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    Hello, this is a power rack type. It's been a few years since I bought my Kemper, but I still find it difficult to get the sound I'm happy with.

    Is the sound from the headphones plugged into the Kemper processed only inside the Kemper?

    Kemper's output has a cheap audio interface connected with an XLR cable.

    The sound coming out of Kemper's headphone jack isn't the sound coming back from your audio interface, right?

    I actually purchased a rig and IR for a fee, and tried and error many times to create the sound, but I can't really feel the "outline" of the sound.

    Crunch and lead sounds are always crushed. Or for a "saturated" sound like a wah pedal.


    I'm about to buy a new audio interface because I need it for music production.

    We are considering high-end models of Apollo x8 and Antelope.

    Please tell us if there is anything you are careful about when creating sounds.

    thank you.

    I released the button on the direct monitor and fully opened the MIX knob of PLAYBACK.

    Thanks to everyone, the problem has been solved successfully!

    I am so much obliged to you for your kindness.;(


    When I play the guitar, the "TEST" gauge glows.

    Oups, Sorry, When I released the mute button, the sound was reflected!

    But it's weird. Even though the sound is properly reflected in the Mikko player, it sounds like it is not passing through the cabinet.

    Hi. I got a reply from ML Sound Lab.

    Hey there Eleanor! 

    Thanks for getting in touch. I'm afraid as I don't own a Kemper, I can't say for certain how to do it, but I'll speak to Mikko himself and see what he says. If the Kemper works as an audio interface, set your cabless signal path to the input of MIKKO, and the output of MIKKO to the main output of Kemper. If the Kemper doesn't function as an interface, run the main outputs of your Kemper into your interface, and plug your monitoring system into your interface. In the Audio/MIDI Settings menu of MIKKO, select your interface as the input/output devices, then select the channels of your interface that you're using.

    Hope this helps you out, and if not, I'll have a full solution for you shortly.

    You'll need to disable the cabinet simulation in Kemper, then run out of the Kemper into an audio interface. If you already own an interface, you'll be able to set it straight up with the trial version (MIKKO Player) and test for yourself. Unlocking it by purchasing any of the extension packs will allow you the ability to export your IRs as .wav files. Hope this clears things up for you!

    From here I am wondering how to set it. .. ..:/



    I understand. I will try what you have taught me.

    I asked Mikko the same question and I am currently waiting for an answer, so I will wait for it.

    I will report again as soon as I understand something.

    When you play the recording, it is reflected properly.

    Excuse me. My explanation was insufficient.

    The "real time" I explained is that I want the Mikko player to react to the sound I play on the Kemper before recording.

    I want to play with Kemper + Mikko player like him in the video. (04:22〜)

    Hi Wherethedug.

    Thank you for reply.

    My purpose is to recording with DTM.

    Well...I first turned off cabinet simulator of Kemper. And I added Mikko player to Kemper's audio track insert.

    However, when I played it in real time, the sound of Mikko player did not respond.


    Hi.I used to have a lot of help and it was very helpful.

    A new problem has emerged.

    How can I set up to use the Mikko player instead of using the cabinet simulator in Kemper?

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Hi. I'm in great trouble so please help someone.

    I recently purchased a paid rig. It's amp and cabinet (IR) data.There is something I noticed when I tried the rig I purchased.

    If I launch Rig Manager and edit the rig, the data will be uploaded and can be downloaded by anyone in the world.

    That is very embarrassing. Because it's a paid rig.

    So I have a question.

    Q1,How can I prevent the rig from being uploaded automatically on the assumption that the rig manager is running?

    (It's much easier to edit in Rig Manager than in Kemper body)

    Q2,I put too much cabinet data(IR) in Kemper. Is there any way other than pressing the button on the Kemper body to delete these data?

    I am sorry to cause you inconvenience, but I am looking forward to your reply.

    Mr,808illest 返信ありがとうございます♪(Thank you for your reply♪)

    一度楽器屋でMESAの112キャビ(V30搭載)をKemper power ruckに繋げてもらって試奏したことがあります。

    スピーカーではG12 GreenbackやV30が好きなので色々検討してみたいと思います♪