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    Other options:

    * you could use performance mode to use the same rig but with other fx.

    1: Jubilee with reverb

    2: jubilee with reverb and chorus

    3: jubilee with reverb and delay

    4: jubilee with reverb and stomp.

    5: jubilee with reverb and delay and chorus

    * you could use morph for 1 fx and attach it to your preset. set it that it switches almost direct (morph rise and fall, i guess)

    1: jubilee with reverb and chorus fx mix set to 0.

    1 MORPH: jubilee with reverb and chorus fx mix set to 75%

    2: jubifsqsdf

    you get the point.

    * you could use the expression ports on the back of the kemper to add a 2 button footswitch on either side of the kemper to switch the fx on/off. you are still limited to the 4 fx on/off buttons.

    Thing is, the remote is very flexible, you just have to think outside of the box.

    I don't have my set here with me, but i suppose that's easy with the kemper.

    You will have to set the expression pedal as 'morph' then select to morph the volume of the harmony.

    Ok, here is the situation.

    A: I play in a band with IEM-solution on stage. I send my signal to the rack, band signal goes to my wireless iem. this gives me live no option for a change in the mix

    B: On the other hand i also play alot along with music from my mp3 player. I use the alternative input and return input to input the mp3 player.

    In Theory, i could keep the same setup without changing much buttons. i could use the main outs to pa (i need the xlr's) and monitor out-direct out to my in ear. Band-mix comes in with the alternative input and return input.

    Problem with this is that i can't mix the Aux-in stereo to my iem mix.

    This is easily solved by mixing aux in>direct out in the kemper. (And there happens to be a knob left ;) )

    What do you say?