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    Cool suggestions, Don.

    I use Super Distortions in all my guitars, but then I follow it with an MXR 10 Band EQ and an Echoplex EP3 (my Hyperspace Pedal) to boost my signal level. So I end up hitting the Kemper pretty hard. Not sure how that would impact the ability to use these suggestions, but maybe I'll give it a try when I get a chance.

    The problem is Line 6 fanboys turned Kemper, who insist in hearing samples and then say its your problem. Pretty ignorant really.

    I've never used Line 6, so I'm definitely not one of their fanboys.

    I never asked or insisted on hearing your sample, just responded to what I heard.

    Ignorance is coming to a forum asking for help, refusing to try the suggestions offered, and then complaining about being ridiculed for continuing to complain about it...... this is how trolls act when they are seeking attention.

    Now, if you're not a troll, then here's my suggestions:

    1) If your guitar has active pickups, buy new batteries and install them.... same for your guitar cable.

    2) Try the Top Jimi profile just as it came, no tweaking, using the same kind of guitar it was profiled with (IE- if it was profiled with a Les Paul and the Lead Pickups, use a Les Paul and the Lead Pickup).

    3) Profile one of your own amps that you think sounds good and see if the Kemper can reproduce that sound fairly closely.

    If this doesn't work, then do a full factory reset since you've probably got it's settings FUBAR'd from messing with it over the past 2 years.

    Then go back and try steps 2 and 3 again.

    If you still can't get it to sound at least in the ballpark, send it back to Kemper if it's under warranty.

    If not, just sell the damn thing....your ears are obviously far superior to anyone else in the music industry and the Kemper will never measure up for you <sarc>.

    Since I have zero expectation that you are going to actually follow any of this advice, I'm going to stop following this topic since I'm pretty sure you are just a troll.

    Getting sick of this nonsense. Is everyone only profiling their own amps? No. everyone is sharing profiles and buying them, aren't they.

    Show me in writing, where the designer of kemper states that the whole concept was only to profile your own amp? They never said that, did they. If you haven't got any actual advise, dont waste my time.

    The point is to start with something that sounds good to you, profile it, and then see if the Kemper is able to reproduce that sound fairly accurately.

    It's a solid and reasonable troubleshooting tip.

    If you aren't willing to try it, then don't waste our time!

    Great 2019 for the KP community!! I am happy with the Kemper as it is, but I would love to see a roadmap like this:

    1. Editor update: Graphic Equalizer, shall be a visual Equalizer. Better if the mouse could tweak the elliptical EQ graphic

    2. New Overdrives, New Fuzzes, FreqOut stomp, Doubler Stomp (MIMIQ style),

    3. Kemper Kone

    4. A new head Profiler MKII, with two Profiles/Rigs routing (series, parallel), two stereo FX loops pre and post stack, USB audio in/out, dedicated aux-in, looper with memory or loop files synced with RM, innovate with a stereo tube powered version that does not color the sound, if such thing could exist. (like Synergy poweramp?)

    +1 on the graphic EQ..... I'd like to see a full 31 band EQ.

    I'd also like to see some auto tone matching feature ala FreeFilter or OZone..... be great if we could swap Tone Match filters out as easily as Cabs.

    +1 on the two profiles as well... would love to have a nice thick distorted profile on the low end and a nice clean, bordering on breakup, profile for the high end.

    TopJimi has made a name for himself by making profiles that actually sound great that people like.

    If his profiles sounded like that, out of the box, then he wouldn't have the reputation he has now for making great sounding profiles.

    For the most part, you should only have to tweak one of his profiles a tiny bit to get it to sound like his videos.

    Maybe adjust the gain and use the standard tone controls and you should have something that sounds great.

    As Ruefus just said, the only way to make a Kemper sound as bad as what the OP posted is to do so deliberately.

    Either that or he has somehow messed up his global settings to the point where everything is going to sound like crap.

    (Is there a way to completely reset the unit back to factory settings?)

    He says he's been trying to get it to sound good for 2 years?

    Sorry... not possible.

    I could go through the rig exchange and find profiles that sound better, out of the box, than what he posted.

    My gut feeling is the guy is trolling for attention or here to just bash the Kemper.

    Maybe he doesn't even own a Kemper and that sample came from something else entirely.

    This is exactly why I expected to see more bugs, mate. I honestly think they did really-well.

    There was a lot of repetition - folks saying, "I'm also experiencing this issue", Bob, so the thread length is deceptive in that sense.

    That's good to hear.

    I'm just really bummed that after a year of waiting they decided to block it from even installing on the Windows 7 OS. I have a real hard time believing that the old OS couldn't handle or do anything they were trying to do. I get it that Windows 7 will be out of support from Microsoft soon, but almost a third of all PC's are still running Windows 7, including mine.

