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    Ahora la 8.0 porque he actualizado.

    era lo que suponía.

    No puedes utilizar las versiones antiguas de Rig Manager con versiones nuevas de OS en tu Kemper.

    Mi recomendación es que actualices tu Windows de manera gratuita de Windows 7 a Windows 10. Es además más seguro ya que Windows 7 ha dejado de tener soporte por parte de Microsoft.

    Existe este hilo en este mismo foro, donde explica cómo se puede actualizar de manera muy sencilla y a muchos nos dio excelentes resultados:

    Free Windows 10 Upgrade, from Window 7 or 8.1 - For RM 3.0

    Qué versión tienes instalada en tu Kemper?

    This is what I don‘t understand.

    I cannot see a way how you would vary the volume of a (significantly) distorted amp by swapping the OD, or changing the volume of the OD.

    The distortion of the amp would compress (sic!) the volume differences, but response with a different level of distortion.

    My setup at home is made to use the Aux Input with my PC and be able to listen back to tracks and youtube lessons on the same headphones as I play thru the Kemper. This makes impossible to use the effects loop. For my initial test I went and disconnected everything and enabled the effects loop. I did the testing and found that for the clean (gain at 0 in the amp) and until a significant amount of gain in the amp, the Maxon had clearly a lot more volume than the Kemper Drive. I´m not talking here in super high gain where there is no room for more volume and any amp would just change the tone, compress and change the quality of the distortion, but in the low range of distorted amps where many people use their overdrives to get a boost for a lead part for example. Now based on your recommendation I went back to my usual setting with the effects loop disabled. So I am not able to try it again to report back with the exact gain figures until I have some spare time to do a new test on the effects loop.

    If someone can do a similar test with a similar Tube Screamer pedal I would rather keep my testing on the suggested setting of connecting the Maxon Overdrive in front of the Kemper.

    Last night I tried again in this setting with the pedal in front of the amp. Right now I can't report any conclusions. This way it all depends completely on the Clean Sense setting that you have.

    Using the +6dB setting that you ckemper suggested the volume difference at maximum settings for a Profile that has gain at 4.4 value between the Maxon and the Kemper Drive is huge.

    Are you sure you didn't mean -6 dB?

    I think I still have a lot to learn about Clean Sense and the way to take complete advantage of it.

    My way of thinking would be that Clean Sense is made to adapt to different guitars, but as soon as I put a pedal in front and rise the volume then I get a different response like I would with a higher output guitar. And that was what led me to think that probably the way of making things even was to use the overdrive pedal in an "intended for this use" Distortion Loop. With the results I already told.

    Right now I would not know what settings use to try and make a list of presets for the community to use and get similar results with their setups.

    Please explain „volume still too low“.

    Are you driving a distorting amp?

    Please use your Maxon in front of the Profiler (Input) and set „Clean Sens“ to +6 dB for the duration of the A/B comparison, to match the situation.

    "Volume still too low": the Maxon gets a noticeable higher volume at max setting than the Kemper Drive at max setting.

    This is something I am finding when attempting te create a set of presets of my overdrive pedal to then share here. I always thought the Kemper Drive was a good idea but would be even better with the community making presets tone matching their real pedals.

    "Are you driving a distorting amp?": I get higher volume with the Maxon on the loop, both with clean and distorted amps.

    I will test your recommendation of settings when I can and se how it goes.

    Thanks for your work and for keeping your word on sorting out this issue ckemper

    The improvement over the previous situation is clear IMO.

    I myself have been doing my testing and I till now I came to the conclusion that if we want a real behaviour, similar to real pedal, we still need more volume range in the upper section.

    I have been trying my Maxon OD9 using the intended Loop Distortion module. With the real pedal the volume range I get is a lot wider than with the Kemper Drive or Green Scream. Maybe for the Green Scream it is not a good idea to change anything as it has been in the KPA for so long that many past made Rigs might be affected. But for the Kemper Drive I do think that we could benefit from a better and more true range of volume from -5 to +5.

    What I am getting is a more natural behaviour from -5 to 0. My Maxon can get lower in volume to the point of even cutting completely the signal. But that is not really usable. So I guess the lowest setting in the Kemper Drive now is OK.

    In the range over 0 to +5 the volume still is too low compared to the real pedal. I guess there where no changes here, as the change log only mentions values below 0.

    Pardon me if I'm not understanding something, but can't you just dial it it to a minimum setting and save your own preset??? Aren't all presets just a user modifiable subset of the default preset?

    Well, he was talking about the factory presets that Kemper made with the new Kemper Drive stomp. You could only "tone match" a minimun setting for a TS 808 if you had a real one. But the point was to be able to sound like one just trusting the work from Kemper on their presets. Also in the 8.0 Addendum there are some graphics to understand where the pots would be in the real pedal for all the presets made by them.

    Is this "feature" a toggle? It's the dumbest thing I've heard, if it's not.

    What feature are you talking about?

    Anyways I think that calling it "dumb" is not the most constructive way to suggest a change on anything.

