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    Is your Kemper new?

    If it isn't maybe you need to Initiate Globals in the System menu. You might have some configuration creating that harsh sound.

    Other possible reason is if you have an audio interface connected to the Kemper, in some cases you can hear twice the sound thru the headphones because you hear the original sound and also the return sound coming back to the Kemper from the monitor outs of the interface.

    This would also be corrected when doing an Init Globals in System so I would try that first.

    Ah! Ok. So would you also be able to connect the unpowered Kemper to other powered speakers, like a TV sound bar, with the headphone socket?

    Yes. But the headphone output of the Kemper is for headphones. To connect the Kemper to a powered speaker like a TV sound bar you should use the main out or monitor out .

    I have a question about the Kemper with the in-built amp. Does this amp produce its own sound (it doesn't seem to have a speaker)? Or why would you want an amp? Is it just so you can plug directly into a PA or speakers?

    You can connect the non powered Kemper to a PA because PA speakers are usually powered.

    You can connect the non powered Kemper to a guitar cab or speaker but you need to use a power amp in the middle to feed it.

    The powered Kemper can be connected to a regular guitar cab as a head amplifier without the need of the external power amplifier. So it is a more convenient solution for the people that want to use it this way.

    The downside of the powered Kemper is that it's power amp is mono and not stereo like the rest of the unit is.

    It seems that you are not getting so many answers to your questions so here we go...

    - Can the PowerHead amp be plugged directly into a laptop and played straight into something like Audition, and will the amp sound come through within the DAW?

    Yes but direct audio from the outputs of the Kemper, not USB. That means to get the best from it you should have an audio interface or sound card to connect to. The Kemper itself does not work as an audio interface.

    - Does your guitar and pickups affect the sound of any profile, or does the profile play the same regardless of guitar plugged in (what I'm asking really is if Kemper works like a midi which synthesizes the sound)?

    The Kemper works very similar as an amp does. Of course your guitar and pickups will affect the sound. That means tone, level of saturation depending on the output of the pickups... the whole thing.

    - Can you switch profiles using the remote control base board if you really want to completely change the sound mid-song?

    Yes. The possibilities for switching are endless and you can change the whole rig (stomps, amp, cab, effects...) with the click of one foot switch. If you use the Remote you have 5 rigs per performance (you could simplify each performance a "song") . For each one of those 5 you have 2 morph settings (making it 10) and also control over the stomps for each one of those 5 rigs (meaning that you can activate stomps without changing rig). It´s more than enough. Endless.

    - Does it have the range for an 8-string guitar?

    You use profiles of real amps that are like a "picture" of the amp at a particular setting . Does the original amp has the range for an 8 string guitar?

    Except 6 other people I know have the exact same issue and one rolled back to the last beta and the issues went away.

    Some guys don’t have the ear to hear differences in the quality of the distortion. They’re not tight enough players to dicpher the nuances. Maybe you’re that person

    The thing is... the last beta is just THE SAME version as the stable release. They just released it as stable. Maybe some mod can confirm this.

    In the beta releases at one point the button Factory Rigs inside System changed. Instead the button now is Factory Presets because they are included in the OS but not the Factory Rigs. Factory Rigs can be loaded from RM so it's just not a problem. This last stable release is just the same version as the last beta so this should be the same still.

    When buying used it might be a good idea to do a complete reset of the system, just in case there are more hidden parameters that are not default and might create confusion or trouble.

    But for this you would need to ask support to help you do it.

    Atlantic ill look into this! Do you use the studio eq before or after the stack or both? If both then which one do you dial in first?

    To be honest I haven't experimented that deep. I'm not very picky about my tones as long as they are close to what I am looking for. I try to spend as long as possible playing and as short as possible tweaking.

    My recommendation was on the base that you said that you didn't have a big understanding of EQ'ing.

