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    Are there adapters to do this?

    "use bypass @ stop and disengage on 5% with the stomp"

    this I don't understand...

    just get a cable from 2x mono jack to one time TRS (I have them angled) : EBS ICY-30 Y-Insert Flat Cable

    You don't need a switch on the expr pedal to get the wah running, moving it on the kemper to enable and putting it to heel position around 5% should disable it as well ...

    ...I tried that, didn't get it to work. I think the Out 1 of the EP1 needs TRS. Out 2 needs Mono. So a Y cable Mono-Mono-TRS will not do...

    Then make the TRS female from the EP1 to accept a mono jack or replace it ... btw I don't use the switch of the mini's and on the EP1 with the kemper remote , use bypass @ stop and disengage on 5% with the stomp ...

    Both the remote and stomp have 2 expression pedals , one to morph blend in leads , the other for wah ... no need to use their switches ;-)


    Thanks a lot, that helped. I managed to make the Volume or Wah work. What doesn't work is using the switch of the EP1-KP at the same time. At the moment I am using one TRS cable connecting Out 1 of the EP1 with the EXP1/2 of the Stomp. Is it somehow possible to use a certain cable to connect both outputs of the EP1 with the EXP1/2-Input of the Stomp and then use the EP1 Switch and Expression pedal? Thanks

    I guess you could use a Y cable , 2 mono jacks from the mission to one TRS ...


    ...would be great. I tried it and don't get it to work: The EP1-KP has 100% in the middle position and 0% on both ends (all the way up and down) of the pedal. Don't know if it is the settings or it just won't work. Thanks for the help!

    It's a setting thing in the stomp, you need to invert the signal in the setup menu ... encountered the same issue !

    so go to global settings : preferences : pg2 : exp1 TIP , EXP2 ring : inverted tip polarity ; pg 3 inverted ring polarity ...

    Thats it ...


    I assume most pedals are the same, it's for the fanboys who want a "matching" pedal ...

    I usa a stomp with 2 dunlop dvp mini's , and a remote with two missions, I could try to test if you'd want me to !


    I went back to standard guitar cabs, Although the redsound RS LG12 neo sounds marvelous (for sale btw) my thoughts were why bother mimicking a V30 while you can play the real deal. I thought I needed FRFR or GRFR because we all wanted, but in the end as long as the FOH get's a sound incl IR it's all good. I have a powered kemper but use a TC electronic BAM200 with a Helix stomp to drive a 4ohm 2x12 zilla cab. Love it !


    I decided to stop with the FRFR journey ... My thought was why would you mimic a mic'ed speaker while you could get the right sound from the real stuff. Instant amp in the room sound and the FOH gets the full rig incl IR's ... I did not see the point playing one song with V30's the other with greenbacks! the crowd couldn't care less and I myself like the raw amp sound better then a miced soud coming from the backline ... esp when the other bandmembers play with a full stack tube head ...


    Hi Guys,

    Man what a difference I get when playing thru my kemper's headphone out compared to that one from my steinberg UR22 interface. Kemper's is top notch and lots of rig really just breath pure sonic bliss. The one from the steinberg, while connecting with xlr out is just plain normal.

    Would a unit with spdif solve this ? any suggestions ?



    I can't sync with the kemper either ... installed all updates (kemper with usb because he could't be seen)

    Started both up without USB connected, but still rigmanager doesn't see the kemper :-(


    ps : I also noticed in the device manager there's "profiler" but with questionmark and no driver installed