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    In my opinion, one of the biggest reasons people have a problem with a Kemper 2 comes down to money. They either don't have, or want to spend, the money to upgrade. If a Kemper II were free, very few would object.

    are you sure? We are talking about luxury item, without which everyone could live just fine. People who buy Kemper don't have financial worries. They might have money management problems but this is different thing and not specific to Kemper.

    Yeah, 100% true - it is not a rocket science - yet happens due to human error (what can you do about it?)... And since there is audio equipment (Yamaha keyboards, for instance) which solved this problem it would be a welcome addition to Profiler, IMHO. I realize that this might be happening on hardware level and might not be fixable in software for current units.

    hmm, to be honest, I'm not waiting for it, so it is: all minus one... Appearance of new product on the market did not make my Profiler sound any worse than before and did not remove any feature from it.

    The main problem with these comparison videos is that they all apply the same process to both units. They assume that because QC capturing is single step process, it should be the same on Kemper. This is flawed logic: these units are not the same and Kemper offers way more knobs to tweak the sound if profile turned out to be slightly off (which can happen - this is solving for non-linear equation in complex space, some errors may happen). However given that we're living in dumbed down world where everything needs to be single touch, single click and happen magically Kemper's approach doesn't look very appealing, when profile needs some more work. And I guess video showing someone tweaking a profile for 10 minutes would not generate a lot of views... It is easier to show "magic" and contrast it with half baked profile claiming that "it's not quite there".

    That being said - QC captures are spot on to my ears and their approach looks magical - which is something refreshing and new. And to be honest I'm a bit surprised that so many people are surprised that NeuralDSP pulled this off :-) - Todays CPUs are ultra powerful and code optimized for a specific CPU that exploits all pipelining, out of order execution, caches, NUMA etc. can run extremely fast when put in hands of clever and knowledgable people. Of course you get untweakable capture in the end, but how this is different from people who don't tweak profiles on Kemper but just try another one from the pack until they find what they like?

    I love my Profiler every single day and it is quite unlikely that I'll ever switch to anything else - but I can see how QC can look appealing to many - it is on the path to become the most popular unit, IMHO. Not among pro-musician with this version due to some annoying issues - button spacing, wall wart, big touch screen, rotary encoders in buttons you step on with dirty shoes (but pro-musicians might be smaller market than you think, when compared to bedroom and amateur crowd).

    So look into code then.

    It is encrypted - you'd have to dump flash of already installed firmware. And even this only would give you access to machine code... Too expensive (we'd probably fry a few units before we'd get to the right pins :-) ), too time consuming.

    There is one aspect of QC which bothers me: combining rotary encoders with foot switches poses some hygienic challenges... I'm not a germaphobe by any means but I do typically turn knobs using my right hand, use pick with my right hand and I tent to hold pick in my mouth when I play with fingers and need a temporary storage for it (as I believe many of you do, too). Now imagine you play in a dive bar and stepped onto something you can only hope was a beer and then you engaged heavenly chorus. Given how long cultivated habits are hard to change I'm afraid I'd have to either wipe the knobs all the time or have shoe covers dedicated to QC... I am genuinely interested how people will solve this aspect in practice.

    Just to be clear - I think QC is innovative and great piece of gear and will stir the market for sure. At current level of technology it is less about the sound (there isn't much margin for improvements here, IMHO and numerous blind tests seem to confirm this) and more about workflow, form factor and customer service.

    Given your young age

    You should go with Stage!

    It's like Toaster + remote

    Let me finish, on that note.

    The only way to stop it would be to start embedding digital signatures for each buyer, similar to SSL/TLS certificates operate (where Kemper would be root Certificate Authority, and sellers would be intermediate CA, trusted by Kemper) - if signature could not be verified Profiler would fail to use it. This would not prevent profiles from being copied but at least would allow to quickly find source of "leak" and such user could be banned from RE. I doubt Kemper is interested in managing such project - and to be honest I don't blame them. There will always be cheaters - but also there will always be more honest people than cheaters.

    What Kemper could do, with a very minimal effort, is to create an API endpoint which would allow profile creators to check if their profile was uploaded to RE or not by checking metadata or even better by checking signature based on just profile data (excluding editable metadata, which could be altered by cheater). In this case it would be up to the seller to set up automated checks and initiate removal process (this process could be automated to large extent).

    This happened to me once! I was puzzled because just like you I didn't touch any settings. In my case I unplugged power cable, waited a few seconds, plugged cable back and after "cold reboot" I got my sound back. This was on Stage (never ever experienced things like this on Toaster).

    I love these profiles! C seems to be a bit darker than A or B and I prefer it. I had to tame A and B with high cut filter in output section slightly below 7K otherwise there is a bit too much high frequency buildup to my taste. They all sound beefy and organic. Excellent job, sir!

    Yes, straight out of the box this pack sounds horrible on studio monitors / headphones (mostly due to cab "shift" settings), but it is quite simple to "fix" them (fix cab shifts, play with amps presence and definition + a touch of EQ to taste). I'm very happy with some V40 and Kraken sounds. I don't regret purchasing this pack.

    In general, I find commercial profiles to be hit and miss - it is virtually impossible to make everyone happy - some level of tweaking will always be necessary.

    This might be related to how floating point values are represented in computers. Most CPUs have 2 "zero" floating point values +0 and -0 (one of the bits representing number is called "sign-bit" and can be zero (+) or one (-)). For calculations it doesn't matter.

    It also might be related to the fact the the real value is +/-0.00001 and it just didn't fit on a display.

    Profile files are to some extent based on MIDI format (it is quite possible that they are just MIDI files but instead of standard MThd and MTrk section names Kemper uses KThd and KTrk). This format is not encrypted (at least metadata part) and it is quite possible that Kemper might be ignoring sections which it doesn't recognize (I didn't check that). If that is the case it would be possible to sneak in some kind of digital signature. The other possibility is to find a field in this file which Profiler understands but is not using ("reserved for future use" field, or one that is not displayed anywhere in the UI, and doesn't do anything, or is no longer used) - Kemper is very old product - I'm pretty sure that if you'd poke around long enough you would be able to find such field.

    But who would bother doing that if profiles are usually cheap? I join "BS detected" camp on this one.

    ... is to buy their amp.

    not interested in big, loud, heavy, single purpose device which requires even bigger cabinet box, or some other devices, like load boxes. Wouldn't have space and oppotunity to use them to their full potential. Should I buy it and make usable for me (that is: profile...) and keep in storage? Makes no sense. Real amps played its role in history but new technology is taking the game to another level. You can't stop it - digital is just much more convenient, compact, flexible, bla, bla.

    Don't get me wrong: they will still be around as boutique items, for people who just like real amps. There will still be people who will buy them. My point is that the world is going digital and if amp manufacturers want a piece of this cake maybe they should augment their products with digital goods (profiles, maybe license deals, like some do with AmpliTube).