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    try using the format shift in the chromatic pitch shifter, I made mine sound zizzly like a pog with it. As far as the organ sounds, that's a different thing but could be achieved.
    Try the quad chromatic delay and turn the delay down or off basically. Maybe put a wah filter after it and and turn the mix down.

    Shoot... I'm gonna try it tomorrow! Lol

    Just gave it a go and it sounds wicked! Nice one

    So the kemper has a monophonic octaver that's okay but not fantastic, but surely it can't be too much to ask to have a POG-esque stomp? I don't mean the transposition tool, I mean a full octaver with the dry signal as well. There seems to be no dry/wet on the transposer, which could be a solution to this problem or a starting point for the POG. It seems that the technology is already there, but no one has pulled it together yet.

    Hi, I've been travelling to gigs for a while now and I've discovered that while the toaster looks more like a head and all that jazz, a rack toaster that I can wheel around instead of lifting all the time would be far better, especially as I mostly travel by bus or train. I have a Kemper carry bag that is well loved but in good condition that I would happily also give alongside it (RRP ~£70). If the rack came with a flight case that would be perfect but not necessary for the swap. As mentioned in the title, this is for an unpowered Kemper, and I am located in Surrey in the South of England. I am not interested in overseas swaps.

    Thanks, Chuck

    When I perform live, it would be fantastic for my clock in the kemper to instantaneously sync with the in-ears click. The issue is that the Kemper has to be SPDIF master and so at the moment this is not possible... maybe also external performance key for certain delay plugins! But first and foremost external clock :)