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    So I've seen a few people in searches popping up from this forum and Reddit asking about Ghost profiles. The closest I've personally gotten is with modified JCM800 and Orange Rockerverb profiles. So to answer a few questions for myself and others I did a quick cover of Dance Macabre. Mistakes are present and it's just a quick dirty mix and I messed around with a harmony on the last solo. I used the STL Tones Lee Malia pack Orange Rockerverb 100 Mkii TS808 profile (So not a free profile). The key to getting where close was adding power sag, adjusting the definition and adding a fair amount of clarity along with a bit of EQ. From seeing them live it sounds like one guitar player (black guitar) is cutting mids while the other guitarist (white guitar) is boosting mids so that's where I went with it. If you are trying to get a tone for these guys I suggest finding a good Rockerverb profile and getting into the Amplifier menu and start adjusting. They are using Axe FX 3's live and quite honestly I always get the feeling that the Axe FX sounds dry (tighter?) compared to the Kemper which is where I found the clarity option helpful. Here's a clip of what I got out of the experiment. If you have the Lee Malia profiles my settings are on the soundcloud link in the description. Good luck and have fun on the tone search guys and girls.

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    In most cases, Soundcloud uses a bandwidth of only 128 kbps. As a result, what you hear isn't free of artefacts, especially the high end. For critical listening and also product comparison, please keep that in mind. Users who setup a comparison should use linear wave files and supply dropbox links.

    Yeah I'm still having issues with os7. Main issue is i keep my kemper on favorites so I don't have to scroll through forever to grab what I want and it's reverting to all profiles every startup. When I switch to favorites it takes 4-5 times of having to switch back and forth between all rigs and favorites for it to show my favorites list.

    Navar posted an absolutely awesome set of 5153 profiles here on the forum. I'm not sure if they are on Rig Exchange. Quite basically i set up his profiles in a performance and used them on stage with my old band. The newest guitar player has a 5153 50 watt and I wasn't using my normal cab. Adjusted the low end in the output section and he couldn't believe how dead on it was. I've used a ton of STL Tones and M. Britt profiles live as well. I haven't gigged the Tone Junkie profiles I have but I wouldn't sweat using them if i needed to.

    I've looked for about 2 hours for the answer and couldn't find one (including searching here, google and manuals) so either I'm overlooking it or it hasn't been brought up yet.

    So basically while setting up some performances I accidentally linked the wrong stomp (my wah) to a switch. It doesn't matter what i do because I have my wah set to the same bank which is bank D, if I add a wah it automatically goes to switch 3 on the remote. This kinda sucks because I want the wah to be on/off via the mission engineering pedal. So how do I go about removing that link between switch 3 and bank D? I've tried setting it to none and saving. Soon as I turn a wah on it goes right back to switch 3. Tried resaving the specific slot I was working on and same thing. I really don't want to delete the performance and start over because I've added all the effects on top of profiles that had none or minimal stuff.