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    Hi everybody, I have stored a stomp block with 4 effects that I use most of the time. Now If I work in performance mode and want to use that block in all 5 slots, should I assign and save it 5 times or is it possible to do that in one step?

    Here again, I bought a pair of 770 new, 80 ohm. The guy at the shop told me that 250 ohm is too much for the kemper, if you like playing at high volume. Now, is there a burn in period for a new pair of headphones? I plugged them yesterday but I was a little disappointed for the sound which I found a little muddy. Maybe my ears are fixed with my old headphones...

    Well I hope to explain this correctly in english, if not I apologize. I will explain this request with an example: I own an original MXR flanger 117, the one with AC plug used by Van Halen. Well, I've noticed that the cycle of the flanger effect is continuous, even when the effect is switched off. So when you switch it on and off many times it never starts from the same position and you get different sounds every time (think the intro of ain' 'talkin bout love). If I configure the flanger of the Kemper, the quality is similar, but you always get the same sound because every time It starts the cycle from the beginning. This is valid for all cycling effects, such as flanger, phaser, vibe, chorus, ecc. Sorry guys if it's not clear...

    Yes, these were the settings I've also used with my 5150 Combo which has 2x12 Sheffiled Speakers. It sounded EXACTLY like the Balance tour. With a Boss PS5 in the loop for detune effect, I was in heaven. Never replied that sound with the 5150 iii I bought later...And the clean channel was surprisingly CLEAN! I remember an interview with Eddie where he said that the develop of 5150 combo took a long time.

    I also miss some gain. Mi guitar is an original music man van halen and my pickups are original dimarzio 15 kohm of impedance. Have you put all the controls to 10? Anyway the tone is definitely there, it's a pleasure to play with these profiles...

    These are a good match for bridge HBs - which is what EVH used.

    Any tips on the naming scheme? Some seem like shorthand for album names (1984 VH1 VH2 etc) but others I didn't recognise at all

    FW is fair warning. Wow I've just uploaded them and I think that the sound is wonderful!

    Just a question: I'm using my musicman evh and i've noticed that i can't do the tapped harmonics of the intro of mean street. If I play it with a 5150 profile, the tapped harmonics sounds without problems. Do you think eddie boosted the input of the marshall during that intro?

    Io ho l'ultima versione e le mie cartelle sono proprio organizzate così. Tengo tutti i profili acquistati, già caricati sul Rig manager, ciascuno catalogato per nome Studio. Così tengo il Kemper scarico, e metto su solo quelli che mi occorrono. Tanto per provarli basta fare doppio click..

    I tryed many times, reinstalled rig manager, but every time I click on the update available, I get this error:

    I sent the logs to kemper support.


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    Ciao, grazie per la risposta, ma forse non sono stato chiaro io. I fuzz che cerco di mettere in catena sono proprio quelli del Kemper. Non ho più pedali di distorsione ormai, gli unici che mi sono rimasti (e che non venderò MAI) sono il flanger MXR originale del 1977 e un Phase 90 Script logo sempre anni 70. Le modulazioni sono abbastanza vicine come dici tu, ma con i fuzz e i muff non riesco proprio a carburare. Metto in catena un fuzz con guadagno a 0 e volume -2 ed il suono è super distorto. L'ampli che uso è un Plexi Top Jimi appena crunchato...Boh

    Ciao a tutti. È da qualche settimana che ho comprato il kemperino, sto cominciando a carburare. Ho acquistato qualche buona profilazione commerciale, trovando un bel marshall plexi che suona molto hendrixiano. Trovo difficoltà però nel mettergli davanti un buon fuzz, anche perché i parametri sono piuttosto strani: col gain a zero e volume a -2 il fuzz è molto pronunciato e direi poco credibile se paragonato al suono dell'ampli profilato. In altre occasioni ho provato ad usare il muff e anche quello nn mi è piaciuto tanto. Per vostra esperienza, si riescono a configurare stomps all'altezza del suono dell'ampli, oppure bisogna cercare profilazioni che contengano gia i pedali veri?