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    In my experience the Cab Clone itself did't matched the tone of the amp.

    The UA Apollo Twin with UA 610 plugin helped so much in compensating the low quality of the cab clone.

    So my routing was:

    1. Guitar > IN Kemper > Direct out > Amp
    2. Cab Clone (Amp) > UA Apollo Twin > (UA 610 plugin) > UA Line OUT > Return Kemper

    Thanks for sharing your way of working. Did you use the preamp on your UA Apollo or the Line in?

    I'm thinking to try a passive DI-box, and profile only the amp (no speakers) and then use Cab IR, such as ML Mikko Soundlab, Wall of sound etc.

    Just new to Kemper i can't belive a 7 years old product has not yet got a software editor. I sold my stupidly expensive Axe Fx to move for a cheap amp simulator which is Bias Fx and both had editor it's realy sad bc its a downgrade compare to the other i'm not event talking about Helix. I honestly barely used it since i got it it's not as convinient as i thought it was to dial direclty on the unit, the small screen doesn't handle well all the informations and make it unclear to setup for a good tone.

    I’ve the same opinion since years back, the racket isn’t user friendly at all, the lunchbox is much better with the LED around the knobs.

    We see what happens with the new editor, I think it can be a real upgrade . I already use Kemper in my DAW with Cab IR and VST effects, and it works great ?

    I’ve tested many profiles, M Britt, Top Jimi and other nice free profiles. I got tree Marshalls profiles from Tone Junkies and they feels very nice to play and sounds good. I’m on my holiday and just bought Dirty Surly pack, I look forward to test the Surly pack when I get back home.

    I really like TJ and his ambition to develop great profiles, and I follow him on YT. Stu G’s Arshall looks also interesting for me, I like Marshall stuff in general ?


    My first post on this eminent forum :)

    What pickup do you have, for me it sounds a bit muddy. Try to download Tonejunkies tree free Marshall-profiles. They sounds great for that type of sound. I always use an analog drive and a clean boost before Kemper. And try to reduce the gain on the Kemper and take back the gain with your pedals.