    A lot of people stay on Windows 7 because it's stable and they want their systems to remain stable.... ie- if it ain't broke, don't fix it. They also don't like the intrusive nature of Windows 10, which many people suspect is loaded with a lot more spyware built into the OS (and/or the capability by Microsoft to install it on your system whenever they want). So it just makes it feel like a ploy to force people to update their systems when there's no real reason to do so... ala forced obsolescence brought to you by the corporate board room, marketing department and the NSA/CIA/FBI.

    IMHO there don't appear to have been as many bugs as I'd expected based on what I've read, so I reckon the team will nail what's been raised already and that should take us straight to a really-stable release. That said, if a bunch of new features is added in a new beta, we'll be bound to see an anomaly or two sneak in...

    I don't know... the thread got pretty big, pretty quick. But admittedly, I haven't paid a lot of attention to it since I'm still on Windows 7 and can't benefit from the new Rig Manager. I was glad to see the post about how to upgrade to Windows 10 without having to do a full reinstall though, as well as some posts about how to disable some of the features I find most intrusive, so again, my thanks to those that contributed.

    And I think your comment about new bugs slipping in is a fair statement.... the addition of the editor is really a pretty massive change to the existing Rig Manager, from an engineering standpoint. That's a whole lot of new functionality, any of which could have bugs. My comment wasn't intended as a knock on Kemper though... on the contrary. It was more in recognizing why they were justified in holding off on releasing the BETA given what seemed to me quite a few (likely) known bugs. I didn't notice if they included a list of known issues (which would have been nice) when they released it, or if they thought it was stable enough to release as a BETA and then all the users found this litany of issues Kemper hadn't found yet themselves.

    Regardless, once the bugs are worked out I imagine it will be pretty stable going forward for most of the functionality. I expect new bugs will slip in as they continue to make changes to the Kemper base software and features. The down side will likely be that new features for the Kemper OS will be slowed down since they will also need to make sure the editor can handle those new features as well. But, since Kemper is providing these features as free upgrades, as a company, that still puts them WAY ahead of their competitors. For that alone, they deserve respect and gratitude from their users. Thanks Kemper!!

    Feel free to stay on Windows 7 for what ever reasons you choose but you can not expect developers to write to that outdated OS. Just like you will not find anyone writing for Windows 98. As time goes by you will find less and less things compatible with Windows 7.

    Nearly 1/3 of all computers running Windows, or roughly 420 million computers, are still running that "outdated" OS. Technically it's still supported by Microsoft as of today. Kemper can ignore them if they choose, but that's a lot of potential users to piss off.

    Several other users have already commented that their DAW systems are built on that OS and the thought of having to rebuild all their systems from scratch is a non-starter for them.

    But whatever.... I still have my racks of Rockman gear and a prestine Marshall JVM HJS stack to fall back on..... no edifor required for them.

    You really don't think that anyone, Microsoft included, needs you to be on Windows 10 to spy on you these days? If you really want to protect your data and your system from spyware and surveillance, unplug it now and lock it in the closet. You have more to worry about visiting website to get spied on the Windows 10. If you are really paranoid that much there are steps you can take to minimize those issues.

    Personally I like Linux but it does not have the compatibility of Windows and that is why I have Windows installed and my system is set up as a dual boot system.

    I think times have changed since Windows 7 came out, and yes, I think it's very likely that Microsoft has embedded more technology into their new OS to enable easier spying, and to install new updates automatically (without user consent) to continue enabling new spying methods as technology changes. This is absolutely a game changer when it come to access into a users computer.... it's an open door that they can exploit at will whenever they feel like it.

    Probably because you’ve been sensible and used a supported OS. Once unsupported, it’s literally open season.

    Microsoft giving its OS away is good business. Ask Apple.

    Not really.... I've never nèeded support from Microsoft, and I rarely ever install their updates.

    I think it's more likely Microsoft has learned Google, Facebook, et al's model.... give it away so that you can spy on your users and sell their personal information. And now that they can install their updates on your system whenever they feel like it, they can push out any new surveilance software they develop without your consent or knowledge.

    To be honest windows 7 is over 10 years old. You wouldn’t want your phone to be that old you’d be on an Apple iPhone 3GS or an old shite Nokia.

    Also and using the same analogy you’d be on kemper OS 1 (If the tech was even invented by then).

    I suppose something just move on?

    LOL!! I'm still using a Samsung Galaxy S5.... still works perfectly fine for what I do with it.

    I rarely waste my money buying new crap just because it came out. Most of the time the improvements aren't radical differences over the previous model, and are rarely worth the money. But, some people get sucked in by the hype or think they are impressing others with the latest and greatest.