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    I don't see how you can possible be a software engineer who doesn't upgrade.

    I'm on my work computer all day, so the last thing I want to do when I get off in the evening or on the weekends is play on a computer. My main home computer is an old custom build from years ago that I use for my DAW system. So no, I don't upgrade it much at all because I don't want the system trashed in the middle of recording projects.

    I have my daughters old laptop which has Windows 10 on it, but it's a PITA to have to have that one set up just for Rig Manager. But that's most likely what I'm going to have to do since someone mentioned that Windows 10 won't work on some motherboards before a certain year, and my DAW machine might fall into that category.

    try the Variax my friend :)

    Yeah, my brother-in-law has one and really seems to like it.

    I was really tempted to get one of the JTV series, but never did.

    I ended up getting a Ghost Acoustiphonic Floyd Rose for my guitar instead.

    It sounds great, but I will say having to switch pickups, and the inevitable "pop" that comes from not having the level exactly matched is a bit of a pain.

    Give us the time to finish this work :)

    You will like it.

    It sounds pretty amazing already!

    I do find it funny that you underestimated the interest in that feature though.

    Oftentimes, there's only a few parts in just a few songs in a set that requires the acoustic, so it's a real PITA to have to bring in an acoustic or whatever, just for those few places. But the songs are lacking without that acoustic part being played so this will definitely make life easier for many players, myself included.

    For this, you definitely have my thanks!

    Now, about that whole no Windows 7 support for Rig Manager, well.........

    One thing that you have not said RockmanCentralBob is how full your C Drive is, which could be an issue in itself. To be honest if you are having issues with installing Windows 10 on a very cluttered drive then a clean start might be a good move. It is very difficult to declutter a C drive without being quite ruthless. The first thing I would do is copy the C drive to an external drive so as not to lose anything.

    Are you able to install a new SD Drive in your machine? That is what I did, copied the C drive back onto the new drive and over-installed W10 and it has been running well since. I hasten to add that my old C drive was almost completely full (250gig) and the new drive is twice the size (500gig).

    I'm using 157 GB out of 447 GB, so no, the drive is not even close to full.

    And BTW, I've posted in 2 different forums that I've had trouble saving even minor setting changes on a stomp effect in a performance (Kemper locks up), and I get crickets for help.

    I love the Kemper, but I'm falling out of love with the company behind it.

    It will always be a pain in the ass when you refuse to evolve with technology.

    I hope you are able to do so while it is still free.…ikes-windows-7-dives.html

    It's not a matter of refusing to evolve with technology, it's a matter of having a stable system built for a specific purpose and the timing of being in the middle of recording projects. But I'm also not a fan of forced obsolescence.

    I have an MSDN subscription, so the cost is not an issue or the issue.

    I can see many reasons for them not allowing it to be installed on an unsupported OS.


    Your best be is to use one of those extra drives that you have, install it into your system and the do a fresh install of Windows 10. That way if you need to you can always just swap the drives back and you will have your Windows 7 again.

    I'm a software engineer too, so I get it. I'm just saying they cut off a lot of customers from being able to upgrade their Kemper's easily. 1/3 of ALL PC's out there in the world are still running on Windows 7, and it only just went out of support from MS.

    My DAW system, as with many others, I'm sure, is set up specifically for recording, and I don't mess with it often because I can't afford for it to be shot to hell in the middle of a project because of some stupid update from MS or whatever. The stuff I have on it works, and that's all I care about. Now I have to risk years worth of "seasoning", ie- installation, configuring, tweaking, on my system, possibly losing stuff that I did years ago that I've forgotten I did, how I did it or why, all to access my Kemper. Or, lose the convenience of having it on the same machine as I use for my DAW.

    Sorry, it just pisses me off that Kemper did that when I doubt there was any real technical reason to do so. Just force people to upgrade their OS so that they have to buy more new shit to replace the old shit that was working just fine before on the old OS.

    So yeah, I was looking for an extra SSD (more shit I have to buy) to try to install Windows 10 on without having to wipe my Windows 7 drive in case I can't get everything working on Windows 10, or missed something I needed from my old drive/configuration. What a damn pain in the ass!!!

    I've been trying to upgrade my system to Windows 10 so that I don't have to reinstall everything on my system and I can't get it to work. It keeps failing and won't even tell me why. I've looked for tips about how to get it to upgrade smoothly and tried to follow them, but it still keeps failing.

