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    Does the lock light on the Kemper light up when you lock the effect in Rig Manager?

    First it was not light up. When switching off and on on the Profiler now the light of the Lock button reacts to the Editor and vice versa. But it does NOT lock the input and it does not lock effects.

    Not when locked in the editor. Not when locked on the profiler. Never at all.

    Input stays locked, but Stomp and Effect blocks do not. They get overwritten when loading a rig from local library (browser mode), under Win10.

    Support ticket opened.

    @G String

    Just testing: Input does NOT stay locked!

    The editor shows it, but the Profiler still changes the values when browsing through rigs. I can not lock Input anymore. So wrong clean sense... This is a nightmare...

    If you change the load of the pickup(s) it does of course alter your sound (brighter, different frequency response).

    Why not just "hide" the currently used pot under the pickguard or control cavity?

    If you want to replace the pot you should measure the actual resistance of the pot.

    The capacitor is not important, when the pot is on 10 - so you just need a close value resistor.

    If you buy this for example, you will not need the iDefender:

    "It is equipped with unique handmade USB adaptors, of which one side is being pluged to the USB socket of the DAC or device or computer and the back side takes the USB cable´s plug. Inside that adapter only the two USB data lines and not the powerline are routed through. The 5 V power supply line coming from the computer is terminated and replaced by the clean power of the AQVOX USB-Low-Noise power supply."

    If you want to use the iDefender3.0, there also is a AQVOX power supply with micro usb plug.

    I have these, but the price for all this stuff is pretty high. They change a few parts like the plug, but it is basically a rebranded cheap 20 dollar made in taiwan ac adapter. I think the brand was called "zip". But nowadays hard to find.

    You can look at ebay for (old/used) made in taiwan or china linear adapters with 5V DC 1A output. But they don't have the right plug (micro usb) for the iDefender. Or you try the iFi iPower 5v adapter that is available in a set with the iDefender. But as said, I am not a big fan of switching power supplies, for the above mentioned reasons. But maybe it works in your setup. If not, send it back.

    The iPhone charger will probably introduce more/other unwanted noise - but you can try this of course.

    I get the best result with the iDefender (breaks earth and usb power) combined with the AQVOX adapter with simple micro usb.

    If we are talking about the same issues this will completely kill the noise. If you find another solution or adapter, let me know.

    Yes exactly.

    The iDefender3.0 will break the power supply line, so the interface no longer gets power from the usb/pc. Data still gets through unaffected, full speed.

    You need an external 5v power supply with micro usb, that you connect to the side of the iDefender.

    But with most switching power adapters you'll get annoying noises. So you should use linear 5v or low noise adapters with good filters.

    What came to my mind: For the mouse, you can try setting a lower polling rate (if this is supported) or try another mouse. I had problems with a wired mouse too.

    As said, the main problem is the usb connection from pc to interface. You can try something cheap (search for "usb isolator 1500v ADUM4160"), but you'll need an external power supply for your interface. And this will probably SLOW down your usb or maybe will not work at all.

    What does work for me is the mentioned "iFi iDefender3.0". It does break the usb supply voltage - that is the most important thing!! But it does not slow down anything.

    For a powered device like your interface you still need an external low noise power supply.

    Or you look at something like this power supply:

    One of the versions (I think) also does break the usb supply voltage, but I am not sure.

    I use the iDefender in addition with an aqvox power supply with micro usb connection. Not a cheap solution at all, sorry. But it was the only thing that worked for me.

    I don't think that usb connection from pc to Kemper is a problem in THIS case. The main problem here is the bus powered usb connection from pc to audiointerface.

    For other cases there are cheap usb isolators available. For example I use such cheap china adapters for connecting my nux solid studio (for editor) to eleminate any noise the unit generates.

    As ibot39 said, it is a ground loop caused by the USB output. You can buy isolated USB cables which should solve it.

    It's not ground loops alone, I think. The problem is, that the usb cable does transfer very "dirty" 5V (usually red colour positive wire) from the pc to the audiointerface, which you only hear when running the Kemper connected to that interface or a (gainy) amp sim. Caring about ground loops and turning down the preamp on the interface does help a bit.

    But for best result you need isolated or separate, clean 5V power for the interface in addition. This has the biggest effect in reducing /eleminating this kind of noises.

    I don't know about a single usb-cable that can do all this by itself?!

    Welche OS Version ist auf deinem Kemper? Benutzt du auch Rig Manager? Es gibt in der aktuellesten Beta gibt es wohl einen Fehler, so dass "Lock" nicht richtig funktioniert? Vielleicht hat es damit zu tun?

    When the audiointerface is usb powered you get all kind of noise from your pc. This is a known issue with bus-powered usb connections. The only way to solve this is to isolate the usb power. There are some usb isolators out there, but they may slow down the whole thing and provide to little power for the interface.

    Something like the "ifi iDefender3.0" works, but you need an additional external power supply. Usually a low noise LINEAR 5v power supply is best. They are hard to find or pretty expensive nowadays. You can try other 5v power supplies, but you will probably catch new / other noises with them.

    Low noise SWITCHING power supplies with filters can be quiet too, but often "contaminate" the setup with noise in the other direction - so other devices in the power strip are suffering.

    Can this answer some questions?…Setting_input_sensitivity

    "You can think of distortion and clean as two parallel paths in the Kemper. Every profile contains a clean and distorted sound. The Gain control not only changes the amount of gain on the distorted path, but the volume of the two paths. Gain at 0 contains only clean tone. Gain at ~4 or above is only distorted tone. Anything in between is an interpolation of both.

    • Clean Sense (CS): whether CS controls loudness depends on how much distortion there is (what you hear). It affects loudness from completely clean into some distortion (Gain 0-4 on my setup, with DS at 0). How the amp is profiled doesn't matter - only the current Gain setting matters.
    • Distortion Sense (DS): A pre-gain level adjustment of the "distortion path". It results in more/less distortion and applies to all rigs. Whether CS has an impact on loudness still only depends on what you hear (how much distortion). IOW, the transition between clean/dist on the Gain control will be shifted up/down as you adjust DS."

    I am not in front of my Kemper. But when using an expression pedal as an volume pedal ("volume pedal settings" with location set to input), it does of course affect the Kemper input sensitivity and it also affects overdrive stomps, right?

    I can boost the whole signal chain or I can set range to negative value.

    When the amp part of a profile has low gain, but a boost or overdrive is activated in a slot, the whole rig has "more" gain than you can see by looking at the bar graph.

    I have 2 guitars with JBs in them, and I had to adjust my Clean sense down to -8 to not clip the KPA input anymore.

    I have JBs too and no clipping with clean sense at 0. Same with aggressive playing and a slight boost before the Kemper activated on top!

    Also with my SD Black Winter bridge pu, which has extremely high output, I have zero clipping on the Kemper input.