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    Maybe the colour scheme of the editor wants to be modern, but for me it looks a bit too depressive, sad, unhappy, umotivating.

    And I am the Black Metal guy, who usually likes it sinister and dark ^^

    But really, this shades of grey thing of somberness is a bit too much? Also very hard and tiring to read for me.

    To preview and "scroll" through the rigs it's now the left and right arrow keys. BUT the green highlighted bar is not moving. Also the Rig informations on the right are not changing to the rig that is previewed.

    The only way to listen too a profile and see full information is to click with the mouse button?! Hope this will be changed soon. Or is there another way to scroll through thousands of profiles quick?

    Best thread ever!!

    Not too funny, but not too sad either. This is not my opinion - it's a fact! (If anyone doubts it: Read again starting at post 1 and you'll get it)

    The whole idea that the target group of the Kemper Stage is mostly "tube amp only guys" is just ridiculous. How many "tube amp ONLY" guys do exist nowadays - definitely a dying species ;)

    High sale ranking suggests rather that ALL sorts of people buy it - ordinary people, younger people...

    And none of them is amused about broken buttons or non booting units. See the post of Glenn DeLaune - that is just a no go.

    People bought because Kemper had a good reputation and now they hope they are lucky with their unit. Or send it back for repair...

    Within your logic everyone who wants "the best guitar combo amp available" (incl. tube amps!) has to buy the number 1 in sales ranking on Thomann in this category: The Harley Benton HB-10G :D:D:D:D:D


    No apologies needed my have an opinion and besides are obviously one of the silent majority...

    Again..the sales numbers speak the truth.

    If sales numbers speak the truth... for example about good taste... you should not look at music charts ^^

    Not always the case. I have 3 tube amps - all too loud for my studio at home. Because (for me) it IS about the sound, my profiles from my amps do make it easier for me at home but because it is about the sound for me and the fact that playing through the Kemper still feels like playing though the amp. Apologies, everyone was talking about the editor, which would be useful when it appears but doesn't stop me from doing what I want to do on the Kemper.

    Thats what I was saying!! "If ONLY sound would matter people would play their tube amps instead!" In your case sound does matter BUT your tube amps are too loud.

    I repeat myself: "And it is never ONLY about sound - never!" In your case it's tube amps are too loud and you need another solution that comes close. So you need a device that doesn't compromise to much with the sound and gets the volume down. You choose the Kemper for this.

    Because Kemper sounds good AND makes life easier (like you are saying above). You like the FEATURE of the Kemper, that you can profile your amp and play with less volume now. It's just easier too use the profiles than getting or building an iso cab or rent a pro studio.... That's what you would do if ONLY sound matters (not ease, time, money, requirements /circumstances, handicaps, preferences...)

    Same with the editor. For many people it will just make life even easier.

    Hey TJ, I have profiles from almost all sellers. And my Rig Manager is saturated - there are rarely any new profiles that do sound different and get my attention.

    Your offers are an exception. There are some nice and unique amps presented in an authentic way - your way. The sounds (like the ones from the HH Electronic IC100 pack) are maybe not for everybody - but that's what I like about it!

    You have a great ear, too! And you get the Two Notes Torpedo cabs sound better than many other. I have a LOT of fun with the profiles!!

    They won the "good sound" war the day the first Kemper was available - years ago.

    But let's be honest, the reputation of Kemper was better before the Stage was there. I don't know how many units have been send back for repair - but I would never have expected any of that in that price range.

    You really think all the people who are responsible for the Stage to be "sold out" are tube amp guys? This really is a myth in my opinion.

    All people I know that own a Kemper have been through all kind of gear (transistor amps, plugins, Helix, cheaper modellers...). So who is right? And does it really matter?

    And it is never ONLY about sound - never! The whole concept of the Kemper profiler is based on making the life of musicians easier!! If only sound would matter people would play their tube amps instead!

    “ridiculous”, how, exactly? Small shops selling cheaper, less quality hardware, yet find a way to provide buyers an easier way to interact with their product via software? Only thing ridiculous is this ticking clock on software that should have been in the making 7 years ago. Period.

    Kemper now seems to sell less quality hardware too ;) Thinking about the Stage quality issues - I never heard about so many faulty buttons and issues on any existing floor board.

    I play my Kemper head because it SOUNDS best! But without a GOOD editor (we don't know yet, what we'll get) and with the known quality issues, the Stage is passing up opportunities in its segment. And I know a few people, shaking their heads, being shocked and see the good reputation of Kemper crumble lately.

    I look forward to the editor release - better late than never. What else can we do?

    Plus every cheap asian company like NUX, Mooer, Joyo, Hotone. My old Digitech, Two Notes... Every audiointerface and cab loader.

    And the most of them are great, let me tweak EVERY function of the device and have an appealing graphic design.

    ...the features, we've envisioned for the first version are completely implemented...

    So that means when the editor finally arrives some time in the future, it will NOT cover all available functions (what most people will expect from an editor in the year 2019 or 2020) from the start?

    I'm hoping the editor enables me to edit all of the parameters of every effect, not just some of them.

    I can vaguely remember, that in a NAMM video they explained that the editor does NOT cover all possible functions.

    I really hope I am wrong or they changed their mind and take the editor serious. Would be a missed change otherwise.

    But there are useful ToastME functions, I am afraid we will not see on the official editor (looper with precount for example).