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    There is no need to change the output source settings when the fx loop is active. When the loop is active the signal that is present at the direct out is determined by the position of the loop. If you want to send just the naked guitar signal after it has passed the AD conversion you should simply place the fx loop in Stomp A. This is exactly what the Git/processing output source delivers. To get the most out of a 4 cable setup stomp D is the perfect spot for the FX loop as I already explained in my previous post.

    Hm. Understood, I'll get working on it next time I'm at the studio. Thanks for your help!

    in which way does it not function anymore? The display only informs you that the direct out is indeed used when a fx loop is active and changing the output source setting is not possible because of that. The signal that is present at the direct out is determined by the position of the fx loop in the signal chain in the rig.

    I ran my direct out as guitar+processing into the front of my EVH, which it no longer does. If I can't change the output source of the direct out, what is it set to? If I know what it stays as then I could most likely find a workaround.

    nothing has changed regarding the functionality of the direct output other than the option to use it as the left output for a second stereo monitoring output pair. You can still set it to the same output sources just like before.

    BTW correct me if I am wrong but to use the 4 cable method you actually need to use the FX loop in the Profiler.

    By placing a mono FX loop in stomp D you can send the signal including the tuner/noisegate and stomps A,B,C to the input of your external amp from the Profilers direct out and then use the return of the Profiler to receive the signal post stack from the send of the external preamp. That signal then gets processed with X,MOD, DELAY and REVERB and send back to the return of the external amp from the monitor out with the master mono setting.

    You are correct, and I used to run my setup the exact way you're describing, but since the most recent update, when I have an FX loop stomp in a rig, my output menu's direct out/send option is greyed out and says "Direct Output used for Effect Loop." After some experimentation I learned that the greyed Direct Output doesn't function as it did before.

    Hey all, may be a weird one so bear with me.

    I used to run OS 5. (something) and I ran a 4CM with my EVH. I did so this like this:

    Guitar -> Kemper Input

    Direct Output (Guitar+Processing) -> EVH Input

    EVH Send -> Kemper Return

    Monitor Output (Master Mono) -> EVH Return

    The result was fantastic, but with the newest software, the direct output is locked for fx loop use, so I thought to simply use the monitor output as the guitar + processing signal. The problem is, it doesn't work this way. I'm curious to know if anyone has been able to successfully run a 4cm with the newest software update, and if so, can point me in the direction of that working method. Thanks in advance.

    I'm receiving a tube power amp tomorrow! I was curious to see which preamp/direct profiles y'all have found to be your favorite. Looking for a range of tones, but love cleans, Jet City crunches, 5150 iii distortion rhythm & leads, and I'm curious to see how an ambient tone sounds!

    Thanks ^^

    I'm on, my monitor out says -16db, I change my master volume on the tuner page so i get an absolute number vs the big list of all volumes heh, the monitor output eq is completely flat, power amp boost is at 6db.

    I have a schecter hellraiser 412 (V30s straight cab) I run my master volume at about 1.3-1.5 depending on the rhythm guitarists volume that day, levels of the rigs themselves fairly high, +6-7db or so. I use an engl for my clean, Jet City for my crunch, and EVH 5150s for my rhythm and lead tones. I go for the big "wall of sound" feel.. imagine the 5150 through a mesa 412. Medium-high gain, usually kept under 6.2, and I feel like the only metalhead that is a fan of the mid range ^^

    I have the Powerhead KPA and I love it for recording and FOH/PA use. The only place it falls short for me is through a cab, it doesn’t have that big tube feel. My thought was I would get a tube poweramp, run it through but I don’t know the best way to set it up. Should I sell my powerhead and get an unpowered rack? Or is there a good way to set up the head with a different power amp? :/ Thanks in advance

    Okay so I hooked up my KPA to my blackstar and set up everything correctly (I believe so anyway, KPA direct out into input, mic into KPA return.) Blackstar was set to a pretty high gain lead tone, and after profiling and set up all was well. Then when I stored it into my profiler it became a clean tone? Not a DI signal or anything, like an actual clean tone. Any ideas? :huh:

    So I've had my KPA for quite some time now and love the tones I get out of it, but one of the main reasons I got one was to have many different rhythm tones for my band (high gain hard rock/metal)
    My favorite rhythm tone of all time is from Hail to the King - Avenged Sevenfold. Somethin' about the way the gain crunches and punches through without being muddy.. ANYWAY they said they used Syn's signature Hellwin head for the album but I couldn't find any profiles of that head so does anyone have a rig they think sounds similar to it? The main thing I'm looking for is the palm mutes, I can tweak the held notes after no problem. Thanks guys :D:D

    Crunchy high gain palm mutes pls.