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    bueno. Lo de que haya pocos usuarios del modelo Stage... igual en este foro porque es casi todo en inglés y ya se sabe lo que le pasa a la gente en nuestro país con el inglés... (aunque son peores los angloparlantes hacia el español claro)

    Si quieres ayuda en español puedes buscar en Facebook los grupos "Kemper la secta" y "Kemper profiling amps Español". En esos grupos hay bastantes usuarios que tienen el Stage.

    Yo tuve uno durante unas semanas cuando salió y luego decidí devolverlo en vista de que era un aparato todavía con muchos fallos de software y hardware.

    En cuanto al problema concreto de que tu unidad sea muy sensible en lo potes de Browse y Type es cierto que recuerdo que en mi unidad eran sensibles al tacto. Solamente tocando con el dedo ya se activaban, al menos uno de ellos.

    Lo primero que tendrías que hacer es hacer una copia de seguridad y luego actualizar a la versión de firmware más reciente. Y comprobar si ha mejorado. En caso contrario yo me pondría en contacto con support abriendo un ticket.

    Or they could just use the editor you spent a long time putting together and is already available.

    Nah....they would rather complain here and on FB.

    Like I and so many others do. Since I got my Focusrite interface with MIDI more than a year ago I have only touched my KPA knobs when the home PC is being used by my children.

    Of course I have not updated to OS 7 (TME doesn't support it) but don't need to because having ToastMe I have a very easy access to all presets with one mouse scroll and a couple of clicks.

    I tried several Beyerdynamic headphones with the Kemper. Ordered them on Amazon so I could test them before and return them if I didn't like them. At high volumes I noticed a rattling vibration in some of them out of the box. It is impossibe to know if it is the same that you are getting, but if you just started to use them at high volumes don't discard the possibility that the buzzing was always there and you just noticed it.

    In the end I kept the Sennheiser HD 600 and love them. They have a very flat response and being open there is some spacial sensation if you use the Space setting and play loud enough.

    I also bought the DT770 in 80 Ohm version to track vocals as they are closed to minimize bleed. They do sound very good but are a lot bass heavy than the HD 600.

    tburle did you see my reply where I stated that the reason you cannot update is because your unit is already up to date? That explains why the stick is working ok for creating backups etc.

    Kemper Support #1 I think you did not read carefully his message. The OS version number is VERY similar but not the same. They differ in one digit only. Of course the one he has is the most recent one and there is no reason to update. But the misunderstanding between you two comes from the fact that he is talking about two different OS numbers and you think they are the same.

    Brilliant, thank you!

    FarleyUK I just did the same. I encourage you to do a backup of course. But you most certainly will not need it because data is not stored in the same folders as the application. In my case the usual uninstall did not work and I had to completely remove the Rig Manager folder inside the Kemper Amps folder. Even doing this, when I installed RM 2.1 again all my content was there without restoring my backup.

    Your settings will be all there.

    The only problem that I can see at the moment is if you locked whole FX and stomp sections In the Rack/Toaster.

    As the Stage doesn’t have the Stomp and FX knobs this can lead to a problem.

    Therefore I'd recommend to unlock those sections prior to the backup.

    Indeed it was causing problems. But that got fixed in the recent update of the OS 7.0.1. Now the KPS ignores those locks.

    ToastME has made my life using the Kemper an absolute breeze.

    Completely true. Still can't thank enough DamianGreda for his work. And I'm amazed that team Kemper didn't lean on his work while official edito was released. They did it with the Behringer pedalboard before the release of the Remote. And the would still, to this date, be gaining from a good association with Damian and ToastMe.

    And in addition to the confort of not bending, to have a visual of all the parameters at your disposal makes a better understanding of the KPA. I have learnt a lot just by moving knobs around because it is so easy and accesible.

    I Use my kemper most of the time in studio.. I've 4 band to record this month
    I would really appreciate an editor before i become an hunchback to see what happen on that tiny display..

    I love my kemper.. but this is really a weakpoint.
    I think the team is working hard to release the editor as soon as possible, and i hope it will be in this days :)

    If you use it in the Studio you must have some kind of interface with MIDI on it. You only need 2 MIDI cables and install Toast Me editor and you stop bending forever.

    I have had one Rack and two toasters, powered and unpowered. I have a Stage now to test it. One of my concerns was the build quality of the knobs.

    Of course only time will tell, but the build quality of the knobs in the Kemper Stage is in another league from the Head and Rack. Specially the ones closer to your feet (the six on the bottom row) are very firm metallic and do not wiggle a bit. The two in the upper row (Type and Browse) are a bit less sturdy and more sensitive to the touch. They are designed to scroll lists so they are not regular pots that just turn. You can press on them and also they do a clicking sound when you turn them so you could move them just one or several steps to go down or up in the list. All that makes them a little bit less durable in my opinion, but also more convenient for their intended use.

    All in all, I don't think that you should be worried about them because they are as strong as they can be for a floor model.

    My experience level with the Kemper Profiler could be described as far west of intermediate.

    Should I have any reservations about downloading the public beta version of OS7 and Rig Manager/Editor 3.0?

    Would waiting for the official release be a wiser option, or is there any downside to just diving in?

    There is no Rig Manager 3.0 yet. Only a beta release of RM to manage Profiles, but not any kind of editing nor previewing presets.

    The improvement of OS 7.0 is the new way of scrolling presets that lets you scroll by categories of effects and types besides the presets themselves. In previous OS versions you had to browse each one of the presets before getting to the one you where looking for.

    There are more changes that you can check in the changelog of the release below:

    New OS is stable enough for them to ship the Stage with it. It wouldn't make sense to not release at least a beta for the toaster and rack. Bugs do appear in all betas. Even in stable versions. Some are better and others are worse. This one seems a big update to the core of the software and it seems logical that it will have more bugs than usual.