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    I use the PS 170 with my non powered Kemper into a 2 12 guitar cabinet. Its very neutral sounding and powerful . Plus it has 3 band eq for any adjustments that need to be made so you don't need to tweak the eq in the Kemper depending on the room. It does have a fan but very quiet and its built like a tank. I would highly recommend it as a power amp solution.

    The way I understand this a merged profile with the cab off will be identical to the same amps direct profile. Is this correct ? In other words when I play a profile pack that has both direct and merged profiles of the same amp the profiles should be identical when the soft key cab light on the Kemper is not lit.

    I purchased the pack maybe a month ago and love it. I actually own a GK250ML and have not plugged it in since I got that profile pack. I considered selling my amp because the profile actually sound better than mine ever did. The settings they used and the way they dialed in the amp in the profiles were spot on. :)

    Here is my current setup with the Mbritt cabinet. I have both xlr main outs connected to Channels 1 and 2 of the cabinet. I have it set to main stereo but I have the output settings in the Kemper set to stack for the main outs and keep the cab profile on. . I then have two combo 12 inch amps set about 10 feet apart and use the fx return on both and use the direct out and monitor out with cab offs sent to those. The beta version of the Kemper allows this stereo setup to work while keeping the cab profile off for those outputs. I use stack with with cabs on going to the MBritt and have it centered between the two single 12s. 3 speakers all together with a mixture of cab in the room stereo and the profiles cab in the Mbritt. At that point just adjust the volumes to suit your taste. Sort of a complicated setup but sounds huge.

    Would it be possible to use a y cable on the direct send to allow stereo monitoring with the monitor out as well as still have the option of the effects loop of the Kemper using the return like normal. I would love to have both stereo monitoring as well as use of the effect loop.

    Has anyone tried using both the KPA remote simultaneously with the Behinger FCB1010 ?The KPA remote could be used for switching effects along with the looper while the Behinger could be used to switch rigs as well as use the two pedals ( ie volume and wah). Behinger connected with midi and of course the KPA remote using its own connection. Is this overkill? I already own the Behinger but am wanting to try out the KPA remote especially after all the great reviews.

    I have been messing around with the pure cabinet settings in the output menu. I definitely notice a difference when going through a FRFR cabinet and through my studio monitors. I have settled on keeping pure cabinet on but at a lower setting of around 2. I am curious on other kemper owners opionions on the usefullness of the pure cabinet function to get a better cabinet in the room sound through your FRFR or monitors. Do you guys have it on usually and if so what is your setting.

    I have had my non powered kemper for about a month now and wanted to share my setup. I am taking the spdif to my computer connected to my studio monitors. works and sounds great. I am also taking the monitor out on the back with the speaker disabled and inputting into the effect return of a Fender Mustang #3 I had been using before the kemper. This amp is a powered amp with a built in celestian 12 inch speaker...G12T 100-100. The sound I get through this setup is great. With the preamp bypassed on the mustang I get the full kemper amp sound ( minus the cabinet) . With the celestion speaker it is the amp in the room sound you usually cant get without a dedicated guitar speaker. I am mentioning this because it is an inexpensive alternative that I have been pleased with.
    Does anyone else use this setup or have a different combo amp they are using with the Kemper perhaps a tube combo amp or other? There are a million combo amps on the market and its an easy and inexpensive solution to get that guitar amp sound on stage or as in my case in my studio.