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    Hey guys, I'd like to point out something that disturbs me a bit ...

    On the remote while in display setting A, the clock view window is a bit too large and cuts off one "line" of the overall performance name, the black bar ...

    Maybe for the next update :p



    apparently that’s a light sensor for auto dimming the display but was never implemented

    Yes you're right ... Upon booting up all LED's light up except that spot ... Maybe thats also the case with the stage ...

    So a ambient light sensor that changes brightness depending on the conditions ... maybe for a next update ?

    So cool to brainstorm over these things !


    Why is there any doubt the Head is being controlled wirelessly?

    The newest heads can be SPDIF master and slave, maybe they put a Bluetooth or wifi connector in there or other things to be implemented?

    On the vid with the Head it says profiling amplifier... The New ones say profiler...


    Isn't it the same as rig button morph ? So pressing the remote rig changes to other morph state ...


    I assume mine can go on the ok list as well because it works ...

    Leds are brighter and no longer drop out and starting up with red blinking led on the remote ... pushing second time starts up ok


    I don't use PoE -- on the kind of stages we play, I'm never that far from my Kemper -- but browsing this thread I happened to notice this:

    :/ Just to make sure, maybe you should check with support about that warning?

    I didn't now this ... I got this from the german forum over here that a guy bought exactly this one ... I got this because my 5m Cordial cable was giving me a hard time to boot up lately

    Burkhard is this ok to use ?



    I also installed an PoE injector today (one with straight EU plug, no external powersupply)

    My cordial was giving me a hard time lately, powering one twice, blank out and restart ...

    The PoE solved the issue and the leds are much brighter as before ...

    Does this mean I can use any normal ethernet cable now ?



    That's the only reason to use a Floor-unit at all (QC or KPA) when it is necessary to use external pedals.

    For me - as a KPA-user since 2014 the nowaday's profiler-effects are so excellent, that I have no Need of external pedals. (though I still own three effect-boards in different sizes - just my reminiscent mood, thinkin of the good ol' Amp-times ;-)

    Now I'm using a KPA-Rack-Version with remote for live-gigs and I'm VERY happy that I just have ONE CABLE (Remote -> KPA) lying (and trapping me) on the Floor. That's also my main reason against a Kemper-Stage or a QC (too much cable salad on stage).

    Soundwise reasons for changing to the QC also don't exist for my requirements. I can easily realize EVERY sound-idea with my KPAs (studio and live) due to the excellent and multiple effects an the Parameters of the amp-section (took a bit of time to get them known and using Right). Currently (and as I'd suppose for the next years) I cannot imagine a necessary System Change from the Profiler to a different Unit for me.

    Indeed for me the CAT5 cable running to the remote makes it GOLD ... I don't want to mess with powercables, instrument cables,...


    an 8 ohm celestion k-100 and a 8 ohm V30 wired parallel ...


    For me live I ditched the whole FRFR route (except foh get's an IR included signal of course)

    Now I play a vertical 2x12 zilla cab wired for 4 ohm ... That way I have plenty of power and headroom available :)

    That did it for me to compete with ease with loud drummers/bassist and tube head guys ;-)


    Ok peace y'all !!!

    we all have opinions and that's totally fine ... but you 2 need to discuss further in private messages or both of you'll get banned lol



    imho, there's only one fanboy here, a QC fanboy without even owning it for the moment ... You say we can't seem to stand there's a new kid on the block ... untrue !

    Ok I confess i'm a fanboy and love my kemper (as well as my Helix LT )

    I'm really curious how your initial comment will be after a/b test ... My guess is that QC already won this battle in advance ...


    ps : I do like the form factor and UI from the QC a lot and wouldn't mind owning one myself as well

    I'm also a hobby guitar player, play in 2 coverbands, an iron maiden tribute and a more all-round metal coverband. Playing live for ages, no recording, just the occasional stuff with friends, no records

    It has been over 6 months since our last rehearsal :( , can't wait to start again ...