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    Guys, I want you all to raise a glass tonight to Timo, Arne, Oskar, Georg and Jan. Without them, Rig Manager 3 wouldn't finally be here.

    Best, GS

    Hi Guys,

    I've just run the updates to the Beta versions for both RM and OS few mins ago.

    It was super fast, the sync took me no time at all and every tweak on RM is super responsive.

    My home setup is full on Beta and running SOLID.

    Thank you all involved on this great achievement, and thank you for the support!

    Now its time to dive into it!!


    Hi Guys,

    I hope you are well, apologies in advance if this has been discussed, I've never had this issue before nor did I find a related topic.

    I've upgraded to RM Version 2.3.14 (15127) on macOS Catalina + OS Version: Release: and today for the first time, when editing performances via RM, I've noticed nothing was happening on the KPA (no real time changes) . In fact I've noticed the effects slots on my remote were not assigned there as usual.

    Whilst editing "performance 1", I've noticed this is how it's shown in RM:


    I could not figure why this "performance 1" won't have the option to be enabled like the others.

    And this is how this"performance 1" it's shown on the KPA:

    Never had an issue editing performances straight from RM. I've restarted and checked all the connections, it remains unchanged since this KPA won't leave my home studio set up, but couldn't find a solution. I'm hoping this is a simple check that I've missed.

    I appreciate your thoughts, thank you.


    Hi all,

    Since I can't switch to the Operating System 7.0.5 Public Beta at the moment, I just want to thank all of you for your feedback here.

    Thank you KPA team for the hard work and may the release come soon.

    Cheers guys!

    What settings exactly? If you experience any problems please send a backup and a description of the issue to

    The issues I've encountered:

    - A freeze of the master volume and volume knobs where no matter which way I've turned nothing changed;
    - The pedal links were all re-set, something I've never seen in previous updates

    I have re-installed the OS twice and have manually re-set all pedal links to how I normally use, the volumes issue seem to have been resolved.

    Hi guys,

    In case you haven't seen this yet, cheers.


    About Rig Manager 2.1

    Features and changes in this version (2.1.61):

    - Improvements to USB link

    - Improved error logging

    Features and changes in this version (2.1.41):

    - New drivers for macOS and Windows

    - Fixed: Cabinet editable after copying Direct Amp profiles

    - Fixed: Favorites gone after restoring backup and restarting Rig Manager

    - Fixed: Occasional failure on updating Profiler Software (macOS only)

    - Fixed: Crash when disconnecting Profiler during Software Update

    - Fixed: Installer launching Rig Manager even when Reboot was required (Windows)

    - Changed: Search text cleared when switching between Rigs and Performances

    Features and changes in this version (2.1.26):

    - Fixed: Installation failed on certain Windows systems

    - Fixed: Wrong order of folders in macOS 10.13

    - Fixed: Occasional crash when restoring backup (Windows only)

    - Added: Instrument type "Acoustic"

    Features and changes in this version (2.1.19):

    - Added: Number of displayed Rigs and Performances now include subfolders

    Features and changes in this version (2.1.18):

    - Fixed: wrong author name when creating new performance

    - Fixed: sync indicator shown forever after sorting rig list (Windows only)

    - Fixed: wrong Tempo Enable display when selecting multiple performances (Windows only)

    - Improved: handling of blocked Profiler communication (macOS 10.13 High Sierra only)

    - Improved: error handling in automatic software update

    Features and changes in this version (2.1.14):

    - Fixed: reordering Performance slots not working (macOS only)

    - Improved: Profiler communication error handling

    Features and changes in this version (2.1.12):

    - Fixed: Profiler not recognized (Windows only)

    Features and changes in this version (2.1.11):

    - Added: online updates for Rig Packs

    - Added: online updates for documentation

    - Added: Rig Exchange rating via menu

    - Added: Spinning wheel to visualize lengthy operations

    - Fixed: occasional crash immediately after launch (Windows only)

    - Fixed: wrong search results in Profiler Performances

    - Fixed: Drag & Drop of Performances to Profiler not working (Windows only)

    - Fixed: crash when quitting app immediately after launch

    - Fixed: some performance slot issues

    - Fixed: wrong search results in "All Rigs"

    - Fixed: favorite status change in Profiler was not reflected in Rig Manager

    - Fixed: crash when rapidly changing previewed Rig (macOS only)

    - Fixed: wrong number of selected Rigs displayed in status bar

    - Fixed: updater message showing up while update is already in progress

    - Fixed: favorite and rating could get lost when copying rigs

    - Fixed: updated rigs in RX not synced with Rig Manager

    - Fixed: Performance tempo enable inverted between Profiler and Rig Manager (macOS only)

    - Fixed: RX login not working if password contained special characters

    System requirements:

    Mac OS X:

    - Mac OS X version 10.9.5 or higher for Intel based Macs

    - Internet access to enable all features


    - Windows 7 or higher

    - Internet access to enable all features


    Further documentation can be found here:


    /Library/Documentation/Kemper Amps


    Use the Kemper Amps entry in Start Menu