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    For the non users of Performance Mode just remember that even if you can use it with any midi controller it is specially designed to be used with the Kemper Remote.

    And once you have the Kemper Remote, using Morphing you not only have the 5 basic tones plus effects/stomps for each slot but also one morphed version of each, by stomping the same slot a second time.

    I have done the "by song" method for years when I was playing covers. And now that we are writing music I have a BASE performance with my 5 favourite profiles of different amps from completely clean to heavy distortion. And I have also made some performances of 5 tones of the same amp.

    The possibilities are endless and you can tweak the profiles for each performance without altering the original ones in Browser Mode.

    This is not to improve your current setup but to let you know for future use.

    If you ever gig with that setup, using a real guitar cab, you can still send a complete rig sound (with cabinet) to FOH without having to use a mic. To do that you have to go to Output and in the first page you select Monitor Cab off. That way you don't have to worry to turn the Cabinet module when you use a real guitar cab connected to the powered Kemper or using the Monitor Outputs. The sound you get in your guitar cab has no Cabinet in it, but the sound coming out of the Main Outputs to FOH does have the Cabinet in it.

    Also in the Output menu, you have a complete EQ section for both those outputs if you need to tweak any of them to suit the conditions in the room, without affecting the sound in the other output or having to tweak all your rigs.

    And also, any of the output volumes can be linked or not to the Master Volume pot. This is useful for example if you are tweaking the output of the Main Outs, but then once the sound guy says it's ok you can unlink the Main Outputs to the Master Volume, but still keep your Monitor Out linked, so you can use that Master Volume to set your own volume in your cab or monitors, without affecting the FOH output.

    Hope all this is useful.

    Updated flawlessly to 3.0.99 and OS 7.1.19 from Rig Manager itself and without visiting download page.

    I have not been having any bugs that other users reported from previous versions and this last one seems to be the same for me.

    Will be happy to test any bugs that anyone finds but my current setup looks very stable now.

    Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm on Windows 10.

    I was able to get my Performances back through Rig Manager. I understand what a Beta is of course since I am a Professional Software Developer. One of the points of a Beta is to record and address issues as well. Being chastised by both support and the users on this forum is very unfortunate but I will continue to participate because I believe in the product. Thanks.

    You where not chastised because you reported a bug, at least in my case. It was because of your whining about it. To say that "this is not making me happy" is acting like if someone here owed you something.

    Thanks for reporting bugs as it helps both Kemper and the community to get a better product sooner.

    A lot of people fell over the default behavior with the Stage and talked about "loosing the edits".

    So for now, when Rig Manager is connected, the "fast slot switch" that discards edits (enabling/disabling stomps is an edit) is replaced by the edits itself. This way, you can edit your performances with RM and have the old behavior in live situations (no RM).

    We will discuss about an option switch for this.

    Hi timo and thanks for the clarification. Just for you to know that in my KPA the new behavior happens even without being connected to RM or any other controller, as I explained in the post previous to yours.

    I have 7.1.18 and 3.0.96.

    In my case behavior is always the same with RM or directly in the Kemper not connected to RM.

    And it has changed from the traditional behavior of going back to stored values once you go out of a slot and then come back to it.

    Now it keeps the last value as long as you don't change to another Performance. Even if I go to Browser mode, when I come back to Performance Mode without loading other performance, the last values are kept and don't go to the stored ones.

    Are you using an external wah or the internal from the Kemper?

    If it's the internal you might have to go and check what wah preset are you using and maybe tweak the volume parameter inside the Wah to see if it is boosted when connected.

    Focusrite Control is quite complex. You are probably hearing a "doubled" version of your guitar sound, coming IN from your Kemper to the Scarlett, and then OUT from the audio interface again. I hope this makes sense.

    Try and understand all the IN and OUT connections of your Scarlett and how to control them from the Focusrite Control App. You probably have to disable or mute some of them to be able to hear your guitar just from one source while you are monitoring.

    The recorded version sounds good because it only gets recorded on the way in of course.

    Also now when I restore it still says 7.1.18. This is not making me happy. :(

    OS information is not stored in the backup. By restoring a backup you are not changing the OS version that you have installed. So you should go back to a previous version of the OS first and THEN restore your backup.

    I think you should open a ticket with support so in the first place they can help you to fix the problem, but also this bug is reported to them in order to fix it for future updates. That is the purpose of a BETA version. Not making you happy.

    Wow, I can see this is a very useful forum for information.

    It is. But maybe your question was too narrow (only addressed to a minority of users already using the latest beta) and also your explanation of the problem is not very precise (what sounds awful to you might sound great for others)

    Maybe try and work a little bit harder and record an example and more people would be willing to help. Or just try to go back to a stable release and see if the wah sounds good for you.

    Oh and by the way, there is a long thread here about wah settings besides the presets that you can already find in Rig Manager.

    Maybe try some of them.

    I think it was a great video to just say, hey... open your mind. Heavier strings are not ALWAYS better for tone. There are pros and cons for each string gauge and it is better to try and see what you get from each of them.

    It is interesting to see so many of the forum members not recalling why they changed from 9s to 10s. The story has been the same for me. I think that simply when I started playing guitar 9s where the standard gauge and over time there was a switch to make 10s the standard. And we all went with it.

    I now use 10-46s in the standard or drop D guitars and swich to 10-52 in the guitars I tune down to drop C. I play les pauls and use the wrap around method, so 9s would be too flabby...

    I absolutely love Kemper and everything from their products to their business model...

    But it is completely true that the Stage was a product not enough developed or tested to be put in production. Too many failures both in the hardware and in the software.

    Maybe now (6 months after the release of the product) we are approaching the point where a new Stage bought from the company directly is not so likely to fail miserably. But in the beginning so many of them had problems. Too many of them.

    Let's do a favor to this company that so many of us love, and acknowledge this fact. So they don't make a big mistake like this again.

    Another guy started a Kemper channel when it had just came out and because Kemper was in the name of the channel, he explained that he had received a lawyer letter saying he had to stop using that name because the company didn't want to be represented by non affiliated random people doing Youtube videos specifically about their products. Not sure what's happening here and I don't want to speculate but with a name like that, I wouldn't be surprised if it were a similar legal situation.

    Kemper shared the first video of this series in their social media. I doubt there is something like that with two big names of Kemperland like M Britt and Tone Junkie...

    Yes please.

    Now that we have the Editor in RM3 it would be nice to be able to completely edit the Rigs so you don't need to physically touch the remote .

    In my case I have 2 Kempers but only one remote that is always on the rehearsal room. So if I want to edit a performance for instance at home, I then have to do more editing in the rehearsal room to assign the stomps in the remote. I usually have more time at home than what I have at band practice to be editing things...

    Yeah, completely agree that the price is a bit steep for what it is.

    I will try one before I decide to buy one to see if all that tech is worth the price. For me a very good pair of flat response wireless headphones with no latency would be just fine. Right now I have wireless plugs for my guitar that work perfect but I still have the HP cord hanging around me.

    Try it in Browse mode and report back. Seems to work for me.

    I have mixed results. Some times it works but even as a workaround it is not reliable. Some slots of the performance got saved ok. Others got the amp settings of a different slot. Even one slot got saved with a rig that is stored in the KPA but that I was not using for that Performance.

    Sadly the experience with Performances is similar to previous versions of Rig Manager. Fortunately it is a beta and it seems quite stable for the time being, so let's hope they will improve the bugs and we get a nice, complete and usable editor.