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    Absolutely, i certainly wasn't saying that you shouldn't use it on solos, only suggesting that it wouldn't necessarily fatten up a lead like the Roeffel asked.

    Besider lead or solo boost what's the best practice ?

    also use cut the mix btw ...


    OK small update, setting tap button as rig up works ...

    I searched on the forum and found this test function : input&enter

    As assumed rig up button not working, but the screen underneath the UP is fulltime black, the others turn black while pushed

    In this mode going to performance mode increases the rig numbers rapidly however button count not folliwing this behaviour


    OK guys, here's the story. I bought a one month old stage from a friend mine. It had a stain on the screen (there's a topic from this as well). Because the unit was only 5 weeks old (my friend didn't care that much about that stain which was there from day one) we decided to get it fixed. I contacted support but we decided to contact thomann instead of sending the unit in for repair. They kindly proposed to replace the unit by a new one. I received the unit yesterday and fired it up immediately. the the problems came:

    - Upon first boot : crash screen

    - In perform mode the rig went up sky-high without pushing the rig up button

    - I wanted to recover my backup from the previous stage but was not able to reach the USB input "button", this was all in perform mode. In browse mode the rig button up button did not seem to affect the working of the unit.

    -I hooked up the stage to the pc and with rig manager I was able to install the latest firmware

    -Recovered all my rigs from the stained stage.

    -But now the rig up button was not working t all (as at first it was activated continuously)

    I had to leave for rehearsal and decided to take my 5 yr old powered rack that never let me down !

    I really have a bad feeling about this now, I thought the issues with the first bach of stages was behind us (this is the latest version with the round vent holes, brand new unopened box)

    Is kemper testing these units prior to shipment ? QC ? I don't want to loose faith in the "deutsche grundlichkeit", but it definately has a dent now.

    Should we ask for another thomann replacement ? get this one fixed ?

    I'll contact the support team and include video and images ...

    I actually hope one of the moderaters will contact me to offer a solution ...


    ps: I also noticed that the led underneath the record and play indicator was a bit off center ?

    ps2 : the rack kicked a$$ at rehearsal

    I sold my helix LT and Got a kemper stage (have a powered rack as main gigrig). The lt is really Nice but all these possibilities, fx, dual amp, dual cab things are overwhelming. I Just love the simple signal chain of the Kemper. Although fancy is Nice, it comes to roadworthy reliabilty and sound. These topics excell for the Kempers!


    I use 2 pedals , one for morphing leads, the other for wah/pitch.

    Biggest thng for me compared to rig button morph is that you can rest your foot on the pedal and engage leads without having to look down where to push. The wah starts with bypass at stop so no need to push down hard for the button to get activated


    Hi guys, are there any softbags available for a stage and an expression pedal ? I fabricated a HPL board for it with rubber feet. I had the Helix backpack is was a too tight fit and due to the pedal board it sat to high ...

    So show me you perfect fitting pedalboards and the bags that go with it. I don't want the normal flight case material solutions

    I read somewhere thet the bag for the headrush is a bit bigger then the backpak one ? Might look into that one

    I do own the stage bag but would like a pedal attached so I just need to grab and go !



    Once my sounds are set, I never bothered about new profiles or iR's. Same goes for all modellers , if you like the sound just play !

    However in a band context you do need to change the sound to make the sound fuller when bass and other guitars are involved.

    Mostly that sound that will come out I'd hate when played alone at home with headphones. Regarding the chase, it's over ...

    Also believe that all sounds are allready been created, they are there somwhere, wether payed or free ... So all of these vendors have a hard time coming up with new stuff. In most cases they just do because they love doing it ! but needed, don't think so :)


    I just got a stage as backup/rehearsal unit. I know it's pure luxury. I have my powered rack and the remote for gigs. I replaced a line6 helix LT for the stage. I only had to backup and restore to the stage and enjoy the same quality of sound in all circumstances. I use a TC electronic BAM200 as amp for the stage !

    Just love it !


    Hi Guys,

    I just read in the manual of the stage that it's preferable to put a noise gate in the stomp section instead of in the input section ?

    why would this make a difference ? Or why is it better for high gain profiles ? Never understood the whole ratio stuff for the noise gate fx :)


    Our general intend is to keep Rigs for the tone and away from user specific settings like input routing, output routing and pedal assignments. Only this keeps Rigs exchangable amongst users. Otherwise half of the Rigs in Rig Exchange and any Rig packs would probably not work out of the box in your setup.

    And if you are ready to have different Rigs for morphing with pedal control, and others for wah with pedal control anyhow ... where is the issue? You can have that: just stick to morphing in one Rig and Wah in the other Rig and your global Morph Pedal with MorphPedal to Wah will handle it accordingly.

    I just thought you might not need two Mission pedals for your spare unit, but could live with another brand.

    Aha, I think I get it now ! So if I leave out the wah in the patches i want to morph with the pedal, have a different rig with wah in it I use the rig button morph button and rock the pedal for wah ?

    I appreciate the support massively and would adopt the whole kemper team in a heartbeat if needed :)


    ps : you're also 100% right regarding the 2 expr pedals