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    This is 100% needed (in my opinion). Once I set my master, I don't touch that--that's for the FoH with gain staging. However, being able to balance out rig volumes based on feedback from FoH (that performance one sounds a bit too quiet compared, etc.) in a way that's quick and can be saved fast would be so helpful.

    +1. The fact that this feature is lacking is so surprising to me, as being able to make quick adjustments (even in a stage setting during sound check) is critical for live performance. I can appreciate the desire to keep hardware buttons streamlined, but long pressing a couple buttons to make it happen would be so helpful (or any other creative solution you guys could come up with). As for now, the Stage has been kicked off in our productions for the most part due to the inability to do this unless we are absolutely sure no adjustments will be needed. Taking all the time to set it up in a studio environment is one thing I can understand where it's a bit of a hassle and more tedious, but you can dial in what you like (which to me, is not the target or appeal of this product); In a live environment or for sound check you unfortunately don't have the luxury of being able to waste the entire crew's time trying to deep dive into menus to make multiple small adjustments that are needed for confidence and reliability in playing. Maybe there's a solution I'm missing, and I don't want to be too critical of the Stage at all (it's a wonderful work of engineering), it just missed the mark a bit on this one for being able to use it as a workhorse in a live setting.