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    With respect, some of you aren't reading what I wrote.

    Here's the latest profile I downloaded. He gives samples that have not been mixed. It sounds good, which is why I bought it.

    The results I got weren't close in terms of quality. And yes, I know different guitars sound better but the results shouldn't be inferior.

    I had the same result with Mix Berlin's JCM800. I was so disappointed and experiences like that are a huge turnoff for Kemper.

    There's so, so many bad profiles between the rig exchange and commercial bait and switches.

    I stick with Big Hairy Profiles, Nick K, Cililab, TMS and a few others.

    Even though I enjoy most of the profiles from those sellers, I find myself using my AXE FX III more and more. Firmware 11 is a game changer.

    Best luck and happy new year.

    Kemper is more of a plug and go concept instead of fiddling around.

    There's lots of mesa profile packs with all the various switches and buttons done in all combinations. Kemper does have empty slots for combinations of profiles in rig mode.

    I have an AxeFx 3 and they don't model all the switches or modes per se. There's separate models of like the mkiv mid gain / harmonics switch, many different iic and iic++, etc. It also has a very steep learning curve but you can be very exacting if you need to duplicate a pre-existing sound.

    I guess you have to change your mindset to get the most out of Kemper.

    I think a little more respect to the People at Kemper , who do a marvelous Job,

    should offered in this thread :!:

    I don't see much disrespect, only people excited for an editor that frankly is years overdue, a huge oversight. I love my Kemper and all the updates are incredible for such limited dsp power, killer reverbs, etc, but honestly I shouldn't even have to qualify my opinion in that regard. We know they do a "marvelous job".

    neilius Hey, try the 3 Monkeys Orangutan by Feck on the Rig Exchange. It has all of the qualities you mentioned liking. Also check out Big Hairy Profiles Matchless, Orangutan, Supro, Diaz and Silvertwin. I really wish I'd known of them when I got my Kemper, since they've become my go to profiles.

    Today with Beta 7.0.7 on my toaster and Rig Manager 2.3.12, USB froze as did my Kemper. I was browsing new profiles in Rig Manager with the down arrow on my keyboard and there must have been an overrun as RM then selected each profile down to the bottom.

    All the knobs and buttons were frozen on my Kemper and switching off took about 1 minute to respond after I rebooted my computer.


    Thanks so much for this! As a young shredder twit I walked into my local music shop one day and someone was blasting a VL1002. I'd never heard anything like it. Sort of like kicking an angry beehive but with lots of thumpy chunk.

    Just bought your pack and I'm having a great time. Thanks again!


    I'm running my Kemper into my Axe Fx III loop and I'm getting a strange artifact. When I play a bit and stop there's hissing pop, two times. Every profile change either from the rig manager or in perform mode is the same effect. It's less audible on distorted profiles but a huge volume jump on clean profiles.


    Mp3 example:

    While I love these guys who make these tube amps for their skill and artistry, I think they are just on the wrong side of a technological wave.

    You got that right! Suhr have the new Pete Thorn prototype with a builtin loadbox and IRs. I wish every amp had that and it seems very obvious how useful it is for everyone. It's the same DSP chips and so on that have been out for 20+ years, why only now?

    The answer is that most of the tube dudes aren't skilled at current tech, especially not DSP. Don't get me wrong, there's a whole world of uses for tube circuits, but most just stick around guitar amps or hifi.

    You see a ton of digital reverb and modulation/delay pedals out now too that were pretty rare 10 years ago outside the major brands, until Strymon and a few others broke the barriers. It seems that pedal hackers aren't as stuck in their ways, or got bored with replicating tube screamers finally. I wonder if Ibanez got bothered about all the clone pedals and VST plugins?

    Profiling is a wonderful, uplifting technology that removes a great deal of frustration every guitarist endured to record music.

    Not a fan of the man nor his amps. As a member of a certain amp building and modding/cloning message board with him and numerous other amp "celebrities", there's more than enough for me to find his piracy comment hypocritical.

    Anyone can tweek a jose mod enough and get Friedman "modern 80s" tones on a stock jcm800, or go further. Anyone can find the place I'm talking about that has all the circuits and then some. His effects loop started there that someone else allegedly came up with, for instance.

    Nothing special but marketed well. I don't fault him for making a living but he should keep his retarded opinions to himself.

    P.S. John Suhr's circuits wipe the floor with Friedman's