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    I posted in another thread about how the kemper doesn't sound the same as before this latest update. here's a little update

    the mix and decay time taper seems like it has changed, I used to set the mix around 50 to 60% and the old time parameter around 5.0, I used some old stuff I recorded to compare and had to reduce to 40 to 50% mic and decay between 1.5 to 1.8 s, these settings gave me the same reverb "amount" I was looking for on legacy and natural reverb.

    For the boominess I tried every possible combination possible with low, high decay and high cut, it kept sounding as if the low end was boosted, I somehow got the sound back to normal by putting low shift to +0.1 on a cab preset I'm having locked all the time, I never touched these parameters before.

    The dly +rev routing moved to rig can't be locked. I like to have stomps and effects locked while browsing through profiles, this setting keeps moving from a profile to another which is so far extremely annoying.

    So yeah it's getting better, I hope they get a fix for this latest point, all will be good again

    I spent last night with these reverbs. I mainly play at home through headphones and I managed to get a really nice hall reverb before this update, here are my toughts:

    - When I load my saved presets they sound nothing like they used to. The legacy reverb is totally different from the old reverbs. I tought the new legacy reverb will automatically load at parameters that would give an equivalent sound. It doesn't.

    - the natural reverb through headphones sounded like I wasn't putting headphones on, you hear your sound but it's distant. I'm still not sure what to think about it. It sounds different...

    - Spring reverb is cool to play a couple surf licks but that "drip" effect gets tiring quickly.

    -I have no idea how to use the echo reverb, I used to get this effect with delay + reverb module, delay set around 200ms. It sounded convincing

    So yeah, I don't recognize my kemper anymore, all my presets sound different, the overall impression is tone thickened, like some added low end to it. I tried tweaking but couldn't get sounds I used to have before the upgrade. Maybe it's just my ears used to the old reverbs.

    I'll play with it a couple days more, but probably will get back to the older firmware.

    +1. Give their latest top hat pack a try too. These guys are getting better by each pack. I hope they never stop bringing those sweet boutique amps out.

    How are these sounding through headphones? If these were made with humbuckers then I'd be interested in giving mbritt another go. In the past they were too dark for my headphone setup.

    You definitely need a studio eq post-amp, I'll be back home in a couple days and can share the settings I found work for my beyerdynamics dt880

    Just a little testimonial, this pack is more than worth it just for the cabs folder included.

    I play at home through a set of jbl lsr305 and a beyerdynamics dt880 pro driven by a schiit magni headphone amp, and always felt the profiles had that « blanket over the amp » sound, locking one of their cabs (a Marshall) opened up the sound of every single profile I have.

    Also if you’re into high gain stuff these profiles rock

    Can't you use the HX as a midi control, 1st example coming up is setting presets in the HX and associate midi commands to the kemper profiles used for these. you could sell the pod hd 500, and buy an amp in a box instead as a backup.
    Also, if you're using HX's delays and reverbs, what stereo effects would you still need from Kemper?

    Agree. Love the Teemah. I'm using the HX in 4CM with a Mesa/Boogie Lonestar Special. It's euphoria for me. For the first time in my life I'm actually dialing in MY tone. The HX Effects is worth every penny no matter where you put it in your fx chain. The new reverbs are stunning as well.

    @GregGibbs Lots of questions pop up :
    - How does their spring reverb sound?
    - Did you try the IR loader with kemper's direct profiles? Is it any good?
    - Also is there any visibility on an editor for the HX?

    I sonnt think upping the gain setting on a profile is actually a good idea. It gets you out of the amp "snapchat" mode and into digital modelling territory. You're better yet switching profiles with different gains.

    Of course! Are you not digging the profiles?

    alright, so I'm playing a strat with fender hot noiseless pups through a set of jbl lsr305 at home. I was coming forth between these profiles and The 2 latest Mbritt packs. I might be wrong, but it feels like your first 2 packs were pack 1 and princess 65. these 2 sounded a tiny bit muffled, or muddy, or having too much low end ( I'm not good with adjectives ^^). anyway, just like every Mbritt profile out there, a bit of tweaking is needed on the definition and eq to get them sound better yo my ear.

    And then there is the bend sun, pack 2 lowman and dual amps...
    it feels like the switch I made from a pod hd500X to kemper, a freaking eye opener. My strat never sounded that good before,and the only tweak needed was upping the rig volume.
    these are by a huge margin the best clean to pushed profiles out there, and I tried them all.
    Stoked customer here, looking forward to what's coming up, and wondering what result you'd come up with if you used whatever wizardry you're using to make these profiles on some high gain amps.

    That´s a great idea, Andy ! I will surely check the profiles out and I can imagine that they were tough to set up right.

    Actually, this is what I was hoping Kemper would offer with the KPA instead of more gadgetry: dual profiles (mixable via expression pedal) ... and the option to mix the dry and wet sound via expression pedal (which my Johnson Millenium JM-150 amp could do in 1992) ... oh well, I am only dreaming ;)^^

    Can you imagine the possibilities... Matter of fact I can't think of a different reason for a Kemper 2.

    Well there certainly is no limit when it comes to creativity in music, profiling is sort of the same. - so yeah. maybe it is: )

    So happy your having some enjoyment!..

    my dream combo would be a soldano sl60 and a sunn model T reissue, running through 412s. Any chance for custom requests/orders?