master by adding another tube gain stage after the EQ).

    Quite different (more vintage) flavour than my other "Black Blade" profiles.