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    I also went from BAM200 to powerstage 700.

    My main reason was that when I wanted to push some dB's for lead the BAM could not handle it and it hit the ceiling (the volume even dropped due to it's saturation). I need to keep up with a 100W tuba amp so I need a lot of headroom ... The SD can keep up with ease !

    For "normal" loudness the BAM did fine, the SD's 700 W is a walk in the park. Also the input signal strenght is important, never knew (and still don't) have an idea how hot the input should be (the BAM did show the input signal with the colour of the LED, the SD does not I suppose)


    PS : in a recent rig rundown from Dave Mustaine they aslo have the powerstage 700's in their racks to power some onstage cabinets (besides the in-ears)

    Let's be fair, after all these years Kemper has given us a marvelous product ...

    We are all so happy we don't even complain that it has been ages since the last update (not just bug but new features, delays and drives)

    We don't scream for updates so that means a lot !


    ps : 100% sure they are working on a new kid on the block ...

    I've been doing the same for many years. First the Line 6 FBV cases housed the Kemper Remote, but now the Stage.

    It was due to your suggestion that I went this route ... I was afraid it would be to heavy but it handles very well so no issues at all ...


    Hi guys, I was wondering which model is the "oldest" Ipad tablet that can run the RM software ? I guess it should be above ios12 ?

    Also will this be a problem for future upgrades regarding compability to this ios version ?

    Looking the buy a cheaper older model !



    I used a Thomann Thon case that was made for the line 6 FBV controller. Fits perfect for Stage and 2 missions ...

    Its on the heavy side, but due to the handle easy to carry and sturdy as hell

    To be honest for a rack or head user I can’t see any benefit UNLESS it can be viewed on the remote. Most of use don’t turn round on stage and turn our backs to the audience (except Ritchie Balcakmore and Miles Davis 🤣) to see what rig we are using. I am fairly sure the Remote screen can’t physically handle colours but it would be nice to be wrong on that.

    For Stage users I can see some attraction though. It certainly wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me but would be kind of cool to have available.

    I have a stage ... too bad the colours of the remote can't be changed ...


    I don't exactly understand, sorry. :)

    What I'm referring to is that you want to morph a booster (inside the Profiler) and you experience that at some point instead of boosting further the level seems to drop slightly. If this does NOT happen on headphones on the Profiler, it has to do with your poweramp. But if it DOES happen on headphones, it's the intenal limit of boosting you run into.

    I'll check it asap ! Keep you informed ! thx

    Check with headphones directly on the Profiler!

    There's a limit how much can be boosted inside the Profiler. Going even further leads to exactly this effect happening.

    So reducing the start level would solve this ?

    However I must say when I a/B'd with a fryette PS100 it did not happen ? And would this not cause the output to clip ?


    Guys, I encouter an issue with my BAM200 poweramp ...

    It's loud enough so no problem but when I add a boost few dB the level increases with morph but the last few % the volume drops.

    I'm not clipping the BAMs input (signal leds stay green, as well as the output) ...

    Why is this happening, can a signal be flattened while not saturating ? Is this the description of lack of headroom ?

    I'm considering to keep it as backup and go for a powerstage 700 or a fryette PS2 ...

    All insight is welcome !



    Just another point - for solo's, why not use a separate rig? I have a rhythm sound that I morph the volume for riffs and to emphasize parts, but for solo's I use a dedicated performance slot. It means I can use a different amp profile as well and voice it specifically for solo's.

    I don't feel the need to change the overall sound, what I might do as well instead of using the boosters is to use a graphic EQ and morph some xtra mids together with the extra rig volume ... Tonight I can crank the setup again at rehearsal and will see if the "cut the mix" preset will do the job !


    ps : leaving my foot on the expression without having to look down again to hit a button is golden for me :)

    That is a known issue and fixed in the OS we are currently testing internally. Please watch out for OS 8.7.3.

    However, we never understood the need for an S/PDIF output volume. Why wouldn't you control it at the receiving device? Could you provide practical examples?

    I link this output to the master volume, that way I can easily level the guitar volume to the MP3's I play along with.


    I went FRFR for a while (passive clr), I always thought I wanted these difference in sound. In the end we always use one cab anyway, so I completely abandoned the idea to mimic to sound of a cab when you can use the real deal. FOH gets the IR included sound, I did not need the urge to hear the same sound as the audience would.

    They would hear or care anyway ... so traditional setup for me


    I think you morph amp volume and/or pure booster. I recommend Rigvolume. What have you in the FX-Module?

    booster, chorus,reverb and delay ... (chorus not needed for my main rig

    Is it possible to morph rig volume as well ?