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    Sounds like a lot of people are complaining about similar things and Kemper is trying to figure out which units have hardware problems and which ones are software issues. Probably not the easiest thing to do over email. They way I explained my problem (extreme sound breakup after 30 min of use) I was told to RMA it immediately with no audio samples needed. Perhaps your problems are more indicative of a software issue and your preferred profiles and settings cause your issues to happen. If so, a replacement unit is not going to help you

    This is the second time I've had to get my KPA fixed for the same thing and I'm not nearly as annoyed as you are. I even waited two weeks between support emails because I got the 'ol "never got the email" excuse. Yes, I sold all my amps too but realized, after borrowing others', anyone who is serious about playing isn't going to put all their faith into one piece of equipment so I went out and bought myself a pedal preamp and cab sim as a backup. Not nearly as versatile as my KPA but it fits in a small bag and plugs right into the main board or powered monitor, just like my Kemper, and has been very reliable so far.

    Do you know what has caused the sound breakup or what Kemper Team fixed? Dying capacitors, loose connection, ...?

    If only a few users are noticing it, the most obvious explanation is that something went wrong with their units. I doubt we're all dealing with shitty sound and not caring about it.

    o.k. - I never said that?! Please read the answer from Burkhard Dinnies (that to me is not picking up the problem of Inthrutheout)!

    Engineers are aware of the phenomenon. "It does exist since day one and has nothing to do with current software revisions." That professionals had not reported too, to them seems to be a sign, that this "phenomenon" is not a "defect", but maybe tube amplifieres do it as well - so normal behaviour. And I read it, as if every unit has this. I never talked about shitty sound. Even more I stated, that I could reproduce it on other amps - but more subtle.

    Looks to me like they're aware that this is a problem that has shown up for a small number of people, with Kempers dating back to the earliest models, but they aren't sure what the problem actually is or how to fix it.

    I think the problem THEY are referring to is present on all units - but subtle and not all users seem to care or see it as a problem. As they said, at the moment (after years of knowing about) "it isn't even clear, if tube amplifiers don't do that as well".

    Intruthout has a stronger issue and I don't see the response from Kemper Team suitable, too. Maybe they really mixed something up? Or is there a connection?

    I expected that kind of answer - but I only hinted it, by saying that I don't believe they have no idea. That means they know about that phenomenon since years?!? And now they will do further testing and sort out, if it is maybe "normal" and is noticeable on tube amps too?! After years?

    Another issue people are reporting (since day one?) is, that Kemper amp changes sound from one day to the other, than fixes itself, on the other day, sounds different again...

    One problem is, only few people are testing devices playing long notes (or chords) and let ring out. I tested my Kemper again - and indeed I can hear some kind of "artefact like, hard to describe" phenomenon with high gain profiles (like Dimi84 describes). I couldn't reproduce it on tube amps first. But than I noticed it VERY subtle with Engl E530 using solid state power amp and VERY subtle on solid state Amp (Hughes&Kettner). It is not subtle because of cabinet vs studio monitors. DI profiles to cabinet are affected too. No amp sim has this effect (Amplitube 3+4, Revalver, TSE...).

    Maybe Kemper is more correct, but emphasizes that phenomenon too much (subtle or "more brutal" by others)? I don't know - but I am not the expert! Maybe Kemper Team can clear things up in the next few hours / days... not weeks, or YEARS. Come on...

    I really appreciate Rigbusters amp profiles (done with Montarbo Iso Cab) - especially the Koch Multitone is spot on. I do not own the Multitone anymore; also the cheaper Jupiter amp had to leave (I really had an hate-love relation ship with Koch amps - one day I liked it, the other day I couldn't stand the sound and special feel all Koch amps seem to share).

    In my opinion Rigbusters profiles sound AND feel exactly like the original amp here (and today I really enjoyed playing it again :) ). Unfortunately no direct profiles in the pack, but I tried "cab-off" with studio profiles too and it sounded like I remembered it.

    To be honest, I have wondered about your patience. Dimi84 did not have any helpful feedback too, as I know. I can't believe Kemper team still has no idea what causes the issues you described.
    But why don't they explain (clearly) what they guess (or know) and what is next?? With better communication, at least you won't sit on pins and needles every day and feel ignored.

    Thanks!! I love profiles of such underrated amps. I have a Marshall Master Reverb 30 (modded with a Celestion Lynchback and an external speaker jack).

    Somehow there was a secret knowledge to built superb sounding transistor amps for a short perdiod of time in Marshall history...

