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    Are you playing with single coils?

    I tried the rig above and I do get the "noise" when using single coils, but not when playing my DiMarzio noiseless.

    Do you have Kemper noise gate (not the stomp) activated? When I set it to zero I can hear some noise from single coils without playing too. When I turn it up, I can only hear it when notes ring out. This effect could maybe be increased by the rig settings (graphic eq, amp compressor, treble up...).

    Are you playing at bedroom volume levels? Most profiles are created at (or close to stage volume).

    Are you using high output humbuckers? That could be killing your highs in combination with low volume playing.

    Of all the profiles I buy, Mike's are ready to go for me with minimal tweaking, but I use single coils 98% of the time.



    I quickly made a mystical cab / kpreset, that I use with a new pack from a well known seller. I love that seller and musician and have bought most of his packs!

    His last one is kind of an experiment, cause we don't know what is in the "bag".

    For me the profiles didn't work like I hoped, but I like the idea behind. So I made my own cab, tailored for this pack.

    I thought I contribute to the experiment and share MY secret cab - putting it in the brown bag for free 8)

    Just my take on it, but maybe someone wants to try it?

    Of course you can use it with every profile you want.

    Download the cab / kpreset here:

    Amporium - BrownBagCab Classic

    Bought the brown bag pack. Had a first run through and it sounds... well... quite uninspiring.

    I still hope Mr. Britt is fooling us and we get a boutique amp in the brown bag for cheap money ^^

    But boutique amp or not - it sounds more like my Peavy Rage 158 (I have an external cab mod) or something :saint:

    To be fair - the profiles are already tweaked and sound o.k., but way too dark for me.

    I bought the pack cause I hoped for great pedal platform rigs (like indicated in the description). Some cheap amps do this quite well. This pack: Doesn't work good for me as a platform for external pedals.

    And someone really has to remove the towel from the cab! Or stop - maybe it's the brown bag that is still slipped over :whistling:


    Strange effects I understand.

    After my mistake and the following tinnitus I went to an audionom and did a hearing test.
    I was Very surprised of the result. I hear normally and at the same level as five years ago.

    Still it is ringing...

    That is a good sign :thumbup:

    But sometimes the audiogram / test only covers the era from 250 - 8000 hz. That's the area for normal hearing. But tinnitus/hearing loss above - like at 9000 hz - is still annoying

    Tinnitus sometimes is combined with hearing loss. The damaged hair cells of the affected ear cause hearing loss of this specific frequencies. But at the same time your nerves/brain produces their own noises in the same range the "receptors" are gone / not receiving sound anymore.

    Also the hair cells next to the damaged ones are affected and can "falsify" your hearing further. Usually the ear with tinnitus is more sensitive too. For example when listening in stereo this side is felt louder.

    What is an interesting experience: When one ear isn't able (for example) to hear grill chirping at night, it is perveived as absolute silence (if you plug your other ear). It's not there for you on this ear. But this ear now can hear other sounds/frequencies, that otherwise would be completely drowned by the loud grill chirping.


    we have done some experimental profiling sessions. This time we captured a full set of rigs from the really great Orange Custom Shop Bax Bangeetar preamp (running with 12V instead of 9V) through a EL34 power amp into a vintage Orange 4x12 cab with Celestion G12H30. Miced with Shure SM57, Sennheiser MD421 and the drummers Electro-Voice RE20.

    We took the settings from the manual (Blues Lead, Classic Rock, Vintage Thrash, Soaring Lead, Modern Metal) and some variations to cover the full spectrum - clean to mean.

    I think they sound pretty good ;)

    You can download the full pack with 27 profiles here:

    Amporium Orange Pack 2020

    And no, "Amporium" is not commercial or a seller! I just make some profiles with friends from time to time and I am to lazy to sell my stuff - so I give them away for free 8)

    Tell me if you like them!

    Edit: This are all studio profiles.

    Sounds good! How does they pair with imprints & cone? Hopefully well enough justifying couple additional superlatives 😎👍

    I don't have Kemper Kone.

    The pack comes with extra DI profiles - but haven't tried with my real cabs neither. I only listened with studio monitors (APS Klasik 2020).

    HW of Tone Junkie has often proclaimed, that the new pack is the best they have done so far. Then another best followed... Sky is the limit ^^

    He really is enthusiastic about his profiles, answers all the questions... and he is also a good business man ;)

    But now with the Dumble's 2204 pack (Morgan PX50 / Marshall 2204 with Dumble mod) it's me who gets enthusiastic. This really is a killer pack that offers so much. The profiles with Celestion G12H30 are my favourite. Although they are bright and cut through, they are not piercing and even work great with external pedals! Seems those speakers are played in very well! The G12M25 are nice too - rounder and a tad darker. Great with hi-gain rigs and should work good live.

    Gain range from beautiful clean to 8.5 hi gain - it's all there. Perfect for retro rock too. I love it:love:

    Pure cab is a matter of taste. I used it in the beginning of my Kemper days and liked the effect on some rigs. Today, if a profile has some "phasyness" I just change to another one that I like more 😁

    Pure cab has the tendency to make all profiles sound similar and killing the character and openess of some profiles. High gain gets muddy. And the feel changes too - easy to try.

    People not used to miced cabs or confronted with cabs badly miced may like pure cab and say it sounds more "natural" this way. People used to the sound of miced cabs may say it changes the authentic sound and sounds unnatural ^^