    I do think that for any of the features we are talking about it could be useful a toggle to let users decide, but your post is very disrespectful.

    I'm guessing people didn't want that normalization to govern over the distortion/overdrive pre amplifier pedals?

    That is exactly it. At least some people. It worked in a way that was not as a pedal in front of an amp. Of course the volume compensation has many advantages so let's see if this new beta makes things good in every possible way.

    Still didn't test it.

    It seems obvious to me that modern tuners dedicated to electric guitarists strongly lean towards the „b“ choice.

    I have a hard time to find „#“ tuners in this domain. And it totally makes sense to me. That‘s why we have changed it.

    Well, not only the tuners but also because of the "nomenclature" we use to refer to tunings. For example we all refer to Hendrix or SRV tuning their strats in Eb not in D#.

    It always seemed strange to me that Kemper tuner was in # but nothing that one could not get used to. There probably was a reason behind that (and I know now that other tuners work that way)...but I never knew it.

    They made some changes to the volume compensation when using distortion effects. Let's see if it works better.

    Would love to read users opinions.


    It´s fixed.

    Went back to an old system backup made before the 8.0 update and now volumes work as they should.

    Before restoring that backup I already had tried to downgrade to 7.5, and also did a Factory Reset in 7.5 and also in 8.0. Didn`t work. Only fix has been going to an old backup.

    I was going crazy trying to change all the volumes in my performances and it was a real issue of the KPA all the time.

    Moral here: kids, backup your systems frequently.

    Yes another vote for this feature.

    Even if some times I have my remote at home, the Kemper is installed far from me and I can´t press a button in the Remote and in the Kemper at the same time. But most times my Remote is not even at home but in the rehearsal room so then I need to program all my remote stomps whenever I have made a new Performance. And that takes time from my rehearsal.

    Hi guys. I'm trying to create several performances based on real amps of which I have complete packs that go from completely clean to high gain.

    I have never approached my performances this way so I always had to compensate the volumes between different amps from different packs for the cleans and the gain profiles.

    I was expecting to be able to just compensate this by only using the Clean Sense but there is no way. Even at +12dB on Clean Sens my clean profiles from amps like a SLO 100 or VH4 still are too low volume compared to the high gain profiles of the same pack.

    Question: ¿using a Les Paul type guitar with PAF style pickups, what is your general Clean Sense value?

    My guitars are a PRS 594 and a Gibson R8.

    I am tempted to blame some change in the last update (because I had never this kind of problem in the past) but first I want to check if this is normal or not with feedback from forum users.

    Thanks in advance.

    Update: There is something wrong with my Kemper. Or at least the volume is not working as it should on clean profiles. That is why I have never run into this kind of issue in the almost 5 years I have been using the KPA and it is happening now. Checked with my friend DamianGreda , same Factory Profiles, clean and distorted. His sound samples have a small difference in volume between profiles. Mine have a HUGE difference.

    The profiles are from the Free Pack from Lars Luettge PRoSt Archie 19 (clean) and PRoSt Archie 10 (high gain)

    They do sound alike, but I cant make the chorus on the Kemper sound my old analog choruses. Maybe in a subtle setting like your examples, but it just doesnt do what my old chorus pedals would do. Doesn't respond the same.

    It is true that it is a subtle setting. I used the knobs at noon on the CE-2. But I guess most people would use subtle settings like that. I guess that for Chorus lovers the range of settings that the Kemper has is not as wide. I can see that. Just tested again.

    Tonally, the Kemper is as good as it gets without a tube amp, and without the headaches of pedals and processors in front of a tube amp. The delays in the Kemper are heavenly and the effects are great too. If Kemp added some classic Boss chorus in there, it would be the be all end all. I love all the Boss choruses...CE1,CE2 and Dimension. Wish we could get those in there. I'd pay for a package with that trio of choruses.

    A couple of years ago there was some discussion about this. I have a real vintage made in Japan CE2 and I did a comparison between the two. Using the Vintage Chorus in the Kemper. Do you hear a big difference?

    It means that my original Kemper cable still works!!!

    That's nice to hear. It seems durable, even if it is a bit too stiff for my taste.

    Ok, back to OS 8.0 then.

    ckemper did the stable version have any changes regarding volume management of the stomps? Or it still is a future project?

    I did not have the time to test it yet but it would be nice to hear from you about it.

    I don´t know how can you love the Kemper but every profile sounds like garbage.

    It might be that you have not found the correct comercial vendor that has your "taste". In my experience some times everything that a particular vendor does, you like. And the opposite with others.

    Also it might be that those profiles are made to sound great in a mix, or at high volume or at low volume... and you are not using them in the same circumstances. All that affects the perception that you have of "good" or "bad" sounding profiles. We don't hear the same at different volume levels (fletcher munson effect) and also nothing sounds alone as it sounds in a mix. I am sure that you know all that, but you asked so...

    Finally, maybe go to the amplifier settings of the profiles and turn the knob Definition up or down. See if that does the trick. It is by far the most critical parameter to get right before a profile sounds good to you.

    Hope this helps.