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    About "accurate crowd rating". I see a rig with 3,3 rating. What does this mean? People think this is a "mediocre" profile?

    What if the rating was 10 x 5 star, 6 x 2 star, 4x 1 star. So 50 % thought it is a killer rig for classic hard rock with nice mids. The other 50 % thinks the profile totally sucks, because they expected a metal tone or something else with less mids. No one thought it it was a mediocre profile!! Some loved it, some hated it. So the 3,3 star rating has zero value!

    I described that I really liked some 1 star rigs, like the latest hetfield garage inc. profile in RE. So when @G String suggest that I should participate voting with 4 or 5 star, we have exactly what is described above.

    If you want a more accurate crowd rating, start rating the rig you've previewed.

    It's not fair to downvote profiles that don't fit my style or taste. I don't do that. It also will not give a more "accurate" rating, when some people like me now only give 5 star votes, when the system still offers negative votes. You don't have to be a statistician to notice that. The crowd rating in this form just has no value and - as said - is discriminating and discouraging people from uploading.

    I don't really get the point.

    If you're not interested in the crowd ratings, just ignore and hide it.

    The "point" is: The crowd rating has many negative effects and ignoring does not solve it!

    Plus it does NOT achieve what it was meant for.

    It is discouraging people to upload their profiles! And this really sucks! Especially profilers that put a lot of work in creating perfectly usable rigs and share it for free feel completey fooled by getting downvoted. So they stop sharing and delete their files.

    Another negative effect is, that people stop uploading multiple profiles of different amp settings or various miking options, because such efforts (showing all the variety of the gear) will often lead to irrational downvotings.

    And also beginners or people who just want to share their fun experiments get "punished".

    I am not a fan of 1 star rating in general. Why devalue the effort of anyone who is uploading his profiles? That's a point that I don't get. And it should not be possible!

    ST If someone wants to share experience with other profile owners, the Rig Echange is the least suitable thing I can think of. Only very few use it (and some of the few are obvious ignorant people). We have the Kemper forum for this and can really interact there.

    Downvoting with 1 star (especially on authentic profiles/good work) is just stupid and pissing on peoples work. There was the rumour that some of that was also done by competitors and trolls.

    totally agree, the crowd rating system is useless. I actually hide that column by default.

    That's an option - just hide it.

    But I know several (commercial) profilers who stopped sharing on RE because of that. They shared obviously great stuff to the crowd, that was professionally captured with pro gear, but some ignorant people downvoted it. Could be competitors too. That really sucks.

    No one needs this kind of "crowd rating."

    Maybe try "mix ready profiles" profiles that have the whole signal chain baked in. Or at least use IR in the cab section that have all the EQ and stuff baked in already.

    You can make these kind of IRs by yourself. Shoot an IR of a real cab or Kemper cab or use a commercial IR. Then add everything you need to shape your sound (you can use plugins in your DAW). Then shoot a new IR with the whole signal chain and copy to Kemper.

    Today I was really enjoying some of those 1 star rated profiles in Rig Exchange8) ... and again noticed how annoying this "crowd rating" is.

    It has ABSOLUTELY ZERO value. Really.

    This has nothing to do with "different taste" or something. People with no clue about gear and sound and trolls seem to downvote anything what they don't like.

    What's going on in their head?? Most of the ratings are only a bad joke or the people don't get the idea of profiling. What are they thinking?

    Like: "I wanna play some mellow jazz" clicks on a Metal profile "meh this sounds bad, I give it 1 star".

    Or: "I don't like modern metal, I give everything tight sounding and mix-ready profiles for 7 string guitars 1 star!"

    Or clicks on an absolutely authentic profile of a small combo amp and thinks: "This sounds way to boxy, I want the sound of 4x12 - I give it 2 stars for sounding so small".

    So the crowd rating does not picture any kind of "quality" or help user find good profiles. Of course there are profiles that are obviously "faulty" (phase issues, really really bad miking, ...) - but these are often not 1 star, but 4 star rigs that no serious musician will ever use in any context ^^

    But it's o.k. that 2 or 3 people in the world like them and have fun. But it is not o.k. when people downvote good stuff because they have no clue or have an agenda.

    Now looking in RE, you simply don't know if a 1 star rated profile is an authentic rig that absolutely nails the tone of a specific amp and cuts through the mix until you tried it. Could be, the person who voted with 1 star simply doesn't know how a good profile of this amp, cab, mic...sounds. Or is a beginner expecting "amp in the room" tone or only likes scooped Metal tone...

    Please Kemper think about removing the crowd rating. It makes no sense at all.

    Or only allow "likes", so we can see what many people think is good. But crazy people downvoting good rigs just sucks.

    "TUBE18 CH1 IR OH 412" by Shadow6683 is a very good clean tone! Like a perfect fusion of solid state and tube clean.

    Some may say that clean tones sound the same with every rig anyway and it's only the cab that makes a difference. That is not (totally;)) true.

    I definitly can hear the "signature" Hughes&Kettner clean characteristics in this rig, which I really like.

    Interestingly enough the profile takes (external) overdrives pedals better than the original amp. Because of the op amp (and feedback-connected diodes) in the input of the Tubemeister18 amp, you have to be careful with gain staging / output of overdrive pedals. The Kemper profile on the other hand "doesn't know" how the original amp exactly reacts when hit with pedals and is very pedal friendly. So this is a nice surprise: A clean tone that really has the H&K dna I love AND reacts better to pedals than the original!

    And not to forget, it's free:thumbup: Thanks to all the people still uploading their rigs!

    (Classic )Heavy Metal is the next level on the "heavy" scale. See the career of Judas Priest as an example of leaving "rock" behind and define the heavy metal genre.

    Thinking of Heavy Metal, great singing is characteristic!!

    And Geoff Tate, Michael Kiske, Rob Halford, Simone Simons, Harry Coklin, Devon Graves, Stu Block, Todd La Torre, Floor Jansen, thousand others... can sing Wheresthedug ?

    Have you contacted support to clarify if this is the bug mentioned earlier?

    I know such things can be very frustrating!

    We can only guess and have no real solution.

    Have you checked if in the Output section "Pure Cabinet" is off and all EQ are set flat?

    I really hope you can figure out what is wrong

    That was my immediate reaction too but then the OP confirmed that they have also tested with a mic on the cabinet and get the same results so the loadbox doesn’t look like the culprit. I’m a bit baffled by it so am just following the discussion to learn something.

    The main culprit is not the loadbox, but power amp distortion (and maybe amp settings).

    Maybe on the miked (no mice in the studio hopefully;)) version the power amp settings and bass were still too high (for the profiler to capture correctly)?

    Can we see a picture of the amp settings? What happens, when power amp is not pushed and eq is dialed in neutral?

    When people were doubting, that all profiles are made from real amps - didn't he say, all the profiles are made in a professional studio environment and NOT in his (hobby/bed) room he is making the videos?!

    Still waiting for the studio tour...