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    I have no doubt it’s an unfortunate sub vendor’s bad batch of switches and Kemper will sort it out. It’s s till the best sounding digi-amp and I have faith. Then I’ll pick up a Stage again. Until then, I’m exchanging for another rack profiler for backup. I was really looking forward to the Stage parallel controlling the rack as backup. Im not sure it can, though. Never got there. Kemper will resolve this. Hopefully they pulled any unsold units with these switches. If I knew they sourced a compatible, better military grade switch, I’d order them all and replace them.


    I had the same problem with three footswitches. 2 on the stage and 1 on the passive dual switch. Same type of switch. If you push down on a good switch you’ll notice that as soon as it clicks the contact throws. On a failed switch, nothing happens at the click. You have to keep traveling down until it contacts. Intermittently. One bad fresh out of the box. I watched the other two get progressively worse. No more than 100 presses. Brand new.

    It’s a shame. Bad switches, not a bad Kemper. Still the best there is. Though the QA testing didn’t catch this for whatever reason. When they get this confidently resolved, I’ll get another. In the meantime, I’m getting another head as home spare for the live rig.

    Unfortunately I’ve had two foot switches go bad. I was always concerned about the remote and especially tying our hands with lack of cc capability on foot switches. So I stuck to my never failing All-Access controller and happily controlled the K Power Rack, 2290 and PCM-70 and G-Force. But, I thought I’d give this a try. Bad preset down switch bit me a few times in the middle of a high profile all-star show. The extra dual switch I ordered had the B switch with the same problem.

    Its going back and I’m back to the Kemper rack and independent controller.

    Guys. Please. Don’t cut corners. Bad foot switches can cost us call backs and a lot of lost $$$.

    And why not let us send out cc’s to those effects you CAN’T profile or program. Seriously! The remote is stifling and intermittent. But worse, the stage is all in one and you lose it all to a repair.

    After this, I can’t be without a backup and that defeats the purpose of getting it to save carrying a rack AND controller.

    Otherwise, great idea if I could reliably control it!!!

    Don’t put your eggs all in one basket.

    He’ll, I’d keep it to play at home if I could thumb drive whatever I create to the fly rig. But, can’t do that. Different controller.

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