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    Hi all, it's been since aug that we did not get any updates for our beloved kemper.

    Not that I need it or so, but the silence should mean that they have a new product coming up or that they don't find the need to improve further no ?

    What do you guys think ?


    Same here I had it on 5 and the profiles sounded a bit dull ... now at 2.3 and an extra NG in the stomp and voila they are back alive and breathing !

    Also I had the feeling that due to this higher setting I could not get enough boost for leads ...

    No idea what it actually does ? a compression thing besides the normal NR ?


    I had the stage bag briefly but the space was not enough for me ...

    I mounted in a thomann line FBV flightcase with 2 mission pedals ... it's heavy but handles well due to the handle and everything keeps save

    Remove the lid and i'm good to go !, happy with that decision !


    Hi guys,

    I have a few suggestions for the next firmware upgrade ;-)

    First of all, a thing that bothers me a bit is that when you are in tuner mode I always want to exit this by pressing a rig button ... this happens but only by going into morph mode ( I use rig button morph sometimes when my foot is ready to engage the wah, my second pedal, first one I use for pedal morph)

    Can we just exit the tuner and not go into morph state :)

    Second thing, I love the fact that the clock was introduced for the stage's display, but the size of this clock is one line too big and cuts off a bit from the rest of the display ...

    Sorry about bitching for this but make the size of the clocks screen a bit smaller :p

    Last, a feature I requested as well before : Can we change the displays colour while in morphe state ? This would make it so easy to notice compared to the white morph button and the green ones above the rig buttons :p

    Thanks for reading and considering these minor changes !


    Guys, I've been "struggling" with lead sounds, low volume clean sounds, not cutting through the mix ...

    I tried a lot but for now it seems that my main reason for the heavier sounds was that my noise gate was set at 5 which was way to high ...

    Am I crazy that by lowering that volume these issues vanished ? now at 2.2 or so ... noise gate in stomps as well with value of 2 ...

    My profiles feel much more alive with a wider spectrum of sound ...

    The clean seemed to be solved by putting the clean sense at 2.2 db, probably due to my soft pick attack ...

    Does this makes sense :)


    The clean I think I solved by increasing the clean sense, I have a pretty soft pick attack ... boosting 2.2 dB (humbuckers) seems to work (although I need to be gentle otherwise the output turns red.

    Also I noticed that I had my noise gate in the input at 5 which also seems to squeez the juice out of the profiles ?


    The poweramp boost was added on the Stage (and non-powered head/rack) after PowerKabinet's launch cause many complained about low dB problems.

    So it's directly linked to the PowerKabinet (so to the Kone too) ! ;)

    This is really astonishing you have not enough power to feed your speakers ; the SD is 2x700W =O...

    C.Kemper advised to crank the poweramp of the Kabinet to achieve the best headroom. Don't push it too far cause your speakers will meet matters...

    I do the same now with my stage/BAM200/home made Kabinet. Push the gain/volume on the BAM and lower the stage's output...

    I do have lots of power with the SD, more then ever needed ... What i'm wondering is that if the signal into the SD is hot, and the extra db's I add for leads will cause the input to reach it's limit ...

    Regarding the powerampboost, this option is only visible while engaging the kone ... Same here is it always activated while not visible ?


    ps : i'll try to test my full rig tomorrow with lowering the output (so input of the SD) and setting the master higher !

    Not sure if that is an update or an old wording that hasn’t been updated. The Power Amp boost definitely did affect the Monitor Output on non powered versions. You obviously can’t turn the Power Amp On/Off on a non powered version so that line in the manual doesn’t make much sense. I’m not near my KPA at the moment but it’s easy enough to test. Just turn it up and down and see if it does anything.

    I'm sitting in front of the stage right now, I noticed I had to activate kemper kone in order to see the powerampboost (which was set at 6 db). Does this mean that when the kone is not activated there's no boosting happening ?


    A couple of thongs come to mind;

    What speakers are in each cabinet? A slightly more efficient speaker will give a very noticeable increase in volume. A slightly different EQ curve between speakers may create a higher/lower perceived volume.

    Generally it is common to run the output from the KPA high and the receiving amp lower.

    Is Poweramp Boost turned up on the KPA? Even though you don’t have an internal power amp the Monitor Output and Speaker Output on powered versions share the same signal path. Therefore, increasing Poweramp Boost on a non powered version still increases the output level at the monitor out.

    Rather than mess with Boost Pedals after the Amp I would just increase Amp or Rig volume for the solo sounds. You should get a Vert noticeable increase in “push”.

    I need to check the poweramp boost ... I did not realize it was also affecting non powered kempers ... imho if that's the case the option should be greyed out on on powered versons as well as the stage !

    I have a V30 and a k-100 in the cab ...


    You have a Kemper Stage running from the monitor output into a Seymour Duncan Powerstage 700, what type of cabinet are you using and what cabinet is the player of the Friedman using?

    I've only had the Powerstage 700 for a week and I don't play loud, others might chime in that are playing in a live band environment with one. My monitor out is set at -18db and with the volume on the Powerstage set at 10 o'clock its loud, at 12 o'clock I can't take it, but that's at home with a 112 cabinet loaded with a 200 watt speaker.

    A zilla 2x12 super fatboy vertical ... the other one a 4x12 frog ...

    I´ll try to use a lower db on the output to leave some Room for extra gaan on the input of the sd ...


    Hi Gents,

    I keep struggling with keeping up with a 100W friedman tube amp with my stage and SD powerstage 700.

    My cleans dissapear and leads don't cut through and sound thin ... I tried a lot : playing with clean sense, using dedicated "cut the mix" presets, even tone junkies "hot like a knife" ... adding boost, raising rig volume, amp volume ...

    What would be the n° setting ? I prev added pre boost but then the amp "saturated" and topped off ...

    What do you typically do ... should I add a lead boost after the amp ?

    Regarding the clean I want to be louder but then the output leds go into red !

    What I also think is that when I use the monitor output I have this output pretty high, meaning I only have the poweramp at 9'o clock ... can it be that by boosting my rig into lead territory I hit the sealing of the SD ? So is is better to lower the output and "crank" the SD ?



    I also went from BAM200 to powerstage 700.

    My main reason was that when I wanted to push some dB's for lead the BAM could not handle it and it hit the ceiling (the volume even dropped due to it's saturation). I need to keep up with a 100W tuba amp so I need a lot of headroom ... The SD can keep up with ease !

    For "normal" loudness the BAM did fine, the SD's 700 W is a walk in the park. Also the input signal strenght is important, never knew (and still don't) have an idea how hot the input should be (the BAM did show the input signal with the colour of the LED, the SD does not I suppose)


    PS : in a recent rig rundown from Dave Mustaine they aslo have the powerstage 700's in their racks to power some onstage cabinets (besides the in-ears)

    Let's be fair, after all these years Kemper has given us a marvelous product ...

    We are all so happy we don't even complain that it has been ages since the last update (not just bug but new features, delays and drives)

    We don't scream for updates so that means a lot !


    ps : 100% sure they are working on a new kid on the block ...

    I've been doing the same for many years. First the Line 6 FBV cases housed the Kemper Remote, but now the Stage.

    It was due to your suggestion that I went this route ... I was afraid it would be to heavy but it handles very well so no issues at all ...


    Hi guys, I was wondering which model is the "oldest" Ipad tablet that can run the RM software ? I guess it should be above ios12 ?

    Also will this be a problem for future upgrades regarding compability to this ios version ?

    Looking the buy a cheaper older model !