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    I exactly meant THAT guitar! Go for it.
    One thing I have noticed, when I play it while sitting (guitar on right leg) it tends to dive right (body dive) - not sure if all les pauls do that.
    But soundwise it is fat les paul sound.

    I think I'll go ahead and keep the LP Studio and change the pickups. This guitar plays great (Plek'd, new Bone nut).

    Often "something" is wrong when you buy a guitar online (frets, nut cut too deep, etc) which can cost a lot.

    As far as the Epi balance, I think it depends on the Neck type and Weight Relief on the body that affects the balance.
    I had a LP that was "chambered" with a thick "50's" neck and it dove to the left.
    I also like my current Studio because it's not chambered, nice big chunk of mahogany..

    I'm a big fan of GFS. Absolutely nothing wrong with them.

    Pickups are actually really simple devices whose sound results from the combination of the parts and methods used to make them. There are no "quality" parts used in pickups like unobtainium alloys or hand carved bobbins made from crystallized lamb's tears. $300 booteek PAF's make me laugh. $3000 vintage PAF's make me laugh more, and I own a bunch of them.

    True I've been happy with the GFS pups I've purchased they seem to be well made. Any tone issues I've had with them have just been a case of buying the wrong kind of pickup for the guitar. I have ceramics in a $100 Goldtop copy that sound really nice. Alnico 5 in another Chinese PRS type guitar and this extra set of Alnico II pro series. I am just not the best with a soldering iron and this Les Paul Studio has coil split pots as well as a built-in preamp and the possibility of me messing it up would be higher than a basic wiring setup.

    I had Gibson Les Paul Studio with BB Pros and didn't like the sound.
    Epiphone Les Paul with Classic 57 pups sounds so good. got me thinking now (sometimes that's hard for me to do ?( )
    Why mod my Les Paul Studio when it's "Like New" and could probably sell it for enough to get something like this

    Not a fan of Burstbuckers at all! Recently took mine out of my LP Standard, and replaced them with Dimarzio 36th anniversary PAF!

    Played the guitar a bit today and my immediate reaction was "this doesn't sound like a Les Paul". I have some inexpensive (but good sounding) Alnico II pups from GFS that I'm going to put in for a while. I think they are Classic 57 copies with coil tap.

    Gibson is still using these pickups in high end guitars!
    I found this beautiful Les Paul Standard that has BB Pros.
    I can't imagine paying $2800 + for a standard and getting BB Pro's

    I've been looking for more profiles like this. Love that Ole Rock n' Roll and that Slapback Sun Studios tone. I wish someone could get a profile of that wonderful 63 Bassman, but I think Brian Setzer bought all those amps up.

    Thanks a lot, Sounds Great !!

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    RIP Leonard Cohen

    I went back to Celluloid picks for basic acoustic picking after hearing Keith Richards on the classic Stones records. If I'm playing those long arpeggios on something like "Love In Vain" it doesn't sound right with Nylon or Delrin.

    Hey all,
    I've uploaded a profile of my Vox AC15H1TV Heritage to the RE.
    I know HAYS has a bunch of this amp, but mine sounds different (MXL Ribbon Mic).

    It's crunchy with HB's and the gain is very usable up the scale.

    I don't know how to link to Rig Exchange so HERE'S the link

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    exactly the same happened to me. moving to the KPA and the finese of its sounds at low levels for home use has made me realize burstbuckers pro are not satisfactory pickups. the neck is always too much on the bass and low mids and whatever you do the sounds gets dull. the bridge is even worse and always sounds harsh.

    Yeah the only acceptable tone to my ears was dropping the pickups real low. I actually like the neck because I usually drop them down all the way and the BBpro has a nice treble tone. The bridge Pup just sounds "fuzzy" when you are palm muting some bass stuff.

    It's hard shopping for Pup's online because I don't get a lot from the sound samples, but the ones that really stuck out to me were the Duncan Seth Lover Alnico 2 bridge and Gibson 57 Classic bridge (also Alnice 2), I think I'll keep the BBpro neck.

    FWIW, Lots of folks on the Les Paul forum don't like them.

    Yes it's hard to find any positive reviews of Burstbucker Pro's.

    I'll have to find a way to deal with them until I can get the bucks for a replacement. A shame because I do like the sound of Alnico 5 humbuckers, GFS has some that sound pretty good.

    Anyone have these pickups and any opinions on them?

    I have a Les Paul Studio with Burstbucker Pros and have tried to bond with this guitar for years. Since I got the Kemper I feel my ear is more "in tune" to guitar tone and I'm more dissatisfied with these pickups.

    The Neck is okay but no matter what height I set the Bridge Pickup it has a "harsh" sound with Distortion. Clean they sound quite chimey and nice, but I got this guitar to crank it up!

    My "fix" is to ride the tone around 7 but still not what I want.

    Just curious if there are other opinions on these Gibson Pickups and maybe some good replacements. I play early Hard Rock and Metal with this guitar, I was thinking of the 57 Classic Plus in the bridge.

    Very Nice!! I just got through watching some Dead & Co. last night (and wishing I was there), I'm feeling the vibe with this one, though more straight rock beat than Dead rhythms.

    thanks for sharing :thumbup:

    What about information what profile and delay setting you have used?

    I found these lipstick pickups sound there best close to the strings.
    Not sure of the original profile but I found the cleanest Bassman in the Rig Exchange and created this one

    Sparkle5 (I'm using the Delay on Beta 5 OS)

    sounds great, I bet you can also play some early Zep stuff on this one

    Yes, if only I could play like Jimmy...What do think, "Dancing Days" ? :thumbup: