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    Not so much. We sold a quite number of Kones and Kabinets already and only had a handful of requests.

    Because there are poor souls like myself ;) answering this question every other day on Facebook (not kidding). I'm gonna stop, btw.


    My question on the other hand is, since you are obviously not planning to use the Main Output for a mixing desk, but only the Kone/Kabinet.

    Are you doing gigs at all, or usually play at home / rehearsal room only?

    Or do you plan to mic your Kabinet?

    I'm a bedroom guitarist.

    This "easyness" is going to hunt your support team down for a few years, me think.

    Prospective customers that might be persuaded to go the Kemper route because of the updates would exist whether they introduce them with a new product as a hardware update or not.

    I don't agree. Providing free update and active maintenance on a 7 o 8 years old product increase the product value and convince new customers to buy it. It's one of the reason that allowed them to increase the price, imho.

    I'm still confused about the use of the kone imprints. Can you use this setup as follows : Guitar > KPA > direct profile (DI) > Celestion imprints > Monitor out (Cab off) > Power AMP > Kabinet ? The reason i'm asking , when i tied this setup with Yamanha HS8 using DI profile, it sounded still like a DI and did not influence the Impulse response, However when i try a merged profile, i could hear the Celestion imprints on my Yamaha HS8

    Ckemper said that you have to add a cab to the DI profile (and so make it merged), so the cab part can be ignored (!) by the profiler when using an imprint. I find that strange, but it is how it's supposed to be done. I'm pretty sure it will add a LOT of confusion to an already confusing studio/DI/merged distinction.

    it's expensive, bur would love to try it - it is not available at the moment in Europe (should be at the end of April) don't look fir cheaper, look for better

    But Kempes is advising to use a SS amp, not a tube amp.

    In the case that you want to run Direct Amp Profiles straight into the Kone without using any other output, we would call this an exceptional way of using the Profiler. However, you can solve this situation by simply establishing an arbitrary cabinet (which wouldn't be heard in the end).

    I don't think this is that exceptional.
    It's probably the way most people that use a guitar cab at home or without a PA use their Direct Amp Profiles. Unless i'm missing something here.
    Most of the profile sellers distribute "direct amp" profiles, rarely merged.

    What's the main benefit of this device Vs Line 6 Powercab ? I was very interested by the Powercab when it was announced but it got mixed reviews, not being as good as a regular guitar cab, neither as good as a good FRFR.
    I know that CK rarely miss his target, but i can't help fearing it will lead to the same result than it predecessor, plus the tight coupling to the profiler.

    First of all thank you very much to everyone at Kemper for this editor. I was a bit skeptical (to say the least) of their willingness to release it this year, but i must admit i was wrong all along. And the amount of features in this present iteration is very satisfying. So thank you again.
    Now i have a few requests to make .
    1°) The one feature i have always liked in RM is the ability, once you have selected a rig to preview on the profiler, to go to the next rig with the up and down arrow keys. This feature seems to be missing in RM 3 : when you press up and down, the cursor goes up and down, but the playing rig doesn't move. I guess the problem could be if there were unsaved changes that could be lost, but in this case there should be a dialog asking to save the rig.
    2°) I have difficulties reading the actual knobs on my 24 inches monitor on windows. I have to bend near the screen to be able to see them. I wonder if the contrast could be somehow improved (i know there is a theme setting, but it's not enough), or if there could be the possibility to change the font. Actually, i find the Kemper display easier to read than the editor.

    3°) I have trouble enabling the stomps. The logical way (at least for me) would be to double click on the stomp icon, but you have choosen to make it a simple click. That would be fine but it doesn't seem to work everytime, depending on the selected state (?). For me a double click would make it more predictable.

    That's all for now, thank you.

    THowever the moment Kemper officially announces beta testers, this inevitably ramps up the “any day now” assumptions and rumors leading to more disappointment if it takes longer

    Do you think this is more or less dangerous than announcing "a couple of days" when the product is months from being ready ?

    That would imply they’ve either been lying

    The only fact that would prove (at least to me) that they had been lying all along would be if it was released at next Winter Namm.
    For now, i prefer to think that they were just too enthusiastic in their communication.