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    I wanted to go in a different direction with this one, play around a little not be quite so damn pedestrian yet I don't think I managed it this time. I'll know it when I find it. Anyhow, bass tuning quite counter to the actual chords at some points, subtle flanging on the drums, long instrumental intro leading to an instrumental, it can only be prog rock.

    After reading the title, I thought you meant this speech:

    I have both the FM3 and Kemper (along many other devices).

    While I appreciate the FM9 for its form-factor, the tones (even with the new Cygnus modelling tech that Fractal keeps pushing) just are not as good as what the Kemper has.

    The FM3 is a fine sounding unit, but the Kemper just cannot be beaten.

    Kemper is already pretty close to perfection.
    What I'd want in a Kemper 2 is this:

    1.)ability to profile my stomp collection and use that along with my profiled amp in the same rig

    2.)Stereo Power Amp!!! (I run my powered KPA into two 2x12 or two 4x12's)

    3.)faster, snappier response (like the Kemper Stage, which is snappier than the KPA) - especially communication between Remote and KPA

    4.)more sturdy connection between KPA and remote (that flimsy Ethernet cable loves to get stripped)

    5.)USB-C port

    That's it, the Kemper is perfect otherwise! No need for anything else...

    Let me put it this way.

    Over the course of approx. 10 years with the Kemper, I've had it along with these sound cards:

    1.)M-Audio 2496 PCI

    2.)Focusrite Scarlett Gen1

    3.)Scarlett Gen2

    4.)Axe I/O

    5.)Universal Audio Apollo Solo USB

    I've never really heard a difference enough to warrant the price difference. The Kemper sounds exactly the same either going in Digital or Analogue and the (real or supposedly) better converters of each sound card made no difference to me - the only difference was in my wallet.

    So don't get crazy about the recording interface / soundcard. Just get any decent one you can afford and one with good solid system drivers. The Kemper will sound great through any of these.

    Now, for monitors, that's another story...

    In a future firmware we are planning to bypass the sample rate converter, when the sample rate is set to 44.1 and Profiler is Master. This would bring back the low latency of earlier firmwares, for that specific setting.

    This is interesting, as I remember the low latency of the early firmware and figured the change in latency had to do with an audio interface upgrade our studio did when we re-measured during lockdown, which had us scratching our head...

    Please keep us posted on when you will implement the old low-latency back into the 44.1 SPdif FW

    Sorry if this has been covered before, but did not want to read through a 30 page thread.

    I see the Kemper Kabinet having a "cab out" to connect to a second Kemper Kabinet for a stereo rig. Is this a parallel out?

    And if so, won't the resulting resistance be 2 Ohms, as one Kemper Kabinet is 4 ohms?

    You could use two Kemper Kone's in a 2x12 cabinet, wired in series for a total load of 8 ohms.
    That is what I plan on using with my powered Kemper

    Wow, they claim they do profilling and I also saw the word rig on their site.
    Plus it shows a "refine" page - just like Kemper.
    Looks like this is heading for trouble... or maybe not, maybe they do not violate Kemper's patent - who knows.

    They claim to have perfected profiling - wow, bold! Definitely interesting!