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    From the comments in the "Mary had a little lamb" video."
    I adapted the profile to the pickups (van zandt blues) of my stratocaster.
    1. fender super reverb amp (GRStudios free from RM): definition 10, power sagging 3 compressor 0, clarity 6, tube ... 0
    2. EQ: bass 2, middle 5, treble 2, presence 0
    3. Mbritt Cab: MB 212 412 3 (pure cabinet 0)
    4. before the amp: compressor
    5. after the amp: Space, Rev. "

    Right... (sarcasm alert)...Because Scott just went, "Hey, lets create Tom's sound" (walks over to Kemper, twists a couple knobs, and says) "there, that works. I'm glad I had the camera running!"

    Slide rules work just fine, who would ever need a calculator?

    Why does everyone keep saying the interface is intuitive? Paging through 4 EQ pages of parameters, 6 delay pages, etc.etc. is not intuitive. Give me a single computer screen with all my delay parameters on one page, now that would be intuitive.

    This thread is like the current political climate in the US. Guess what, you don't get to tell me how to protest, how to be patriotic, ... How easy it is for me to use my Kemper to change settings.

    Okay, that last part is a little, well a lot of hyperbole, but (hopefully) you get my point.

    search "porcupine tree" in the rig exchange. Travis has a Badcat Hotcat 30R that will give you a good start. He made it for the song Open car, but I think you can work with it.

    From the youtube video comments:
    "Profiler Pro TV
    I can't sell the rigs yet, I still need to work out a deal with the profile makers, but, that's in the works.Rock on,Scott."

    Hey, if I can buy a commercial rig with the effects already programmed, that's a win win for me. More time playing, less tweaking. I bought Scott's G-system presets before I purchased the Kemper for the same reason. I hate trying to tone match for 1 or 2 cover tunes, I'd gladly pay someone else to do it (if it's done right).

    My all time favourite seems to remain one of @timowens' Friedman HBE100 profiles from the "have amps, will profile" marathon thread what a great guy he is!!). Can't give enough kudos to the man. What a way to serve the community!!!!

    He did a couple of profiles based on request by me: Have amps, will profile the BE100: Lets make some profiles...
    ...amidst an epic profiling spree

    Sorry to hijack, but a want to give a huge thanks. I missed that thread.

    There goes my night now. :thumbsup:

    Disregard, I had the same issues after the roll back. After pulling out a pound of hair, I found a ground issue between my systems. My wife uses this desk for her home office when she works from home and moved some wires "out of her way". I'm jumping back into the deep end and loading up the beta again. Next up, is finishing my basement studio ( it's only been 17 yrs and I'm half done).

    I just had to roll back to the release OS and restore my back up. After about an hour of playing around and practicing, things got funky sounding, it sounded almost like a combination of fret buzz and a dirty volume pot crackle (sorry I didn't record it). I rebooted and tried changing modes and other rigs, no change, still bad sounding. I tried 2 different guitars and cables just to make sure.

    I restored my back up first with the beta OS and it was fine for about another hour, but then it started again. I'm pretty sure it happened after switching back and forth between browse and performance modes. I would practice in performance mode with my normal rigs for a while, then play around with the delays for a bit in browse mode with random rigs. When I went back to practicing in performance mode, I noticed things were off.

    I only played around for about 10 min. after the roll back to release OS and restoring my back up. I made sure to change rig presets, switch between modes, switch delays, and all seems well. I'll run through it for a couple hours tomorrow during practice to make sure there isn't something else going on.

    PS I loved the new delays while I was playing around though.

    Rag, do you have conversations enabled in your settings? I tried to send one but it says "user doesn't exist" even though I selected it from your profile.

    Does anyone know if "conversations" are working right now, or am I missing something.

    I am. I'm no expert on things KPA and I have limited guitar skills, but your free to compare whatever profiles and settings between machines if you want. I have a non-powered head though, not a powered like you. I use an EV ZLX12p for live/band practice, headphones and computer speakers at home, but I have a house so demoing at volume wouldn't be an issue.

    I'm down in Prior Lake, SW of Minneapolis. If your interested, PM me and we can exchange phone#s to nail down a day down that works.

    I know Guitar Center is a dealer, they just don't carry them in the stores, order only. I don't get it.