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    I'm not sure what they mean when they say including the moulds, but you'll need to go to an audiologist to pour gunk into your ears and make the custom moulds, which are then sent to UE to make the earpieces. If they sell the UE5s, do the ear gunk thing onsite and provide it all for 550 that's a nice, convenient approach. I didn't have a one stop shopping option so that would have been great!

    The only problem with custom ears is that once you get them, there's just no going back to wedges. :)

    Yeah they do the custom moulds that they send off to UE. I don't know if it's on site, but they organise it and it's included in the 550. Sounds good to me!

    I have the UE 5 Pros ($500 vs $900 for 7s). UE has excellent service and their people are both down to earth and very helpful.

    The single biggest factor when talking about the toll on your ears is how much isolation the IEMs offer.

    I spotted that a place not too far from me has UE4's for €500 and UE5's for €550 including the moulds. I might hold out for a few more weeks and go in that direction.

    My budget won't stretch to a set of UE7s, I am looking at the Shure Se535's or something similar.

    At the moment I have my guitar and band mix blasting back through a dxr10. That combined with a heavy handed drummer to my left is taking its toll on my ears. :wacko:

    I'm going to dive into the world of in ear monitors for the first time.

    I'm going for a wired setup as I generally play small venues with little room to be moving around, so I reckon wireless would be wasted on me!

    With regard to the setup, I was planning to take my monitor mix from the mixer and connect it to the Aux in on the kemper, and connect the IEM to the headphone jack.

    Does run it like this, and are you happy with the results?

    Would I need a personal IEM amplifier, or is the Kemper headphone output sufficient?

    Thanks in advance :thumbup:

    I like the Yamaha, but the DO color the tone a bit. I'm still trying to find the most flat and true speaker available. My headphones sound great and more clear than any of the speakers I've tried. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the DXR. But I'd really like to find something for live use that is as close to true and flat as possible. My in-ears sound great too. But I'd like to find a speaker that can mimic that as closely as possible.

    I know exactly what you're saying and wondered if an 'upgrade' would be worth the money.
    When I'm rehearsing with the band I usually go through the PA when I'm tweaking my tones, because that's what I want the audience to hear. But at a gig I have my Dxr10 in front of me, and while it's close, I do feel the difference!!
    The Dxr10 is so handy and light, but I'm interested to hear opinions on more expensive Frfr speakers.

    Came across this strange behaviour, interested to see if any of you guys have experienced anything similar?

    I have a DS stomp in Stomp B and a copy of the same DS stomp, but with the gain dialled up, in Stomp C.
    I use pedal II on the remote to toggle between the two, but when I hit the pedal the volume of the profile jumps up a few db for around 3 to 5 seconds and then goes back to normal.
    It happens every time, and when activating and deactivating the switch!!
    I need this as I'm using morph for something else in this slot.
    I'm guessing it's because I'm using the same DS stomp twice??

    Great idea! I was actually thinking about something similar for myself!!
    I have a nice handy bag that everything fits in, so I reckon I will make mine in a way that the remote and pedals just slot in and out for gigs.
    For me the idea is more for protection, some over-enthusiastic audience members have been known to land their fat asses on my pedalboard, once breaking the guitar lead off!
    I'm going to add something at the front to protect the leads in the remote...

    Hi guys, sorry if this is a silly beginner question, but I'm a silly beginner so there you go!!!

    I am looking for advice on the level settings you guys use on the monitor out on the kemper and the level on the monitor itself?

    I was playing around with it at gig level last night a I was kind of 'fizz' on the high end on both clean and gain profiles. Kind of sounded like digital clipping. I did some tweaking and got it right, but then tweaked some more and lost it again!!

    Apologies if this is incredibly obvious!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Do any of you guys use a bag for hauling around your monitors?
    I'm looking for something light but protective to take a Dxr10 and the kemper remote + leads...
    I like to keep my rig as compact and portable as possible, so my rack will be in a shallow 3u case, so there will be no room to store the remote in there!
    I thought this might be an idea;

    Or this;…nch-Speaker/dp/B00KGQ9IN8

    Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated!!

    I have an old Vox wah that is just gathering dust so I thought I might convert it to an expression pedal for the Kemper. The pot in it is 100k, will this work or would I be better off getting a 10k like the Mission??? Thanks!