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    Mago In the new Earforce pack I noticed that the "high shift" setting in the cab block is lowered from <0.0> to -0.0. A little goes a long way here and it sounds a bit different - almost like a tiny, tiny mic move.

    I just wanna know, if it was lowered by accident or if it was set intentionally. I think it sounds better at <0.0> ;)

    And yes, the difference is not night and day :D

    Thanks! These are some useful and interesting informations. And also something to have in mind, when comparing sounds! For example when I play (your) profiles for myself, I can't expect them to sound exactly the same.

    But your videos proof, that the Kemper is able to react very much the same to your picking as the original gear chain did- at least that is what I can hear.

    Foxglovestudios Watching the u-tube videos I noticed, that you have a rather unusual playing technique. It seems you hit the strings with a LOT of energy and strength. But at the same time it sounds very fluid and emotive!!

    Isnt't that more exhausting to play with so much "energy"? Have you setup your guitar with high or lower string height? Sorry for all the questions ^^

    I have a V-Type (16 ohm) in a closed 1x12 cab and it works really good with the Kemper, because of its balanced voicing. So I can basically use any type of amps and clean to metal with very convincing results.

    I have a closed cab and the lows sound big, but very tight. The V-Type articulates very clear but never "harsh" here. If I want a smoother, warmer tone I use my Lynchback speaker or greenbacks.

    I watched the "Kemper comparison ... -Part2 " video on utube. First time listening I totally forgot to "watch out for any differences" - the playing and the melodies had my full attention.

    So I gave it a second try - same thing ^^ Just got carried away by the awesome song and playing!! So for today I don't care if there are any differences :D I had a long day - for now I just listen to some Hanmer stuff on youtube and enjoy it... with another cold beer in my hand and a big salute to that great guitar player... (and just because I am in the mood: Cheers to ashtweth another day you are missed here... the next bottle(s) for you) :*

    The profiles are really great. The SP 35 is a great pedal platform - so is the clean profile here. The profile withe BE-OD pedal sounds awesome!!

    They can still be found on RE.

    "...has devoted much of his time in the past 6 months to recreating Mark’s unique sounds has done an amazing job".

    That doesn't mean automatically that they made all new profiles. Could also mean they just used existing rigs and tweaked them to recreate his unique sound! Who knows?

    And much time in the past 6 months is not every day - could mean anything. It had to be ready before the tour start in any case.

    Just a quick feedback from me . I bought the "Vintage American Pack" and the 1970 Marshall Superlead. After listening to the demos in my opinion the Fender amps did sound the most promising. So take my money :D

    I only tested with one guitar today (Musicman Stingray Guitar), but I have to admit they sound really great! Too early to name favourites, but the overall quality is quite impressive. You get enough variety of mic and gain settings, the micing of different cabs and speakers (all studio profiles) is top notch. The "refined" profiles have some fine tweaking that make totally sense and should work great for instant recording.

    And I really love when sellers put the raw(er) profiles (called "standard profiles" here) in the pack as well. I sometimes get a better feel for the amp / rig that way and I like to have the option to start my own tweaking from a more neutral basis, tweak them for pedal use...

    So thumbs up from me :thumbup:

    Thanks for the discount. Bought the "Stadiums" pack - can't wait to give it a try!

    BTW I am really glad Rigbusters is still rockin' and alive :thumbup:


    Because I own quite a few pedals, I am very interested in pedal platform amps and profiles. I already tested hundreds of clean to breakup profiles to get the "best" pedal platform profiles for different purposes.

    From your profiles there are two rigs that stand out (in my opinion) and are really great platforms for overdrive / distortion pedals. First is the "Voice Ace50 4 2" from the Vintage Pack and a rig called "Super Sonic Twin T1" from the Grab n Go pack.