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    Should it be the AZ circuit exactly?

    No, not necessarily. Preferable I want a HSS wiring with only 1 volume and 1 tone knob, that takes care of the "humbucker-single coil-mix".

    So that I can use the bridge humbucker with both 500k pots and still have some nice single coil tones - especially in neck position.

    I can find wirings that come close, but they always use a second tone pot or something else missing.

    The AZ circuit just got my attention. Either way, I have to figure out how to make the 500k pots into "250k pots", in switch positions where needed.

    Thanks. Now I get he basic idea: Wiring a 470k pot parallel and to ground, right?

    But how do I achieve that in dyna-mix9 diagram above using a superswitch?

    And is it advisable to see the master tone 500k for humbucker with 22nf cap and around 250k 47nf for single coils/tap? How is this done? Or can I go with 500k and a 33nf cap with good result?

    Any advice is appriciated! How does Ibanez manage this?

    I am doing some upgrades on my Squier Deluxe guitar (stainless steel frets, tuners...).

    Now I want to try out a new HSS pickup wiring with 1 volume and 1 tone knob and found this:

    [Blocked Image:]

    When I go with a 500k tone pot too, I will need some resistors for single coil modes to see 250k, right?

    Is this possible:
    Humbucker modes see 500k pots and single coil modes see 250k? I guess I just need to solder some resistors on the super switch :S

    Anyone an idea how to do this and where to put the resistors in?

    (I am not active on any other forum, so I hope someone here can help me)

    My most played and (ab)used guitar is a Squier Deluxe Strat. I have the frets dressed 2 times already, but I don't want to let her go. So at the moment I do a re-fret with stainless steel frets and have the plan to further upgrade a few things.

    I have 22 guitars, but this cheopo Squier has a special place in my heart, for some obvious reasons (best comfort neck ever) and some I can't really explain :/:)

    This is the slight difference between a company you would like to work for and a company you don't.

    I was just joking. And besides that, the engineers are already on vacation. I guess somewhere near the sea, testing if the Kemper stage is water and beer proof and playing around with the new editor, new overdrives and stuff... they should have read the fine print of the contract. But still not a bad job 8)

    So the Kemper Stage is delivered without an editor right from the start :| Really? New customers would have to learn how to work with Rig Manager and later (5-8 weeks?) switch to the new RM Editor?

    It's not the end of the world. But it would be a tiny bit embarrassing that way...

    Deadlines missed, holidays cancelled my dear engineers!!

    Nah, just joking ;) After years of waiting we will somehow survive the next few weeks without an editor ^^

    But still, newbies of the floor board will be quite surprised, when an editor is missing...

    Interesting, Tobi.

    The baked-in version is definitely smoother as a stand-alone sound; easier on the ear, but the real-pedal version just might cut through a mix more-easily.

    It's just exactly as you say. But a bit tricky to tell why!

    I think the profile with baked in pedal sounds very tube-like. Not like a pedal boosted amp, but very natural, smooth - almost as if the Kemper did make it "even more tube" :) But I can hear some Kemper trademark mids here ...

    In the second example I hear more of what I did expect from the Archer boosting an amp. It sounds good to me, but the characteristics of the pedal are a bit "exaggerated". Just like what you get when using a transistor amp as a pedal platform, but more "tube-like sounding" here.

    And one must bear in mind, the Archer here is boosting a profile - a snapshot of the real amp. So the profile will probable not react in the same way as the real amp would do when pushed. It's more like turning up gain on the Kemper - you are adding Kemper gain characteristic (more gain not altering the overall sound of the profile). Plus the characteristic of the pedal. It seems to change some of the "Kemper Trademark mids".

    Only deadpan can say, how the real amp sounded with the real pedal^^

    Short and quick comparison:

    First you hear the Kemper profile "LRS Fuego AlCr 02" which has the Archer Ikon pedal baked in then my own Archer Ikon pedal with same settings (all knobs at noon) into Kemper and boosting the profile "LRS Fuego AlCr 01".

    A 2013 Gibson Les Paul Studio with bridge pu (498T) was used. Rusty old strings and bad playing as always - sorry ^^

    Moderator Notice:

    In most cases, Soundcloud uses a bandwidth of only 128 kbps. As a result, what you hear isn't free of artefacts, especially the high end. For critical listening and also product comparison, please keep that in mind. Users who setup a comparison should use linear wave files and supply dropbox links.

    My new guitar a friend did for me. Wanted a mahogany hot rod that popped and played like a monster. It does!

    Can you post a few more pics please...and maybe give us more details about bridge, pu....

    I always wanted a hardtail strat with one pickup - that is something still missing in my collection :D

    Mago In the new Earforce pack I noticed that the "high shift" setting in the cab block is lowered from <0.0> to -0.0. A little goes a long way here and it sounds a bit different - almost like a tiny, tiny mic move.

    I just wanna know, if it was lowered by accident or if it was set intentionally. I think it sounds better at <0.0> ;)

    And yes, the difference is not night and day :D

    Thanks! These are some useful and interesting informations. And also something to have in mind, when comparing sounds! For example when I play (your) profiles for myself, I can't expect them to sound exactly the same.

    But your videos proof, that the Kemper is able to react very much the same to your picking as the original gear chain did- at least that is what I can hear.

    Foxglovestudios Watching the u-tube videos I noticed, that you have a rather unusual playing technique. It seems you hit the strings with a LOT of energy and strength. But at the same time it sounds very fluid and emotive!!

    Isnt't that more exhausting to play with so much "energy"? Have you setup your guitar with high or lower string height? Sorry for all the questions ^^

    I have a V-Type (16 ohm) in a closed 1x12 cab and it works really good with the Kemper, because of its balanced voicing. So I can basically use any type of amps and clean to metal with very convincing results.

    I have a closed cab and the lows sound big, but very tight. The V-Type articulates very clear but never "harsh" here. If I want a smoother, warmer tone I use my Lynchback speaker or greenbacks.