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    (Classic )Heavy Metal is the next level on the "heavy" scale. See the career of Judas Priest as an example of leaving "rock" behind and define the heavy metal genre.

    Thinking of Heavy Metal, great singing is characteristic!!

    And Geoff Tate, Michael Kiske, Rob Halford, Simone Simons, Harry Coklin, Devon Graves, Stu Block, Todd La Torre, Floor Jansen, thousand others... can sing Wheresthedug ?

    Have you contacted support to clarify if this is the bug mentioned earlier?

    I know such things can be very frustrating!

    We can only guess and have no real solution.

    Have you checked if in the Output section "Pure Cabinet" is off and all EQ are set flat?

    I really hope you can figure out what is wrong

    That was my immediate reaction too but then the OP confirmed that they have also tested with a mic on the cabinet and get the same results so the loadbox doesn’t look like the culprit. I’m a bit baffled by it so am just following the discussion to learn something.

    The main culprit is not the loadbox, but power amp distortion (and maybe amp settings).

    Maybe on the miked (no mice in the studio hopefully;)) version the power amp settings and bass were still too high (for the profiler to capture correctly)?

    Can we see a picture of the amp settings? What happens, when power amp is not pushed and eq is dialed in neutral?

    When people were doubting, that all profiles are made from real amps - didn't he say, all the profiles are made in a professional studio environment and NOT in his (hobby/bed) room he is making the videos?!

    Still waiting for the studio tour...

    Like the acoustic simulator, the double tracker is more a compromise solution for a live situation. Nice to have, but not totally convincing (when compared to real double tracking).

    Maybe I can use it for some experimental stuff as an "effect".

    Thinking about such a target group (people who only use few sounds and effects, pedalboard integration...), the Strymon Iridium already does pretty much everything for way less money.

    Soundwise it's in the same league and imo takes overdrive pedals even better than Kemper.

    If you really want a specific sound of a Kemper rig, you can make an IR of Kemper cab section and load that to the Iridium - many would be surprised how close that sounds.

    Some rad sounds here, unexpectedly really like the cleans. And light crunch as some good feel too!

    That's where this preamp really shines and what I've spent the most of my time on - getting the clean and light crunch tones right!

    Check out the new V4 "clear" rigs!

    I tried to find THE sweet spots between preamp gain and the Afterburner gain stage and did everything (voodoo8)) until the Kemper captured it perfectly well. For example the results were really different with minimal tweaks of the Afterburner Drive, Bass or Treble control... everything seemed to influence each other. Also I noticed a small difference with "Line Out vs. Instrument Out" into power amp IR (various hardware IR loader, no clipping!) and different cables (surely imagination;)).

    For even cleaner tones just roll back guitar volume knob or reduce Kemper gain. For more gain try out Kemper Drive pedals or boosting with external pedals. For a smaller, more vintage sound I use different IRs.

    In the end everything is just a matter of taste of course ^^

    Final V4 rigs in the Black Blade pack (other rigs are moved into "Old" folder).

    I deleted all other Black Blade profiles on Rig Exchange, because it was to "overwhelming" and I think not helpful for most people. Now only the new V4 rigs are on Rig Exchange. These are the best for me, highly tweakable and the ones I use as a starting point for all kind of tones.

    Also try lowering the gain on the higher gain profiles until it sounds to your liking and/or use volume knob of guitar.

    The "ghzzz" is hard clipping? And related with solid state amp sound character. Tube Shape makes the distortion softer or harder.

    I found this interesting read about hard clipping in tube power stages:

    "This is true for all famous vintage guitar amplifiers, such as Marshall Super Lead 100, Fender Tweed Bassman and Vox AC30.
    Power stages of these amps clip the signal hard and not soft - as commonly believed. The smooth tone comes from the topology (design) of the amplifier and not from the power tube distortion. We can measure the harmonic distortion of power tubes, but it is pointless because it will be the same as an op amp with a LED clipping at the output."…/tube-vs-solid-state.html

    It's mostly how the tone fades out ... more crumbley, crackling on the original solid state amps and smooth on the Kemper.

    I have uploaded rigs to Rig Exchange were you can experience the difference. Just let a power chord fade out and listen.

    The rigs are called "Pax Fructus A Grainy" "Pax Fructus B Grainy" "Pax Fructus C Smooth" "Pax Fructus D Smooth"

    On the "Grainy" the Tube Shape was increased to come pretty close to the authentic sound.