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    Ah, good. Maybe it'll be included sometime in the future. It's the one big thing I've been missing. I've never been any good at tuning in a stomp-compressor even though it's a simpler interface. I suppose many of us that are used to working in DAW:s prefer the full compressor layout. Keeping my fingers crossed then.

    Maybe someone's requested this already but I'd love to have an internal studio style compressor with actual attack, release, ratio knobs instead of the basic stomp box variant. That would definitely allow for some better fine-tuning. :thumbsup:

    Thanks och tack!

    The "tone snob" friends I have have actually been positively surprised. Sure, there's always some caveat like "it sounds great but doesn't really feel right" but my guess that's just the feel of listening through studio monitors rather than sitting by the amp and speaker. Takes some getting used to I guess.
    I'll be sure ask them about how important the feel is when they're carrying 50 kg of gear up and down the stage. :D

    Bumping because I'm curious.
    Which functions are accessible via the remote that can't be accessed with the 1010 with an uno chip?
    Apart from the size, the somewhat flimsy feel of the stomp buttons and the, let's be honest, abysmal expression pedals (which I hardly ever use anyway) I think the 1010 seems to work splendidly with the kemper. Any reason to upgrade to a remote besides the screen and general feel? I mean, the price tag seems kind of hefty for a control unit.

    So after much consideration and watching countless hours of tutorials and amp-shootouts on youtube I finally decided that a Kemper rack was the way to go. I'd used an old Line 6 XT live since forever and though I thought it sounded great 10 years ago the time had come to put it to sleep. Obviously the Kemper is miles away from that old workhorse.

    I play semi-professionally in various cover-bands and do some production work on the side. I will probably stop using software amps altogether since most of them can't really hold a candle to the Kemper. Oh, and when I find the time I also play in a death metal band called The Forsaken.

    I've only had the time to use it on one gig and noodled around with it in my home studio so far but I'm pretty blown away by the sound and variation you can get from this thing. Originally a big draw for me was the ability to make profiles since I have a few friends with great sounding amps and a recording studio but after a few hours on the rig exchange I don't really see the point anymore since there are literally thousands of great (and the occasional bad…) sounding profiles.

    Anyways, cheers and I'm looking forward to exploring the forum.