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    Genuine question...what will the editor be able to do that we can't currently?

    My studio time = money....and if it makes things easier and speeds up workflow, then lovely...but is that it?

    The unofficial editor has a lot of cool features... like using the Kemper looper without remote (it has a "count in" function) for example. I really hope they offer a serious tool and not only a half-hearted gimmick.

    I like the "Indian Savage Rage" :D

    Here is a raw recording in a very primitive Black Metal context. First takes, no tweaking, no eq, no lo/hi cut - nothing!

    Even the bass is the same profile; recorded with the same guitar and Kemper transpose.

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    In most cases, Soundcloud uses a bandwidth of only 128 kbps. As a result, what you hear isn't free of artefacts, especially the high end. For critical listening and also product comparison, please keep that in mind. Users who setup a comparison should use linear wave files and supply dropbox links.

    I have to correct myself: It's the "AV Catalin" profiles that have a very strange whistling / hissing going on, not the H&K!

    I first thought you are a troll, because of the sound samples. I did not expect a beginner having a Kemper, amps ready for profiling and such a nice guitar ^^

    All of your profiles sound weird and have a HUGE amount of hiss/noise going on. That amount of noise can not be found on any other profiles I know and is completely unusual for the Kemper.

    There is really something wrong with your profiling process, setup or amp.

    TBH, listening to your soundcloud, I first thought you are a troll. All sounds very very weird?! But maybe you are a beginner and just started playing guitar.

    Edit: It's the "AV Catalin" profiles on RE that hiss not the H&K; my fault

    Possible bug??? When I switch amps, the volume knob is moving To different positions??? Anyone else experiencing this?

    I think this has nothing to do with switching the amps. Do you have "Pure Talent Boost" activated in the output menu? You could turn it off there globally.

    If activated, the volume goes up everytime you play a weak riff or solo. This is compensating for the lack of talent. It simulates very authentic the behaviour of many players getting louder and louder, strengthen their ego and winning the battle against their bandmates - even though they never practiced a single note of the song.

    If you already made recordings you could post them, so we hear what you are talking about.

    The noise makes me wonder, because the profiles usually are more quiet than the original amp / set up.

    The sound you are hearing from a Kemper is the sound of a MICED cabinet. This is different to the amp in the room tone some people expect or are used to.

    You can try the Pure Cabinet option in the output menu. Some like it (mostly on low to mid gain profiles) and think it sounds closer to an amp in the room tone.

    Please also try to turn off Pure Cabinet globally (on the output menu). Also look that it is turned off in the cab section of the used profile. Many user "hate" the effect that Pure Cabinet has to the tone and want that setting completely off.

    Because it was so much fun modding my Squier, I also gave my first (serious) guitar a second chance. After cleaning every single part, scraping the fretboard and a complete fret job, it shines again: My Ibanez RG507 Black Gold from 1997!

    And the Licensed Floyd Rose - after all these years - works still flawless.

    GlanzGuitar The "Volume Pedal Settings" solution is perfect for me! I tried today and it does the job. It has the big advantage that there is no noticable tone suck, as with some real pedals (minus booster or some volume pedals).

    I still use my guitar volume knob too ;) Of course! But it is so easy with the expression pedal and the fixed range. You can go from hi-gain to crunch very precisely. But at the moment I use it with a small Range setting of -1.3. That does give my bridge pickup a nice vintage tone with edge-of-breakup and crunch profiles. It works so surprisingly well with my SD Black Winter pickup - almost PAF like tone - step on the expression pedal and it roars again.

    I am very happy, cause I just wanted a "volume" control and now it works like a "pickup switch" from vintage to modern for me!

    This update was needed for relaxation of the whole thread. Communication makes a difference!

    Combined with the recent and pleasant interview with Mr. Kemper, I think we do have better understanding of what is going on and how this company works.

    We still wait for the editor - but it is great anticipation now, no more "frustration". We are close!

    These Reverend guitars look GREAT ... except for the headstock design :saint:

    This looks so wrong ^^ Is this a "wooden saw" to cut off the hands of your bass player, when he comes to close on stage?8o

    I use the Mission Engineering EP1-KP Pedal for Wah and Volume Input. The Sounds behave a bit different, when you compare it to the guitar volume knob.

    Go to Rig-Preferences, then "Volume Pedal Settings", there on the left: "Location" to "Input" and "Range" as you like, I have it on -3.0.

    Thanks. Seems exactly what I need :thumbup:

    Will try this.

    You can achieve it via a Pure Boost (pre stack) with negative settings too.

    Thank you too. Will this make any difference in sound, compared to the solution above?

    I have a Moog Expression Pedal. Lets say I want to use it instead of turning back the guitar volume knob - foot instead hand ;)

    What is the best way on the Kemper to do it (and what comes close to turning down volume knob on the guitar). I guess something with morphing (I have less to no experience with morphing - I think I have to deal with it now :/).