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    First time that I have issues with upgrading my kemper ... Rig manager latest version, profiler latest beta ,while trying to transfer to kemper , pop up window saying an error accured while updating , contact support or try again ... the progress bar did not show a progress either ...


    I've bought a BAM 200 too, to go with a self made 1-12" Kabinet.

    It's loud enough in this configuration.

    I've seen someone tested the real wattage and said that it was closer to 130/150W than 200W they announce. I've not tried it in rehearsal yet 'cause of confinement (neither gigs of course). But i assume it'll be alright. :evil::thumbup:

    If you have 16 Ohms instead of 4, you have to divide this power, i don't know if it's gonna be enough in your case....:?:

    I could probably wire the 2 8 ohm speakers parallel to get 4 ohm, also posiible for my powered kemper too I suppose !


    I'm looking for a backup small amp : torn between the BAM200/powerstage170/loudster/orange baby pedal

    Price is a bit of an issue so rather stay in the 150-200 range ... used powerstage or pedal baby are rare used I guess !

    BAM200 and loudster would buy them new ... it's to drive my 16 ohm zilla cab !


    Just received my bam 200 yesterday. Definitely a great option for a transparent power amp. I'm impressed with the quality of the unit, and it will fit in a coat pocket. I plan to add a Kemper Stage in the future to my lunchbox that I bought second hand in 2014. I will have the ability to power either unit. The bam is hardly an inconvenience to bring along with a Kab or cabinet in my opinion.

    Great bam for buck:)

    And is it loud ? :)


    Hi, i'm selling this marvelous redsound RS LG12 neo 400w class a/b active cabinet. Bought new in 12/2018 and in mint condition. Not a scratch to be found. Including custom made padded cover from roqsolid and original redsound TS cable. Specs see redounditalia website.

    Selling because went back to using my powered kemper and traditional 2x12.

    I'm located in Belgium but shipping is possible (EU)

    Selling for 650 euro excl shipping (which is the price for the passive version btw ;-)

    Any questions? shoot !


    Ok guys, a new chapter in the life of me using a kemper :)

    So i've been using the kemper for a long time, first used it with a diezel 2x12, then wanted to go the FRFR route and got myself a passive CLR wedge. Because I wanted to use it more as backline instead of monitor I sold it and got a redsound RS LG12. This thing is truly amazing, lightweight, loud, great sound ... nothing to complain about. I also use a helix stomp as a backup with this active solution. The only thing that bothers me is that it sits really close to the ground and I don't want to lift it (unpractical and loss of bass response.

    So to be honnest, I got carried away in the whole FR thing and now I regret not staying with the normal 2x12 cab, merged profiles ...

    I got a zilla fatboy to compete with the redsound (both sounded the same :o), but if you put it vertical it just is to narrow. now i'm looking for another solution

    ideally the cab should have the following : fit a skb rack nice, 8 ohm, not too heavy, enough lifted so you can hear yourself good close to the cab

    vertical or vertical possible with width of appr. 54 cm so my SKB case sits nice on top.

    I looked into lots of cabs : zilla super fatboys vertical, Hughes&ketner TM 212, Palmer, engl vertical, orange vertical, dv mark neoclassic,... even the boss katana looks great :O

    I do love the fact that some of these cabs can be put horizontal or vertical.

    Would a overized 2x12 as the super fatboy give me a good result by leaving it horizontal ?

    Anyone tried the marshall 2x12 verticals ?

    any advise ? pics ? here's my pic taken while doing the A/B

    ps : both are up for sale

    thanks Raf

    Hi guys, in these corona times I started playing around with recording :). Currently I have my main outputs from the kemper connected to the inputs of my steinberg UR22 audio interface. I managed to record but I heared this strange sound while recording. I assume this is the input signal and output signal together ? I was playing along with an imported mp3 by the way. How can I make my recording/playing less distracting because of this doubled sound ?

    Also I do notice a lot of difference in sound with the headphone output from the kemper and the steinberg (thru tannoy reveal monitors) ... I know the quality of the headphone output is superior to the steinberg. Can I overcome this by buying an USB audio interface with spdif in ? So would this spdif output from the kemper always "tracks" this output as tha analog output ? So if I would play without using a daw would I hear myself playing thru the speakers as I do now with the normal analog outputs ?

    Or would it be easier to use a guitar vst to record ?

    Thanks and stay healthy everybody !


    Hi Guys , just wondering if an old profile created with early firmwares are of less quality then newer ones ? I know the procedure is still the same of course but I wonder if with new created profiles the quality is better due to software ... Not that I noticed this btw just a question ;-)


    I'm sure you can send the signal with normal full IR to the FOH