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    This is how it looked like. But I stopped doing that because it was 12U full of stuff and was too heavy for me - I could not lift it by myself, and loading/unloading it to/from the trunk was a royal PITA. Nowadays I have 6U case with mixer and radios for in ear / wireless and i carry Kemper separately in the bag. 6U is still heavy but at least is manageable.

    Turns out I was playing exclusively Kraken profiles for last 3 days and I must say I love the sound and feel of this amp. To the extent that I bought VX100 Super Kraken profiles and they also are very good. IMHO, VX100 Super Kraken profiles require less tweaking right out of the box (although character of the sound is pretty much the same as Kraken - as expected). The only additions is clean channel (3 profiles), not present in The Kraken pack.

    1 instrument cable + 2 x XLR is enough to get started. If you plan to reamp or record both DI and wet signal you'll need more cables to route signal back from your Focusrite to KPA.

    Recording DI would require additional instrument cable.

    That being said: Focusrite 414 doesn't have a lot of inputs / output so I'd encourage you to look at the Kemper manual and make sure that all scenarios you're going to use are covered in convenient way (without dancing with cables all the time). Even if you're not reamping now - you might in the future. Capturing DI is pretty much standard recording procedure.

    but seemed like the tones had that blanket effect...

    I've same impression (playing through A7X), however with a bit of presence boost, huge definition boost and some highs added these profiles actually sound really, really well to me - warm and pleasant. I agree with Crookster - they take tweaking very well. Kraken alone was worth the pack - very enjoyable!

    Are those profiles (the 8-pack) groundbreaking? Probably no. But many of them are just solid and fun to play.

    I wish they used more cabinets - because they all have the same common theme (V30/G12-65H) and there is zero variety here.

    This aspect is independent of amp / modeler you'll choose, I guess. Of course you'll have better experience when you'll crank things up, because on top of great sound you'll also have great feel (air moving, vibrations - which contribution to overall experience is very important). Kemper sounds and feels awesome in my opinion at any volume (I'm mostly bedroom musician as well playing low volumes most of the time). And you have headphones option as well, in worst case. Since it is a very personal taste thing the best you can do is probably just to check it out yourself - if you're not happy you can always return the unit (they give 30-days to try it out).

    I'm assuming you connected Kemper to BabyFace using XLR cables. In TotalMix click on your main out mix at the bottom (it is usually called AN 1 or 2 in hardware output section) and then adjust volume slider of AN 1/2 hardware input mixer at the top. This should allow you to hear Kemper.

    If you see two separate inputs AN 1 and AN 2 you may want to click the wrench icon and select "Stereo" option. This will combine two separate mono channels into one stereo channel.

    Start some MIDI monitor and check what is actually being sent through the wires. I had similar issue: remote and Kemper were misbehaving when too many MIDI messages were sent over the wire. Possible cause:

    - MIDI loop - MIDI monitor will show this immediately (can happen if logic or some other device is echoing back Kemper's messages). Make sure track in logic is not armed (Logic auto-arms selected track).

    - MIDI chase feature in Logic Pro X (try to disable it in project's preferences) - in my case this was the main issue. This feature replays some/all midi events at high speed whenever you move playhead, so all your connected devices / effects / notes can ring out correctly even if playhead passed the point where MIDI messages are defined - this is very useful in some cases but can easily crash Kemper (and Helix too, FWIW).

    In any case: MIDI monitor should show you what is going on. Hope, you'll find the issue.

    We use EV ZLX 12 for rehearsals and as wedges and they are great sound-wise! However they are very heavy and loading them to a car is a very unpleasant experience - definitely dolly or small cart is recommended to carry them. You might consider QSC CP8 - same peak power but lighter.

    We don't have a drummer or bass player, so most of the time we play to a backing track (we have 2 guitars playing live - I have Kemper, my friend has Helix which is fully MIDI-automated as well from Logic). We play various music: rock, a bit of punk and metal. I find automation very handy for metal and all situations where I have to also adjust guitar settings at the same time. For example in one song we start with hard riffs but at some point I switch abruptly to acoustic guitar profile which I play with piezo pickups. So there is a lot of things going on and everything need to happen in a split of a second: playing guitar + changing patch + changing pickups on a guitar. This proved to be too much for my brain: so I automated patch changing and now I need to only remember about changing pickup (and I wish I had midi controllable guitar :-).

    In one song (also metal) we have a ramp setup via MIDI to gradually distort guitar signal to switch from nice melodic intro into metal verse. The beauty of this setup is that in Logic we can "paint" the ramp curve as we want it to be and it is consistent every single time.

    Of course this setup only makes sense when we play to a click track (which we typically do in case of metal), so there is no room for improvisation of any kind - but for us it useful and fun - we focus only on playing - the rest is automated.

    I use MIDI to fully control Kemper from Logic Pro X, so my patches changes are synchronized with backing tracks, This way I don't have to carry remote at all. Similar thing can be achieved with any MIDI controller as long as you can program it to send particular CC messages. Your strategy will depend on how many buttons you have at your disposal. In theory you could get away with just a single button (relative method from manual) as long as you set "Performance Load" option to "Slot 1" or "Keep Slot". In such case you'd have to organize your performances in order of their appearance and over time you'd just advance to next performance. If you have more buttons you can take advantage of more lots within a single performance, and you could even be able to move in both directions (one performance "up" and "down"). Wah / volume will work too, as long as they send CC#1 and CC#7 respectively.