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    You can assign one of your Remote buttons to turn on/off all three of these effects simultaneously. You can then assign the remaining buttons to whatever you'd like. Just remember, you can't have the same FX on two buttons on the Remoter. In such a situation, always better to navigate to another performance.

    How can you do this ? Is it possible with other midi controller as well ?



    OK guys my next step in the discovery of this amazing product

    In my coverband I need to cover all grounds : from black sabbath to volbeat , maiden , clean & acoustic stuff , 80's scorpions ...

    So basicly need : clean , crunch , 80's , rock and heavy as basics ... lead variations on all except clean

    What is the best thing to do : 10 patches with lead variations above each type , or make performances for each one (so 5 performance) and the variations on the lower button row ...

    I don't need to toggle mod's or delays ... so is there an option to engage lead sounds ((mod/del/rev) with one button to be used with each of the 5 available basic sounds , leaving room for extra shizzle ?

    thanks for the input

    grtz from Belgium ;-)


    Ok , today I started fiddling with both units ... I also noticed the reverse working order of those buttons

    I guess it all depends on how that certain effect is saved in the gsp's patch

    Wah working , no luck changing the behaviour of the tunes , tempo and bank,up/down buttons

    Tried to change performance with fs6 but because the switch was activated it kept scrolling instead of increase 1 step

    Its though ...


    Hey guys , just got my powered rack yesterday and i'm blown away :-)

    Got a lot of profiles from the free packs and rig exchange ... still have a thing i'm not sure about

    How would you know if a profile is a merged one ? direct is obvious because you hear it ... but how to know wether it's a full profile or a combined amp cab merged one?



    Hi guys , getting my powerrack this evening , or tomorrow , super excited (you all know the feeling :D )

    Can you reamp a riff and then scroll through profiles so you can get a quick idea about the sound ?

    Don't have the remote yey so looper is not possible ?



    thx guys ,

    another thing : so direct profiles are cab-less , merged are amp + cab seperate , normal profiles combined but all-in-one ... the pure cab feature will "distract" the cab from the normal profiles !

    I've got some paid IR's from fat lazy cabs, i can store these in the kemper ? and the kemper will recognize these as cabs ? its in the kemper format !


    Hi , hopefully my brand new kemper power rack will be arriving this week ... a few questions

    - are all posted profiles pure amp profiles or do they also include fx ?
    - Any recommendations regarding how to dive into this journey ? where to start ?
    - I'm planning on buying a remote as well but what makes the mission pedal so special compared to other pedals ? pot value ? linear ?