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    Hi guys, in these corona times I started playing around with recording :). Currently I have my main outputs from the kemper connected to the inputs of my steinberg UR22 audio interface. I managed to record but I heared this strange sound while recording. I assume this is the input signal and output signal together ? I was playing along with an imported mp3 by the way. How can I make my recording/playing less distracting because of this doubled sound ?

    Also I do notice a lot of difference in sound with the headphone output from the kemper and the steinberg (thru tannoy reveal monitors) ... I know the quality of the headphone output is superior to the steinberg. Can I overcome this by buying an USB audio interface with spdif in ? So would this spdif output from the kemper always "tracks" this output as tha analog output ? So if I would play without using a daw would I hear myself playing thru the speakers as I do now with the normal analog outputs ?

    Or would it be easier to use a guitar vst to record ?

    Thanks and stay healthy everybody !


    Hi Guys , just wondering if an old profile created with early firmwares are of less quality then newer ones ? I know the procedure is still the same of course but I wonder if with new created profiles the quality is better due to software ... Not that I noticed this btw just a question ;-)


    I'm sure you can send the signal with normal full IR to the FOH

    Wow! I wouldn’t have thought of making a bracket. I’ve been searching for a mini 10k Lin pot, as the Dunlop one is too big. If you get this to work and you would like to make another one, I’d be interested in buying one.

    I actually managed but in the end I will go for a regular mini expression pedal such as the dunlop dvp4 mini's or DOD mini expression ...

    The bracket worked but instead of making a more elegant solution (I actually wanted to 3D print the bracket :o ...) I let go ...

    The dunlop is indeed too big , did not find these square potmeters in 10k ohm ...

    I screwed up the original bracket which pissed me off big time !


    I indeed also thought that the magic would be in hearing the sound without the mic component that you here in most cases. So same as using a DI profile with a regular cab. With the kone you use a flat speaker to get the flavour of each speaker you choose V30 etc ...

    If that's the case : pure magic again from M. Kemper and his team !


    There is no need for anyone else to cut the cable - an adapter can be attached.

    The Neutrik NE8MC RJ45 cable connector carrier for pre-assembled RJ45 plugs consists of a chromium shell, fixing disk, chuck, bushing and boot. Packed with two cable protection elements for cable diameter either up to 5 mm or 8 mm.

    In my case the square housing or the cable bending thing needed to be made smaller so the housing of the neutrik would fit ...


    If you have a kemper rack , just get a 1U patch bay and connect a small ethernet cable to the kemper and use a sturdy neutrik cable instead. That way you relief the stress on the kempers one !


    ps : I even attached a neutrik housing on my original kemper cable (with some cutting on the kemper cable)

    This profile is damaged beyond repair then - it also should not have been in the Profiler at all.

    Please open a support ticket. Attach the diagnostic support profile. This can be created by putting in an USB drive into the profilers USB port and holding [STORE] during bootup. A file will be created on the USB drive then.

    done ... however just mailed to support instead of opening support ticket !


    This looks like a MIDI issue,

    did you select the profile with a MIDI floorboard ?

    This is a C++ pointer exeption when trying to read a midi message.
    Line 716 in Program file persistence.cpp CRC checksum failed.

    Please send this to kemper - support.

    Nope with the remote !


    Apparently you didn't understand the basic concepts (cab/amp are presets ==> use drag&drop from the preset list to change them), so please RTFM as mentioned by Timo.

    I also find it a bit confusing, hence you can select an empty slot and select en FX from a drop down list ... imho it would be logic to do this for all blocks !

    Our comments are suggestions to improve things that are designed by an engineer who might not thought about it this way ;-)


    ps : i'm gonna read the manual now ;-)

    Man I just love the editor, it makes me want to change parameters I never bothered touching ! Also gives a nice overview of what's happening in a rig. Is it possible to change cabs or did I miss it ?

    2 things , I'd love to put the focus on the editor and see the rig manager as the main purpose :) and I don't see the headphone output on the output section ! Or am I missing this as well ?

    Oh and while I'm at it , if you scroll trough rigs on the editor using the arrow keys , it wouls be nice it was selected immediately instead of needing an aditional mouse click ;-)

    Anyway big thanks to the kemper team to make the best thing even better !


    I use one from the rig exchange : GSP acoustic hall ...

    You can also assign the transpose function to a stomp slot (at the beginning of the chain) , this way you can select a rig for one osng that needs to be transposed !


    Thanx; but why would that be necessary?

    I sometimes do this and am surpised what the hell changed the sound all of a sudden ... Can be some setting without me touching those parameters ? I often wonder if you choose a rig from the exchange or vendor that they change these parameters and after that they stay untouched ... Just try it won't hurt !


    Not the case with the latest version. I start with no Stomps nor Effects Section presets, which is the normal default scenario. We don't promote such presets anymore and no examples are included in the factory content. I open the Stomps Section. I press STORE and select STOMPS Section. The name Stomps Preset gets suggested. I confirm that name without any change by pressing STORE again. And now the new preset named Stomps Preset gets listed as a Stomps Preset. The same applies for the Effects Section. I suggest you answer my earlier questions and make sure, you use the latest OS revision.

    Ok yesterday I installed the release version (and also copied my hidden app data contents from another pc to my new on, so all my rigs where back) all is stored now, including the not renamed presets ! Dunno if it had to do with the lack of content from the new rigmanager vs what's on the profiler ? Any happy again ;-)