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    Note: There are sellers / users that don't make merged profiles like intended.

    Some just make additionaly direct am profiles and only copy the studio cab and save it.

    Some use many direct amp profiles, all with the same cab (which was profiled with another amp). Only cab copied and saved again. Or hit merge button, which is totally wrong in that case.

    Others make studio profiles, than later connect a colouring di box for making direct amp profiles.

    Merging now gives a slightly different result.

    Others tell you the profiles are "merged", but they mean by that using studio profiles and just copy any IR / cab preset and save that as a new rig.


    Alex Skolnick shreds on LP type guitars with no problems. He is the first that comes to my mind. Others can shred a Les Paul too, like Al Di Meola, Neil Schon, Zakk Wylde, Randy Rhoads, John Sykes, Matt Heafy, John Norum, Rik Emmet, Doug Aldritch, Buckethead...

    So it is possible ^^

    I just can not see where Slash is saying he uses an iPad App live?

    (The Slash amps and gear in Amplitube 5 version sound pretty good btw).

    Maybe there are zillion better guitarists out there on the planet than Slash from a technical point of view. But they just don't ROCK like him 8)

    And hey, my main guitar is a (modded) Indonesian Squier!! 😘

    If they pay me enough, I have no problem grinding off that Fender logo from my other Strats and replace it with a shiny Squier decal 😄

    From the official Kemper manual:

    "The refining process is independent of the type of your guitar. It is about adapting the distortion characteristics, as well as polishing the attack and dynamic response. The resulting PROFILE will act and respond accurately no matter what guitar or pickup you use."

    Pretty clear statement, that has nothing to do with "simplicity".

    And Guido does not do what you implicate. What he is doing: Generating "inter-modulation in the

    distortion that the PROFILER needs to do its refining."

    Just ask Guido, if he believes the opposite of what Kemper is saying and guitar and pickups do matter for REFINING (not setting up the amp, comparing....for refining process only).

    Refining too much / long can have a negative impact.

    Hm I'm not confident you are right about that. After seeing how effectively Guido refines with high and low notes, I doubt the timbre of the guitar is completely irrelevant. Like it not having any impact at all.

    That is what I mean with reading the manual. It IS in fact completely irrelevant and the manual is not only saying it, but also kind of explaining why!

    Just for fun: Listen to some extreme metal recordings you like (with good studio monitors) and pay attention to "pick noise". After some time you hear more weird noise than melodies ore actual notes beeing played 😅

    There is an orchestra of picking noise underneath to explore.

    Partly solution: Try out different picks and see what works best for you.

    I don't want to judge the quality of the profiles.

    But I think Jarrod still doesn't completely get the concept of Kemper refining. Maybe he just should sit down and read the manual / basics 😇

    One example: He is talking about refining with different guitars, pickups....

    That is nonsense. It does surely matter how you set the knobs on the amp to fit your guitars before profiling. But the guitar used for REFINING process has no impact to the result.

    it's been a while since I had a Dunlop Jazz Stubby - I'll get a few 2mm ones :)

    I am looking forward to your experience with them. Because of the missing "corners" they feel ridiculously small to me. Unplayable for me.

    Would be cool if they make a bigger version of these, without the "dip" of the Big Stubby.

    ryukiy paults  Monkey_Man

    I have definitive answer from support, that cab presets run at 44,1 kHz and 24 bit. Copying IR with higher sample rates will not create any benefit.

    I have a LOT of IR with 44,1 kHz copied and archived in RM - and now I know for sure, I don't have to replace them with IR with higher sample rate.

    Do we know for sure?

    Maybe different bitrates are "supported" (= can be copied to RM), but all IR are CONVERTED to Kemper cab format! So I don't think it is correct to say "loading" a higher rate IR will result in running a higher rate cab.


    Is the thinner EJ pick even more flexible / less stiff than the standard Jazz? What's the difference in tone? Slightly brighter I guess?

    The EC jazz pick is slightly more flexible and does not sound as bright. IMO


    Now that I finally have bought the EJ jazz III picks too, I measured them today. They are all consistently 1,32 mm in thickness. The red and the black stiffo jazz III are between 1,35 and 1,38mm. (The max grip carbon are all over 1,5 mm)

    The size is almost the same. The EJ custom picks have a different bevel and are 0,3 - 0,5 mm bigger.

    They DO sound brighter than my red jazz III picks (comparing new picks to each other).

    The surface on them feels superior and I have better control with this pick. Also I can stick them better between my fingers, when playing "finger style".

    It depends on scale length, string gauge and material, action, string height, nut placement (some manufacturer move the nut slightly forward), how the nut is cut, personal playing style...

    So you have to find out how to set up, intonate and tune EACH of YOUR instrument. There is no solution that works for everyone on every guitar for every song.

    Next step: Kemper will introduce ARP "automatic refinement process" 😁

    And NDSP will bring out an editor and later maybe a "profile/capture player" vst plugin?

    I don't know if it is only me, but there are many (midpriced?) guitars out their in the shops, that look gorgeous and everything is fine. But acoustically they sound so bad. Very loud, good sustain, still very "cheap" and awful! The resonating of these even feels uncomfortable in the fingers - just dreadful. I noticed this often on nice looking mid-priced Ibanez guitars 😇

    Don't know what it is, hard to describe. It seems not related to certain wood types. Mystery again.

    On the other hand I tried out many ultra cheap guitars (4-7 piece bodies?) that sounded very promising acoustically. Like Squier, Cort, very cheap Ibanez.