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    That's what I expected but not what's actually happening - I have the Trio plugged into line inputs 5&6, iPhone into 7&8 for music, Kemper into SPDIF. In MixControl, Mix 1 is inputs 3-8 and SPDIF all directly sent to the main outputs 1-2 and headphones. When the Kemper is off, I get no sound from the Scarlett at all. As soon as I turn the Kemper on, part-way through its boot-up process, everything then comes out the monitors. When I turn the Kemper off, I lose all sound again.
    I have a ticket in with Focusrite but it may be a while... just wondered if anyone else gets this, it seems a fairly popular interface.

    Hello all, I am using a Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 as a standalone "mixer" to combine my Kemper toaster, Trio+ looper, music player etc to output to some studio monitors. The Kemper is connected through SPDIF; now I understand the Kemper has to be the master for the digital signal so I set the Focusrite to get the sync source / clock from SPDIF. My problem is, when the Kemper isn't on, I get no signal output from the interface. I don't have a computer hooked up to the interface normally, and you can't change the sync source without one. But I sometimes just want to listen to music through an analog input.
    I guess I'm stuck with having to turn on the Kemper any time I want to use the interface but has anyone else experienced this? I think I may just go back to using the Kemper Main Outs into the interface analog inputs, at least I have the flexibility then...

    No problem :) I forgot to mention you may notice some tone suck from the recorded loops on the Trio+ but you may be able to add some EQ in the Kemper to compensate?
    I must admit I'm very new to the Kemper but I knew I wanted to use my Trio+ with it so I did plenty of research before buying! The foot switch option for the Trio+ comes in useful too...

    Here's how I have mine setup with an unpowered toaster:
    1. Guitar goes into the Kemper input
    2. Kemper Master Outs (stereo) configured as "Master Stereo" go to my Focusrite 18i8 interface line-in (inputs 5&6)
    3. Kemper Monitor Out (mono) configured as "Master Mono" goes to my Trio+ "FX In" input
    4. Kemper Direct Out (mono) configured as "Git Analog" goes to my Trio+ "Guitar In" input
    5. I then take a mono output from the Trio+ "Mix" into my Focusrite line input 7 and another from the Trio+ "Amp" output into line input 8
    6. (I use an ABY splitter between the Kemper Monitor Out and FX In on the Trio+)

    Points 1 & 2 above get me a direct signal from Guitar->Kemper->Interface and on to my monitors. I believe putting a guitar through the Trio first before the Kemper can compromise the tone…
    Point 3 gives me the master mono signal to record into the Trio+ for the looper, and Point 6 allows me to switch this off when not recording a loop, otherwise you get a doubling of the processed guitar signal (which messes with the tone) from the Kemper Master Outs and the Trio+ Amp Out. (You could also achieve this with just the Kemper by setting the Monitor Out to "Off"; save a pair of Output configurations, one for recording loops with Monitor Out on and one for just playing, with Monitor Out off)
    Point 4 gets the unprocessed guitar signal into the Trio+ for setting up the band
    Point 5 gets the Trio+ outputs into my interface and out to the monitors
    You don't need to bother with the FX Out from the Trio+ in this setup.

    As you have less inputs on your 2i2, it gets a little trickier! Depending on what other cables you have plugged into your Kemper, you could return the 2 Trio+ outputs into the Alternative and Return inputs of the Kemper. I did this for a bit but I didn't like the sound placement (mono vs stereo with Trio+ loop & mix outputs panned left & right) but it might work for you. I think in the Master/Output Settings on the Kemper you can send these 2 input signals to your Master Outs, which would get you processed guitar, loop & Trio band mix into your interface, but you won't be able to balance the signals there, it will have to be done at the sources. You don't want the Trio+ sounds to go to your physical cabinet thought, I don't know if that is switchable for your speaker output? I don't have a powered Kemper...
    As Frodebro suggested, you will have to find a cab in the Kemper to apply to your rig(s) to get a sound from the Master & Monitor Outs that gets close to your physical cab…
    You may need a bunch of cables for this!
    I hope that helps! This is undoubtably not how the Trio+ is supposed to be configured but I prefer this setup because it won't colour the guitar tone when the Trio+ is not being actively used.