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    I thought dual amp was not possible with the current hardware. You can see what the list of priorities are by checking through this forum. Editor, os7, updated stomps, sweetened tunings etc. I'm sure they have a few other surprise ideas too.

    Bias FX is quite a different product and not something I found in the same ballpark to Kemper personally.

    Is dual amp is expected someday ?

    May be hopefully an update on how add those low end, i mean you can crucify me for saying that but Bias Fx and look at the price to really understand, does have dual amp as well low ends therefore there is reasons to complain imo. Its kind sad i have to switch between these two unit to get the sound i really enjoy that's why i can't wait for the editor to come out, my mind might change after that. If not, selling the amp might sadly happen. Spending extra money on frfr cab or subwoofer to add consistencyto the sound is realy annoying

    Sorry guys was a just comment to another post saying what will complain about when the editor is released..the dual amp is only possible under the current kemper if they are profiled together. It doesn’t stop people from complaining about it though ^^

    I had that pack on my radar for some time but I am a "slow buyer". Picked it up yesterday evening after you reminded me with your post. Thanks for that. Very useful for me. The Driftwood pack gives a bit more versatility than the single profile from mdan on the RE. Which I still find infinitely attractive for my tone :)

    Great pack - play around with definition, sag and pick depending on your guitars.... awesome FOH


    Hi and welcome.

    I’ve had the kemper powered rack and remote for 3 years . Sounds great, works great and couldn’t be happier. If the stage is half as good as the product I have and all the support and upgrading of software I’ve experienced in that time, then I truly believe you have a great product.

    Even though I have real valve amps I do tend to go to the kemper more and more for both versatility and sound. But like anything in life it’s all about personal choice so you will have to make your own mind up as time goes by.

    Someone would have to pry my kemper out of my cold dead fingers....