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    Greetings all,
    Been a Line 6 fangirl since the original Pod came out in 97. After clearing some room on my credit card, I have been able to move on from the Pod HD to the Kemper. After having the Kemper a few days it's totally worth it. The build quality is great and the controls are good, plus as the goofy ShamWow guy says on TV "It's from Germany where you know they make good stuff".

    Since I'm so new to this device I spent a couple days afraid of it, just turning on the device every so often to watch the beautiful lights. Do they have a hidden "easter egg" that you can activate it as a holiday decoration.

    So far my only difficulty is the Rig Exchange. I can't find an Amp or Artist field to find a specific tone I'm looking for.

    I like all types of music as long as it doesn't suck and try to write my own songs, but lately I've been really into all things Keef ( I did find a VT40) and also early Rock and Roll and Rockabilly.

    Some of the other guitarist I like are:
    Brian Setzer
    Scotty Moore
    Cliff Gallup
    Billy Gibbons
    Alex Lifeson (different genre but best guitarist IMHO)

    Nice to be a part of such a great community. I see MeamBobbo is here. You taught my ear how to make good guitar tone on the PodHD. :thumbup:

    Here's some pics.
    My Kemper Setup
    The only place I could really put it was by lowering my double keyboard stand (with a plastic lid as a shelf). It looks kinda goofy because the stand was not designed to that low angle so it's not completely level but it seems solid.

    [Blocked Image:]

    My favorite Guitar Gretsch 5620 electromatic!
    [Blocked Image:]

    I'll keep posting my questions in the future.