    So I thought, OK, I'll bite the bullet and just wipe my system and do a clean install. I have 2 extra drives that I usually store my data on, but as I was going through my C drive to check for things that ended up there, my God, what a mess!!! I keep finding stuff that ended up there anyway, including Kemper related data in the AppData directory, and it scares the crap out of me of what I might lose if I wipe this drive. And that doesn't even count all the drivers I'm going to have to look for, re-configuring of software that I've installed over the years, etc.

    As I've said before, regardless of Microsoft ending support for Windows 7, given the number of PC's still running Windows 7, I think it was a real disservice to their customers to actively prevent the Kemper from being able to work against the Windows 7 OS. I can't imagine what there was in the new Rig Manager that wouldn't work in Windows 7. And since I've updated my Kemper OS to the new beta, I can't even connect it to the old Rig Manager version I have now (at least, it doesn't seem to.... maybe I'm missing something?). The only option I have is to manage it from another PC all together, which is a real PITA.

    Sorry, I'm just very frustrated at this one decision by Kemper that totally screws me and who knows how many other Kemper users.

    He or someone he sells it to will eventually try and hock it. Keep watching the Pawn Shops. Better yet, if you have a picture of it see if the Pawn-shops would be interested in hanging up a flyer asking if anyone they know has tried to sell a stolen Kemper lately. Once they know its hot, "no one" will buy it hehehehehehehehe.... :evil:

    Actually, aren't pawn dealers required by law to hold something they've identified as stolen property and notify the police? Isn't that part of what the holding period is for?

    If no one will buy it (and whoever stole it is not a musician), then most likely it ends up in a closet or at the bottom of a lake. So, I'd rather hope someone buys it and tries to register it... better chance of recovering it that way since Kemper will know it's stolen.

    I was recently watching a video from ToneJunky on this topic.

    He suggested using a treble boost to change not only the volume but the frequency response to carve out a place higher in the frequency range (where the lead vocals normally live). He argued that it makes it easier on the sound engineer also since they don't really have to do anything at that point. You hit the boost and your tone shifts up and louder for your solo where the lead vocals would normally be and then you turn it off and shift down out of the vocalists way and back to the background a bit.

    I tried posting this in the Troubleshooting section, but after several weeks, I'm still not getting a single response on it.

    I'm try to make minor changes to a Noise Gate stomp that I have in slot D for several presets in a couple of performances. After changing and saving a couple of the presets, my Kemper locks up during the save process, goes to the initial Kemper screen and just sits there with all the other lights off. I have to completely shut the unit down and wait before turning it back on again. When it comes back on, it does it again when I try to make the same adjustment again for another performance preset.

    Any ideas?

    covered in rust?? could this be the problem?? not kempers fault ,but where they were stored, how they were shipped, are the switches themselves?

    worth looking into,,

    Well, they could have come from the factory that way too, you never know. The fact that they are installing parts so susceptible to rusting and causing issues without taking steps to mitigate that (ie- lubing them with oil, protective coatings, etc) would be on Kemper and their quality control. Most likely a supplier shipped them bad parts and it wasn't caught. So, I can't believe it was deliberate because there's no way Kemper would want units to go out like that knowing it would cause problems for their customers. As long as they make it right with the customer, then I'd chalk it up to growing pains.

    I'm try to make minor changes to a Noise Gate stomp that I have in slot D for several presets in a couple of performances. After changing and saving a couple of the presets, my Kemper locks up during the save process, goes to the initial Kemper screen and just sits there with all the other lights off. I have to completely shut the unit down and wait before turning it back on again. When it comes back on, it does it again when I try to make the same adjustment again for another performance preset.

    Any ideas?

    Posted this in another thread, but my friend bought a brand new Stage and he was having issues with the footswitches too. He opened it up and discovered the springs and switch contacts were all covered in rust. After spending some time cleaning them, he was able to get most of them working again while he waited for his replacement unit to come in. Luckily, the replacement unit worked perfectly so that issue was solved. But for those of you out of warranty or whatever, you may want to check the springs/contacts.

    OK, I didn't see that in the original.... I stand corrected.

    Very cool then!!!

    When someone like Neal that knows guitar tone and has the money to buy anything he wants uses something, that's a good sign that Kemper has done it right!