    He Choptones, maybe you can offer a special "Just Play Bundle" with the already available packs? Definitely would buy that.
    Or make a special deal for someone already owning the studio packs, or your Producer Bundle?

    One can also buy few selected Just Play packs of favourite amps and use the settings on other profiles too. The Kemper makes it possible with no big effort.

    Luckily I can not hear it on my kemper ... today...
    Nevertheless, now that I only "know" about such an possible issue, I have no real piece until you get a statement from kemper team. I really appreciate it, when someone reports such perceptions - that will make the kemper better and better over time. At the same time I "hate" to know about it :wacko:

    Are all Output Settings proper or do change anything - maybe turn on, off pure cabinet? But I am afraid you have to wait for the analysis from kemper.

    Going to buy just for the Black Metal :P:D
    Thank you for the great review's guys
    Fav Black Metal amps ATM are the Framus and Ubershal
    Always looking for BM sounds thanks again for mentioning that


    If those IIC+ profiles will really shine on black metal (for us) - we should keep that a secret. Not that Darkthrone hear about it and will start reamping their catalogue for a warmer and more sophisticated, detailed sound ;)

    But I will test the profiles in an "dark doom metal" context - a project mixing influences from candlemass, enslaved, katatonia...

    I have to say, choptones profiles in general have a special place for me now, compared to others. Where some profiles from other sellers sound great because the "genius behind" gives his profiles its trademark and personality (mbritt, soundside, guido), Choptones are different for me. Using their profiles does not give me the feeling of playing someones profiles and benefit from their micing skills - better: It feels like playing the amp itself, forgetting to play the kemper! Kind of more "neutral", but not lacking character and class!

    Generally I like amp packs with as little as possible and only great, useful profiles. But I can't say no to a quality giant pack from choptones :D

    (No, I am not paid for praising choptones - I AM paying AND praising :) )

    Very good profiles here! Wide variety to choose from - but all profiled amp settings are useful. Protone Attack boosted profiles again are outstanding.

    Two things suprised me: While testing this giant pack I catched myself playing some eerie Black Metal riffs again and again?! Hope this does not frighten anybody :)
    Second: Surprised how good the profiles with Celestion C-90 (profiles 222 - 232) sound - smooth, beefed up, rich, but very detailed tone too (using a EMG-85 in the bridge).

    I kinda hate it...I have way too many awesome amp choices now! :P

    First you have to find out which are the "awesome" profiles - so let's test them one after the other :)
    I lately bought the Producer bundle and some other packs from Choptones - RM says 5593 profiles. So let's say I only hit some chords for 3 minutes every time: Makes 16779 minutes, nearly 280 hours !!! Only Choptones's profiles, no tweaking done.

    In reality, I stuck on the first good profile for hours. Hours of pure fun, I have to say. What a luxury problem we Kemper people have :D

    Hi everyone,

    I own the Kemper for 4 months - it changed everything. I was a sceptic, but after trying out numbers of amps, annoying issues with reliability and bad luck with some established brands I gave it a try. I am so glad I did!!
    Acclimatization was faster than I ever thought (yesterday I plugged my cable into one of my remaining "real" amps and it felt kind of weird :) ). The Kemper amp and the growing number of awesome profiles is a dream come true - never expected to have the TONE (in big letters) of so many great "amps" in my little "homestudio". I remember, that first time I played the Diaz CD100 profiles from MBritt with my Gold Top I almost cried - not joking here.

    This forum - which means YOU ALL - helped me so many times since I own this "blinking appartus" - priceless!!
    I am no "social media" guy, I have no facebook nor did I ever wrote in a forum - believe it or not. So please excuse mistakes and give me a hint when needed.

    Just wanna say thank you to Kemper staff for this great product and to the members of this forum for giving "that green monster" soul and life. Thanks!!

    About me?

    I love guitars and own some :whistling:

    I love gear... and music (Amon Amarth, Beatles, Clapton, Danzig, Emperor, Fleetwood Mac, Genesis ...)

    I am married (and yes i also told my wife that I can save so much money with the kemper - for not buying boutique amps, she would never allow me to buy anyway :) ).

    What else comes to my mind?
    Using the Kemper extensivly with stomp boxes - works great and is fun.

    I have bought many commercial profiles and realised, that you should give them a try on different days (in different moods) - I would have missed some really great profiles otherwise.

    And now I will try the new Choptones Boogie IIC+ Pack - 281 profiles ...ahhh my wife is calling ...