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    I absolutely love Kemper and everything from their products to their business model...

    But it is completely true that the Stage was a product not enough developed or tested to be put in production. Too many failures both in the hardware and in the software.

    Maybe now (6 months after the release of the product) we are approaching the point where a new Stage bought from the company directly is not so likely to fail miserably. But in the beginning so many of them had problems. Too many of them.

    Let's do a favor to this company that so many of us love, and acknowledge this fact. So they don't make a big mistake like this again.

    Another guy started a Kemper channel when it had just came out and because Kemper was in the name of the channel, he explained that he had received a lawyer letter saying he had to stop using that name because the company didn't want to be represented by non affiliated random people doing Youtube videos specifically about their products. Not sure what's happening here and I don't want to speculate but with a name like that, I wouldn't be surprised if it were a similar legal situation.

    Kemper shared the first video of this series in their social media. I doubt there is something like that with two big names of Kemperland like M Britt and Tone Junkie...

    Yes please.

    Now that we have the Editor in RM3 it would be nice to be able to completely edit the Rigs so you don't need to physically touch the remote .

    In my case I have 2 Kempers but only one remote that is always on the rehearsal room. So if I want to edit a performance for instance at home, I then have to do more editing in the rehearsal room to assign the stomps in the remote. I usually have more time at home than what I have at band practice to be editing things...

    Yeah, completely agree that the price is a bit steep for what it is.

    I will try one before I decide to buy one to see if all that tech is worth the price. For me a very good pair of flat response wireless headphones with no latency would be just fine. Right now I have wireless plugs for my guitar that work perfect but I still have the HP cord hanging around me.

    Try it in Browse mode and report back. Seems to work for me.

    I have mixed results. Some times it works but even as a workaround it is not reliable. Some slots of the performance got saved ok. Others got the amp settings of a different slot. Even one slot got saved with a rig that is stored in the KPA but that I was not using for that Performance.

    Sadly the experience with Performances is similar to previous versions of Rig Manager. Fortunately it is a beta and it seems quite stable for the time being, so let's hope they will improve the bugs and we get a nice, complete and usable editor.

    Done here flawlessly. Took a while to install but Win 10 is working as good as Win 7 was working previously.

    Important note: I had previously installed Win 10 from Win 7 before when it came out as a free update. But my SSD died recently and the new Win 10 installation was causing problems on this PC. That is why I decided to go back to Win 7 and update from it to 10 using the method proposed in this thread.

    I think this is revolutionary. Probably the first of a new type of guitar gadget that almost all guitarists would need at one time or another.

    I'm with vjau75 on this one. For the people needing an editor it is a no brainer to just get a cheap midi cable NOW and stay in OS 6 to be able to use ToastMe.

    Having it doesn't only make easy the tweaking but helps a lot in understanding all the parameters of each module and section of the KPA. You have them there visible and easy to access.

    The answer to your question is Digitech The Drop.

    I use it for my dropped songs (drop B and drop C) as 1st position stomp (before distorsion and overdrive) and it sounds awesome: 0 latency and very natural tone.

    It is probably the best pedal of the market for this purpose.

    Isn't it the same as the Wahmmy DT? The DT is a Wahmmy with a built in The Drop. Same company, same technology.

    Some time ago I tested the Drop pedal against the Transpose in the Kemper and didn't find an improvement with the Digitech pedal, so it went back.

    Any of them work ok with distortion and are unusable with clean tones.

    It does help.

    Of course I realize that they have internal betas before the public ones. So a RC in Kemper fashion would be first released as a public beta once they decide it, and if everything goes well they would elevate it to a Release version.

    So, in real world out of Kemper offices it means that we are close to a beta release.

    we are running test. i cannot predict the future, so i cannot know what we will find next. I thought the word "release candidate" give you a good indication of what state the product is in. when i'd read this, I'd think "that's good news". but if you want to know if it's 2 weeks or 4 weeks - the answer is simple: i could only guess and that does't help anybody.

    Maybe a RC means something to the many software developers that use the forum. But for the rest of us it doesn't mean much. We are only used to the typical beta versions that you release. But we are not aware of the internal process you have before they really get released.

    Anyway, what I get from your message is that we still are weeks away from a beta.

    Thanks for the update.

    Toast ME doesn't support FX presets on 0S7 - they have shifted from an individual preset file format to a database format apparently. Otherwise it works from what Damien and others have reported.

    I think it is important to note that PRESETS are not only for FX in the Kemper.

    So many users tend to not know or maybe forget that the "preset concept" applies not only to the individual stomps or effects slots but also to the complete sections, and also to each of the different slots of each section. This includes AMP presets, EQ presets, Cab presets, Output presets...

    Each of this presets are stored as such and separate from complete RIGS that include a chain of several slots.

    I think all this will be clearer now with the last versions of Rig Manager that include some preset management. And even clearer when RM 3 comes out and allows to really load them to the KPA.