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    Ive used this setup : Guitar into Kemper guitar input

    Kemper Monitor out to amp fx return (Master Mono selected)

    Kemper Direct Send to amp guitar input (Guitar plus Processing selected)amp fx loop send to Kemper Return input.

    And still Nothing but dry sounds

    Hi. I'm a happy owner of a kemper (not power head) and wish to use it with a newly bought amp.

    Its a victory V40 deluxe with matching 212 cabinet.

    Is it possible to use the kemper for delays, flangers, overdrives and other Effects trough my victory amp just like i would use an ordinary pedal?

    If yes, how will i need to set it up, do I use the FX loop or just run it trough one of the outputs?

    In advance, thanks for answering

    To make this a short question. Do any of you guys know of some good profiles to use with an acoustic guitar?
    When recording I'm using a Taylor with built in mics on the line input, then I use a microphone in the room to catch some of the natural sound that I blend in.

    So any good profiles for this ?


    A newbie question here. I got the kemper Connected via usb to my DAW, mostly for the rig manager, but I have seen some topics about using the DAW for setting the delay tempo of a procject directly to the Kemper.

    So, I use Cakewalk Sonar and are interessted to know if the following can be done somehow:
    When creating a New Project With lets say, 100bpm, is it a way do directly synchronice the delay/chorus etc tempo on the kemper?
    The delay pattern must be set manually I understand, but what about the tempo?