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    Just realized that the "free sample" is a whole Valveking amp pack with 7 profiles! Thanks for this! Sounds good :thumbup:

    Curiously the cab of the first profile (the clean one) sounds different and even better than the others for me. It's my favourite profile here. Was this one miced different? It sounds much clearer, open and still full. Copied this cab to the other low gain profiles and they sound great with it too.

    Southdakota Every Gibson without binding there is a (big) change of sharp fret ends (standing out at the sides). Tribute, Studio, Flying V... I personally never had a Gibson in hand (in the last 15 years) that had perfect fret ends - always had to rework it myself.

    This is not bad luck, sharp fret ends or weird angle filed with Gibson guitars (without binding) is standard. Sadly. People than always say: "But mine doesn't! You should not generalize!" People who said this than showed me their guitars and they HAD sharp fretends ^^

    There may be other imperfections, but this goes to far ?

    The good thing about cheaper Gibson guitar range: SOUNDS noticeable better than any Epiphone (better pickups and woods), fret material is long lasting, you can resell at a good price.

    Can you tell us, what is wrong with the pickups? I don't know the specific pu in this guitar (ceramic high output I guess?), but in my experience the cheaper Jackson humbuckers are quite good. I can't belief they made muddy pickups or totally screwed it up for this guitar.

    What exactly are you missing?

    Cause I don't know if you get so much better/different tone with other high output pu, compared to a proper setup or only changing pots to different (measured!) values.

    Of course there are options out there, if you have an exact idea what you want to improve / achieve. But if you have no experience yet and are not willing testing out and comparing a bunch of pickups in your guitar - you are hoping for a lucky hit.

    Thanks for sharing! So this is basically one (direct amp) profile with different IR?

    They all sound very very bright and harsh to my ears. So I tried some other cabs and IR (from other profiles and Ownhammer, Bogren, ML Soundlab, Celestion, my own cab IR...). They all sound pretty good (or workable at least) and none of them had that "ear piercing" harshness. Maybe it's just me ;)

    My Squier Deluxe Stratocaster in pearl white metallic was my heavy used and beaten up main guitar (SSS with Seymour Duncan SJBJ-1B in bridge) for many years. It already survived a refret and several fretjobs before I decided to finally install stainless steel frets and upgrade ...everything else too ^^

    Looks a bit Suhr style now ;)

    New HSS pickguard, Gotoh steel saddles, cold rolled steel block, tremolo blocked with 5 springs, Fender parchment knobs and tip, Schaller security locks, Pure Tone multi-contact output jack

    Customized neck profile, smoothed out joint area and all treated with "Scherell Schaftol"

    Bone nut and Graph Tech string trees

    Graph Tech Ratio tuners

    Wow...I like tinkering with set ups but this is way beyond me :)

    Can we see the guitar as well as it sounds like a the "massive steel block" :)

    I make some new photos from the guitar - maybe tomorrow.

    Here you can see the original Squier vs the "massive" rolled steel block. Was really an improvement soundwise - not subtle, big difference!


    I am a Kemper profile addict and Kemper tones are still the best.

    But damned, I am still buying plugins too :D

    Neural DSP Fortin Cali and Mercuriall Euphoria are my favourites atm

    Well, my head just exploded. Nice job, well designed and executed. Did it work on the first try?

    Actually I startet with a 1 master volume, 1 master tone wiring (Ibanez AZ style), but I didn't like the result (and optic). It took me weeks trying out different components and values.

    It was fun, but at some point unscrewing the pickguard AGAIN was just annoying ^^

    I have a big box with pots and usually experiment with different pot values to get closer to the sound I envision.

    For this project I decided to use pots with exact values (for better calculating ;)). I did this by disassembling CTS pots and scraping off the edge of the carbon track very carefully with a razor blade (angled to the track) to increase pot value - for example to exact 500k.

    The only thing I think I'd like to do differently would be to have the middle position engage the neck and the coil closest to the bridge of the humbucker, in parallel, tele style. That would be my ideal. Even better if it was only if the switch was in the “low output” position, so the other was à la Strat.

    I had to stop somewhere ...before my mind exploded ^^

    By the way: The voltage divider only affects one humbucker sound. I wanted a 6db volume drop in "vintage" mode here, but still with same load on pickup (2x500k pots) as in high-output mode! The result is lower output, (almost no) treble loss despite a passive circuit (but a different resonance peak?).

    The split to inner coil of the humbucker uses a 500k volume pot and 250k tone pot. It sounds very single-coily this way...maybe like a powerful tele-strat hybrid :S Volume knob reacts beautifully here and almost morphs through different tones.

    The split parallel with middle pu has no volume drop from voltage divider. But all pu see classic 250k single coil pots for volume and tone now.