    Having a visual help really makes it a lot easier and from there you just have to try and try. You seem to know quite well what tones are you looking for. So just experiment and trust your ears.

    part of me thinks that I could achieve what i'm looking for if I had a better understanding of EQ'ing

    I have recommended this already a couple of times to other users and I feel I'm repeating myself over and over, but I love to use the ToastMe editor to use the Studio EQ stomp. ToastMe has a great visual interface for this stomp that really let's you see what is happening with the turn of each knob. The studio EQ is a powerful effect but the hardware interface of the Kemper doesn't give you a hint of what you do.

    Maybe you should try it out and see if you get the results you want. For sure it would be a lot easier than having an external fx loop controller.

    I thank the minority of forum relpy posts that were helpful / understanding on these important topics.

    Important topics for a majority of people have thousands of posts. The main reason you get no answer is because this is not an important topic for the majority of people. I understand that it is for you. And I am so sorry that you can't enjoy all the other benefits the Kemper offers. But Kemper is not the only option out there, so in your case I would go for one of those better options for you instead of wasting so much time trying to fix something that apparently has no fix.

    And you should not be upset with other users just because they don't find this a problem for them.

    The Kemper is not perfect. We all agree in that. We all have to choose the option that is the better one for us. For many it is the Kemper, for others are tubes, or other modelling amps... We are lucky to have so many options today.

    Actually, i would say the opposite.
    High impedance Headphones usually have a volume problem with some amplifiers if you really want to hear them loud (which is probably not a good idea....).

    Low impedance Headphones don't have problem with volume, but are very demanding on the ability of the headphone amp to produce enough current to drive the cans. This can lead to problems with the frequency response.

    I don´t know the technical reasons.

    The fact is that the HD 598 sound better, a lot better, to my ears than the other models when used thru the Focusrite. And it's not a matter only of impedance because for example the Beyerdynamic DT 880 32 Ohm sounded a lot lower in volume, having a lower impedance (the Sennheiser HD 598 are 50 Ohm).

    Remember that I came from a pair of Dr Dre Beats before the ATH50 so I didn't have a great base line to measure from :D

    Ok, that explains a lot. ^^^^^^

    No, seriously. The Audio Technica seem to be very good and a lot of people are very happy with them. I would really like to try them, but after about a month trying and returning all the Beyerdynamics and Sennheisers from Amazon Prime I think they might cancel my account if I order one more pair and then return it...

    But the Shure 840 or my HD 600 are flatter if that is what one is looking for.

    Thanks guys

    I always thought that if I want my Kemper to sound as close as possible to the real thing it required a flat speak / headset.

    Atlantic, do you mean i would get better results with less flat headset such as dt770 or ath50 than the flat shure?

    No. I mean that some times a not so flat headset is more fun to listen than a flatter one. And that may be the cause of why other users recommend certain headphones like the Audio Technica that is not as flat as the Shure. But you said you wanted a flat one that doesn't have a scooped sound. And for that the Shure seems better.

    But don't get me wrong, all of them are great and you will be happy with either one.

    for other reasons I ended in the page of Sonarworks and they have a nice web app to test their system.

    You can see several headphone curves. I can see why my old Sennheiser HD 598 always sounded quite flat to me, and I also like a lot my new HD 600.

    Also I can see that if you want FLAT, you would be better with the Shure than the Beyerdynamycs or the Audio Thechnica.

    Bear in mind that it is not the same a headphone that sounds good (just to play and have fun), and a headphone that sounds flat (for mixing or tweaking purposes).

    If you want to take a look:

    Thanks guy's

    I tried that remove-all-non-favourites and that bit worked, darn thing wont re-install the factory presets, says it done it, but nothing to see when browsing. I have power cycled etc. it powers up with a rig but soon as to hit "Browse" knob an empty list appears

    I think I've toasted my toaster

    No, you haven`t. The last beta does install the Factory Presets, NOT the Factory Rigs. Those only came in previous versions of the OS.

    A Rig is a complete chain, including Stomps, Stack and Effects. A Preset is a saved configuration of any of the modules you can tweak. For example you can load or save to your KPA a Preset of a Reverb, a preset of a EQ...

    Factory Rigs are available in your Rig Manager. From there just copy to your Kemper whatever rigs you want.