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    A version that can do everything but profile would:

    • use the same Software as the Profiler, or produce additional development and maintenance cost for a separate version
    • use the same Hardware because every component also is used for functionality besides profiling
    • would basically differ by the main switch that would lack the position ‚PROFILE‘

    So while a ‚playback only‘ version is feasible, I don’t see why it would be cheaper ?‍♂️

    I understand the fear of someone messing with the settings and I also understand the fear of someone stealing the Kemper completely but stealing my rigs? That's some either some pretty shady but well prepared criminality or plain paranoia.

    Not what I‘m afraid of, right. Don‘t worry if you don’t feel the need for this, everyone‘s situation is different.

    I suggested something similar a while ago. Still think it would be a good option:

    1. In system menu, you can set an access code
    2. To do so, you must connect a USB memory (‚stick‘)
    3. Kemper will create a secret from your code and write that onto stick
    4. As long as this stick is connected, access code is not required
    5. When stick is removed, or at power up without stick, Kemper requires access code to unlock UI
    6. Secret on stick is in a file which can be copied to other sticks

    Kemper Company, please implement that ☺️

    The fact that powercycling does not "help" in your case is not a bug but a feature. The last loaded performance or rig is stored in a so called edit buffer which survives a restart in case the user forgot to store the changes that were made to the rig or performance before the Profiler was powered off.
    Switching to a different rig or performance clears the edit buffer and loads the newly selected rig or performance into it.

    That‘s a clear description of a solution which, in my humble opinion, is very logical and practical. If everyone was reading and following this, there should be no surprises. If you want to keep something *temporary*, store it. Otherwise it will be overwritten by the next temporary thing. That helps much more than it hurts

    In my professional live, I‘ve developed features to a deadline several times. While that was fine when a (premature) announcement had already been made, it has never helped the product overall. In the times of internet, social networks, and firmware updates, there is no need to rush things for an already great product. Take your time, release what is finished and proven, and tell us in any channel. The news will spread anyhow, as fast as the news that there is no news.

    Prob better to start another thread but...alwasy try to use FOH anyway, even with a cab for sound balance. If the PA is just a vocal PA then you'll always struggle.
    You can't beat a good PA regardless of venue.

    IF you have no option, I would suggest 2 x12 or 4 x 12 will give a better spread than a 1x12 but the DXR has plenty of power. I would consider raising it up somehow...

    Thanks for your suggestion to start another thread - I was thinking so, too, but didn't want to 'litter the Forum'. I think I'll do it now anyway :-)

    Yes, you can't beat a good PA, but some of our venues don't have one, and we're not willing to bring and operate one. If there's no permament PA, we use our vocal PA.

    I'm looking for a FRFR for more flexibility with CAB-sim on: Actually I'm sometimes using a JBL EON612 instead vof the 1x12, but I'm not so happy with it's sound.
    I do raise my 1x12 cab by 20", or the EON by 10" above floor, both to reduce bass boom. I want to have it behind me, hence I won't lift it up to ear level.

    If by 'spread' you mean volume or range, I don't feel restricted there with the 600W KPA into a 200W Speaker. If you mean spread as coverage angle, I beg to differ. The wider the speaker, the more it beams high frequencies. For a small venues, I need maximum coverage angle, so a 1x12 is best among the guitar cabs, and a FRFR with a tweeter is even better.

    Thank you all.

    Indeed drag and drop works when editing the connected profilers performance memory, but swaps the dragged one with the drop target.
    Dragging a performance from the local library

    I think I've read somewhere that on Mac, the behaviour differs indeed. Roughly said: on Mac/OSX: good, on PC/Windows bad. I have a PC :-(

    Hi all,

    I've developed a process to arrange the song-specific Performances in my KPA in setlist order, using the Rig manager. That works fine so far, but if I forget one song, I'd like to insert the corresponding performance somewhere in the middle. I didn't find a way to achieve that :|

    Stupid me (then please instruct) or missing feature?

    This looks like a problem that has already been fixed in the latest Profiler software release. Which version do you use? Anyway, it is just the UI not being updated properly, the sync has been finished successfully.

    I can confirm that. Sometimes that display disappears when you push the rightmost (lit) button above the display, if not, switch the chickenhead switch to another on-position, like tuner, and back to where you were. Sync had always completed in my experience.

    After surprising resonance in the KPA user facebook group, I thought I'd present my floor board approach here as well. When folded, this has the width of my toaster and is easy to pack with it. I usually configure the 3 exp pedals as [Master Volume] [remote] [Morph] [Wah].

    For those interested, there is a build plan here.

    francisco jent - powered toaster & remote