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    Totally agree with your conclusion that S2 is good enough for every practical application. I have one PRS S2 Custom 24 (35th Anniversary Edition) and I even like the pickups it came with. Very versatile guitar. The only issue I have with it is that switches need regular Deoxit bath otherwise they may fail (which is a bit disappointing given price point and the fact that my other,15-years old guitar never needed Deoxit and works fine till today). But overall it is awesome instrument.

    I didn't make the switch OP was asking about but since my bandmate uses Axe FX I borrowed it once to see if I could get a decent tone out of it. The answer was: yes, I got great tone out of it and the feel was great, too. Was it easy? No. Amount of parameters in Fractal products is insane so good luck tweaking it for days. I don't think you'll notice much of a difference in sound between Kemper and Axe (at this level both units are state of the art). I'm sure if you were switching from $50 Zoom multi effect to Axe FX the difference would indeed be inspiring. :-)

    You will for sure experience totally different workflow which you may like or not - worth trying out. Good luck with in your search for inspiration!

    And what manufacturer will give you 100% guarantee that hardware will work flawlessly all the time? You did excellent job of building in redundancy into your rig and that's the only way to protect agains random hardware issues. So instead of being bummed out I'd congratulate yourself that your butt was covered and you could quickly switch to one of other KPAs to save the show.

    2) Virtual Instruments typically allow you to set up custom velocity curve. By default it is most likely a linear map. You may experiment with different curves and see if they give you a better feel.

    4) IMO most virtual instruments (I use mostly Arturia's simulations for all my keyboard needs) sound as good as original hardware and in a mix no-one will be able to tell the difference. Even outside of mix most people won't pass a blind test. I wouldn't worry about it. The only difference is really in resources usage. Simulations eat way more CPU than just audio playback, but on Macs with M1/2 CPU or any modern computer even this matters less and less. I typically start with MIDI but as soon as I'm ready to commit I bounce to audio and disable MIDI tracks.

    Midi on Virus works with macOS Catalina+ so the only inconvenience is that audio has to routed via external interface (which many people do anyway in studios).

    It is abandonware but still very capable and sounds very good.

    Any company can stop supporting any product at any time - happens all the time. Calculate your risk and enjoy the ride while it lasts!

    Mbritt's Dumble is my goto for cleans and edge of breakup. And +1 for guidorist's soldano hot rod.

    TimEkkelboom I think everyone has the same problem, but over time the list of useful for you profiles will become shorter. Give a solid try to stock profiles first before buying anything else. Many are fantastic (like EVH with Hesu cab for metal - I love it).

    Numeric prefix might not work, if KPA sorts using text, because 11 might end up right after 1. You'd have to use fixed size prefixes, like 001, 002, ...

    but I agree it is not worth it, because insertion in the middle would mean either renaming of everything under, or leaving gaps to push the problem away in time a bit.

    sooner or later you'll arrive at your short list of profiles you tend to always use and then it will become more managable in browser mode.

    W tym to Ci nie pomogę, bo nie używam paczek. Mamy IEM-y w naszym zespole i próby też gramy albo na IEMach, albo na PA. A w domu gram na monitorach studyjnych.

    Upewnij się, że wyjście Monitor Out (u Ciebie to z power amp) ma: Monitor Cab Off (znajdziesz to ustawienie w sekcji Output), bo w przeciwnym razie IR z Kempera poleci też na paczkę i będzie siara.

    Możesz podpowiedzieć jak podpiąć kempera żeby działał jak interfejs, nie wiem czy jest w ogóle taka możliwość ?

    Nie da się. Masz 2 opcje:

    • XLR / TS z main do osobnego audio interfejsu (chyba najprostsze rozwiązanie i zawsze niezawodne),
    • S/PDIF z Kemper do audio interfejsu, który obsługuje S/PDIF (to jest cyfrowe łącze, które umożliwia przesłanie 2 kanałów na jednym kablu).

    Just today I experienced another flavor of this issue. I set up morphing in slot 5 of one my performance using RM. Hit Store in performance #23 in RM - everything was working and life was good. I shut KPA down for the night (RM is constantly on my computer - even during the night, I don't turn off computer). Today I turned on KPA and noticed that my morphing settings were gone - not saved!

    I set them up again using Stage itself and so far so good.

    Similarly to vjelen, I consider myself quite tech-savy, yet this intricate interplay of RM and KPA catches me off-guard sometimes and every now and then I do experience minor data-loss. I tend to only use RM for browsing since my level of trust in RM doing the right thing in read/write scenarios is pretty low at the moment. You might blame user for not understanding how things work - but from my perspective if UI is asked to store something and it doesn't do it reliably - that's is not user's fault - no matter what. RM is the only UI which manages to screw over my data.

    And I really don't want to reboot KPA after every save to make sure that everything was persisted as it should.

    If anyone is curious how much faster UI on Toaster is with latest beta firmware ( Public Beta) I made some non-scientific measurements. I recorded videos of switching performance slots before and after upgrade. Aligned videos as best as I could in Final Cut Pro and counted number of frames elapsed between button press and full UI update. I was using 30fps footage taken with a phone.

    - switching from one performance slot the another is ~500 - 600ms faster - improvement is visible with naked eye.

    - switching from one slot to another using Remote shows similar gains.

    This is huge improvement IMHO and it feels like new life was put into our old devices. Previous firmware required way over 1 second to update UI, now we're in sub-second territory.

    Thank you Kemper Team for this update. :thumbup:

    13ms latency is definitely something many people would feel. "Unexpected" result in row 6 might be due to the fact that captures in this preset seem to be place on parallel paths, so load is probably spread between multiple cores.

    Not sure how many people are running multiple captures in series in real live (maybe if you captured drive pedal separately and amp separately - but even then the solution is simple: capture both of them at the same time). So from nerdy point of view I find this video interesting, but in real life most of folks will experience sub-6ms of delay which is perfectly fine.

    I used Powered Kabinet with keyboard. Had to put EQ in between and with its help I was able to get pretty good piano sound. YMMV, but as a stop gap solution I don't see a problem - you'd only need to add some EQ to your Stereo Out bus.