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    Of course, but that doesn't mean I am going to scan a copy of their painting and hang it up when I have the tools to make my own masterpiece. ;)


    You also can buy hundreds of paintings and look at them for months. This will not automatically make you a (better) painter.

    Best thing is to just do it. With the Profiler there is some try and error depending on the particular amp and signal chain (power amp settings, gain staging...). But it's not rocket science and it's fun to experiment and finally capture your own signal chain. The change you'll get profiles that fit your needs best are pretty high.

    To judge the sound of the Kemper, I think it helps a lot to start on familiar terrain. This can maybe explain the different experiences people have.

    For example if you are comparing the Kemper amp section with a real amp using your trusted real cab (mic'd!!) first. The influence of the same cab, speaker, mic and room will be so big, there will be no very drastic differences.

    If you are next playing through decent studio monitors in a (semi) treated room, that you know very well from listening to mic'd cabs, again, there will not be big surprises (compared to demos of sellers for example). I only tweak for finetuning (or experimenting), otherwise changing the profile gets me faster to what I need.

    There are drastic differences in quality of profiles of course and you have to sort that out first. But there is such a large selection, it is virtually impossible that you don't find something that sounds good. If everything sounds bad or heavy tweaking is needed, then maybe its likely more the influence of room modes...

    While others are talking about the Quad Cortex and looking forward to its release I pre-orderd AmpliTube 5 :D

    Despite owning the Kemper for years, I am still using AmpliTube for recording till today and can't wait to play around with the new version.

    I always liked the possibilities of the cab room (changing speakers on the fly, room mics...) for example, even if the quality of the cab was not on par with other solutions. The guitar player Paul Rose (see YouTube) always did get very convincing sounds using AmpliTube and inspired me to take more time creating my own presets. Fender 2 was pretty damn good out of the box too. I just like it, say what you want 8)

    So I am very excited about the redone cabs and new amps look very, very promising. I know, it will not outperform the Kemper in feel, but I really can't wait to play it! AmpliTube has an additional bonus: GUI looks f***ing great! And the new version seems to push the fusion of simplicity of tweaking and beautiful looking gear to the max really. Looks like the perfect user interface for me.

    Watching the video, I have to say the guys from IK Multimedia seem to be very nice people!

    In my opinion every company who is driving development forward is good for us guitar players. We have so many great solutions today - even if someone can not afford the Kemper yet. AmpliTube is a totally different approach, but I like that too.

    Is there a certain guitarsound that is used in praise and worship? Is this sound much different than any other style?

    I think the Kemper sounds sounds better than Helix.

    Clean amps/edge of break up, overdrive mostly from nice overdrive pedals plus heavy reverb and dotted 8th delays.

    Remember U2, the Edge.

    Sounds quite close (for me) on every modeller (cause of the reverb+delay abuse😄).

    But I buy and like a lot of those holy presets or rigs, cause it can be used as a great and easy starting point on any shoe gaze, black gaze whatever project. Think about the sounds from bands like Alcest for example. And I use it for atmospheric parts in Black Metal.

    So basically exactly the same sounds, but should I say... not worshipping the same god :saint:

    I am NOT one of those people that it bothers when a topic goes off topic a bit, but man did this one ever! lol One last question went to bass emulators to favorite cheap basses to playing bass. Interesting.

    It is not "one last question", but "last question(s)".

    - "What type of beginner bass would I get for hard rock - heavy metal songs (not djent or death)? Type P, Jazz or PJ bass? ... "

    That's why people suggest beginner basses - of course there favourites, what else?!

    The EHX pedal was mentioned as an alternative and it also has a Precision bass emulation = direct connection to the question. Especially when the next sentence is:

    "I want lay some bass tracks over my songs and figure a bass can't be too hard to learn, right?"

    The pedal is perfect solution for this too. Also Kemper can be used (Pitch Shifter) for this purpose. And as you can read, the "bass can't be too hard to learn, right?" lead to discussion about exactly this part.

    All nice answers, trying to help and I can see no off topic???

    I wonder what the differences are. Perhaps the EHX changes formants? That could done in the Kemper too. Other than that and certain eq, I wouldn't know what the pedal could do that the Kemper couldn't replicate.

    Do you know the EHX 9 series pedals? They offer emulations of instruments (like organ, e-piano or mellotron cello, flute...)! Nothing the Kemper can do! Same with the bass - totally different experience. It feels and sounds more like "controlling" a real bass with your guitar strings (instead of midi). With the pedal you are basically playing / controlling a Precision bass emulation for example. It doesn't sound much like your (detuned) guitar anymore.

    Sounds like a great, fast option. I believe you could do the same thing within the Kemper using transpose. I usually just grab a bass that's always sitting beside me in my control room, but I'm such a crummy bass player, laying demos down with my guitar would be better. I'll have to try it! I'll just transpose the guitar down and run it through my favorite bass rig! Thanks for the idea!

    You can get quite good results with the Kemper for demos. Try pitch shifter pre Stack; it will still sound like a guitar - a guitar transposed one octave down ;) But for a demo it will work.

    The EHX pedal is a different beast, really. You have to try one and see if you like it of course. But for me settings like Precision and Virtual feel and sound like a real bass - not perfect, but more than I ever would have believed.

    My father is a bass player for over 60 years and I have access to real bass guitars and use them. But lately I often just plug into the EHX BASS9 Bass Machine pedal. Transforms my guitars into a believable bass.

    It's no gimmick - it really works (for me) 8)

    did you try the Jazz III Primetones XLs also?

    will check out the Ultex Jazz III picks soon :)

    Honestly I had some "panic", after I realized that my pick for many years didn't fit me anymore (Jazz III and Jazz III carbon). Now that I have found a comfortable follow-up, I can take things easy again and will surely try out some more in the future. Just for fun - and maybe I find something better or interesting, but there is no pressure anymore ^^ Maybe there will be a carbon Jazz III XL someday :)

    I have not tried the Primetones yet, but I think I will loose to much attack with that beveled edges they have?!

    🤔 I dind t touch any parameter.. and I have the last OS as well..

    It does not work all the time. Sometimes I turn a parameter and it still does not copy the preset with name . Doing nothing else, just drag the cab a second time and it works again. :S

    EDIT: Now I just have to drag it twice (not touching a parameter). First time no name, second time it works.

    EDIT 2: If Cabinet is selected before loading another cab, I have to click Amplifier than Cabinet again - in this case name is copied again