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    Apparently you didn't understand the basic concepts (cab/amp are presets ==> use drag&drop from the preset list to change them), so please RTFM as mentioned by Timo.

    I also find it a bit confusing, hence you can select an empty slot and select en FX from a drop down list ... imho it would be logic to do this for all blocks !

    Our comments are suggestions to improve things that are designed by an engineer who might not thought about it this way ;-)


    ps : i'm gonna read the manual now ;-)

    Man I just love the editor, it makes me want to change parameters I never bothered touching ! Also gives a nice overview of what's happening in a rig. Is it possible to change cabs or did I miss it ?

    2 things , I'd love to put the focus on the editor and see the rig manager as the main purpose :) and I don't see the headphone output on the output section ! Or am I missing this as well ?

    Oh and while I'm at it , if you scroll trough rigs on the editor using the arrow keys , it wouls be nice it was selected immediately instead of needing an aditional mouse click ;-)

    Anyway big thanks to the kemper team to make the best thing even better !


    I use one from the rig exchange : GSP acoustic hall ...

    You can also assign the transpose function to a stomp slot (at the beginning of the chain) , this way you can select a rig for one osng that needs to be transposed !


    Thanx; but why would that be necessary?

    I sometimes do this and am surpised what the hell changed the sound all of a sudden ... Can be some setting without me touching those parameters ? I often wonder if you choose a rig from the exchange or vendor that they change these parameters and after that they stay untouched ... Just try it won't hurt !


    Not the case with the latest version. I start with no Stomps nor Effects Section presets, which is the normal default scenario. We don't promote such presets anymore and no examples are included in the factory content. I open the Stomps Section. I press STORE and select STOMPS Section. The name Stomps Preset gets suggested. I confirm that name without any change by pressing STORE again. And now the new preset named Stomps Preset gets listed as a Stomps Preset. The same applies for the Effects Section. I suggest you answer my earlier questions and make sure, you use the latest OS revision.

    Ok yesterday I installed the release version (and also copied my hidden app data contents from another pc to my new on, so all my rigs where back) all is stored now, including the not renamed presets ! Dunno if it had to do with the lack of content from the new rigmanager vs what's on the profiler ? Any happy again ;-)


    Ok will test more ... btw I did not see any FX or stomp preset in the list , emtpy tables ... While pressing and holding the stomp/Fx button , pressing store : stomp section only or effect section only (you can enter the name which is default EFFECTS PRESET and STOMP preset) they don't appear unless renamed ! I'll investigate and open a support ticket this evening !


    OK updated my power rack , I do notice (every update) that the kemper won't finish it' s cycle unless rig manager is closed (or not even running)

    I also noticed (as with the previous release) that stomp and FX presets are not stored !! This is only the case when not renaming them and keep them named as "stomp preset" and "effects preset" , changing one character is enough to store it !!

    Anyone else noticed this ? please try !


    Although I also play GRFR (Redsound RS LG12 Neo, active 400 w 1x12 cab), I do miss my 2x12 diezel cab. At first I thought i'd want to fully benifit from FRFR and hear all the nuances in the sound ! At the end I suppose I couldn't care less , a good cab will sound good as well ! I must admit now I use a helix stomp as backup, which is really nice considering the active cab. It would be possible with a passive cab unless I'd buy a one of these small SS amps. So in a nutshell , I do miss playing through a 4x12 (probably get a vertical 2x12) but the convenience of an active cab is great as well. The redsound gives me the sound I want (it's class a/b amp), is loud as hell but the only downside is that it sits close to the floor (1x12) so you need to be at a fair distance to hear it properly ... tilting it would solve this I guess (lifting would loose the bass response).

    So in the end both have there pro's and con's ... Once you have one, you desire the other ;-) , why can't we just settle huh !


    Honestly if you are that close to any speaker it will travel past you, so not a guitar cab vs FRFR although I feel FRFR has a better spread. I'm surprised you can't hear that much difference.

    Any reason you've not gone for a wedge? No issue with sound projection there. You could go Yam DXR10...

    I owned an atomic CLR once, didn't use it as a wedge, just straight backline on top of a 10U 19 inch rack ... As a monitor other bandmembers probably won't hear me ...

    If I lift the redsound, it looses bassrespons , so the one speaker it has sits close to the ground ... hence in the manual it says you should be a few meters away from the cab to hear it properly ... they do sell this crazy expensive tilt block , maybe I should try tilting a bit


    Did anybody try it with a Crybaby mini? I have ordered all the parts, hope they all fit.

    I'm doing this , although it didn't turn out as I expected ... I need to fabricate a small bracket that holds the potmeter. The one I bought was too big so it did not fit/align in the space where it should rest ...

    Hope to continue this week, was kinda pissed that I didn't go that well , now feel like starting again :)


    ps : this is for my backup helix stomp !

    OK here's the deal , I bought this superb Redsound RS LG-12 Neo active speaker. I really love the way it sounds. Here's the problem, at rehearsal I'm really close to the cab and while it sits on the ground (needed for nice bass respons) the sound escapes from me. Tilting or lifting I don't like btw. I played over a friends marshall 1936 with cab sim off and liked it better. On stage there's no issue and I can even hook up my helix stomp as backup (which isn't the case instead of a passive cab)

    So probably I'll get a vertical 212 to get at least one speaker at a height that I can hear myself better. I could also sell my Redsound and get one of those small SS amps to amplify the helix ...

    Any suggestions for a vertical cab ?


    ps : I sold a diezel 2x12 which I regret now because I thought I wanted a FRFR solution, but to be honnest don't feel like I need or hear that much difference (rock/metal). Also like the redsound a lot :)

    Although I should fine-tune at one point , you should dial in the sounds at gig-level volumes.

    Go with your fav profile and tweak the amp settings , definition, clarity ...

    Guess that's the easiest way instead of going with eq'ing ?